There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Diego Noriega | Cinematographer | Content producer @ LERMA Agency

Always believing in myself and my capabilities have helped me succeed the most in my career. The film / creative industry is incredibly competitive and niched down. Finding a way in and making sure you’re at the right place at the right time takes a lot of initiative, dedication, and sometimes luck. There will be a lot of let downs and “no’s” in this field, it is inevitable. What has helped me succeed personally is taking criticism/ hardships thrown my way in a positive manner, and not letting negative circumstances discourage me or steer me away from my end goals. Rather, taking negative situations and seeing how I can improve next time or learn from them. Believing in yourself at all times is super important and I think that is what has helped me succeed the most. If you don’t believe in yourself the journey is already over. Read more>>

Kasey Goedeker | Digital Marketer, Blogger, MBA Candidate

I have to be extremely organized. I have a lot going on, between my blog, full-time job, and now getting my MBA. I keep a planner with me at all times, prioritize projects and homework around my work schedule, and make sure I can keep up with everything. Read more>>

Toni Williams Holloway | Writing Coach, Editor & Publishing Strategist

Before I’m a writer or writing coach, I’m an encourager. That habit of encouraging others focuses on possibilities for creative and authentic excellence in sharing their stories. When my writing clients tell me why they can’t do something in their genre, as a self-publisher, or in book marketing, my mission is to show them how they can do it and market it well. My attention to detail also helps me in this business. From design techniques to the readability of font sizes and technical considerations that enhance the reader’s involvement with literary works, I help authors succeed by paying attention to the little things that matter. Read more>>

D’Andre Moorefield | Entrepreneurial Mogul

One of the most valuable principles I’ve learned since being in the entrepreneurial space, is that your life is a reflection of a multitude of habits and decisions you’ve made within your life. This is also known as your paradigm. We must learn to alter our paradigm so we can begin to attract everything we desire. So to alter it, we must change our habits, our thinking, our behaviors. I began listening to powerful affirmations, convincing myself that I am the person I projected myself to be. Although I wasn’t at my goal yet in the physical, in the spiritual realm, I was. In my mind, I was. I was a successful business owner. I was a leader in the digital space. I earned millions of dollars. That’s one powerful thing about the subconscious mind, it begins to believe anything you repeatedly tell it. No matter if it’s a truth or a lie, the subconscious can’t tell the difference. One habit that I believe everyone should practice, is filtering what enters into your mind. Only allow positive information in, and always practice gratitude. It will complete shift the capacity of your life. Read more>>

Kamaya Black | Bonnet Designer & College Student

I stayed consistent! I’m consistent when it comes to making my products and how often their stocked up, I respond to customers the same day if not the same hour, I post every weekday on my social media’s, and I treat all my customers as if they are family. I believe because I operate this way is why I have over half my customers always come back and buy another bonnet from me and leave great reviews!. Read more>>

Kwabena Omari | Owner of Scented Little Moments

Listening and understanding plays a major part having a customer feel valued and appreciated. Accepting feedback and critique while using it to improve, educate & maintain standards helps create loyalty to the brand with customers. Read more>>

Cassie Nickle | The Newborn Artist

I’ve read about five business books in the past year, filled with a plethora of knowledge on being successful, and every single one stressed the importance of daily habits for continued success. It’s been quite an enlightening experiment, trying out different things to see what works best for me, and my career. At this point in time, I have six habits that I’ve nailed down, and from which I’ve seen the greatest benefit. Hour by Hour Schedule Last year I had myself convinced that there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do everything that I needed to get done. One day I sat down and type up an hour-by-hour (sometimes 30 minutes) spreadsheet of what exactly it was I needed to do, and was currently doing with my time. This was eye-opening, to say the least. I realized that I had the extra time I needed, it was just being spent on social media, Netflix (Schitt’s Creek is amazing am I right?!), and checking my email for the 14th time. Read more>>

R. Phill & Geoff Hampton & Vibert | Engineers and Escape Room Owners

Never giving up and continue being open to learn and read new things. Read more>>

Sarah Creasman Barnett | Painting Commission Artist

As a commission artist, I create custom paintings for clients. It means a lot to me that the paintings I create for people will live on walls for years to come. I make it a habit to communicate clearly with clients so I can fully understand their concepts, as well as the importance of the imagery in the painting. I think this dialogue contributes to the overall success of the painting. Read more>>

Masa Hashem Saif | Licensed Professional Counselor; Founder and Clinical Director of Think Tank Counseling

What has helped me succeed is my persistence in finding different ways to reach my goals and my perspective on failure. I believe that “failure is when you stop trying” and that when I fail at something it is a learning opportunity. If you have mastered everything you kind of create a glass ceiling effect and stunt your ability to grow. So, I never have it all figured out and I am always open to learning from my failures and learning from how others have approached things. Read more>>

Amy KC Clough | Color Specialist

Habitually I am a “yes person”. Saying yes to almost any opportunity or challenge thrown my way really helped to push me forward in both having a full book of clients as well as constantly learning. Read more>>