Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Danielle Hamilton | Entrepreneur

When I started my business, about 5 years ago, I was a young mom of two with no college degree and basically no trade skills. I had started a part time job but that was barely covering daycare costs. It just wasn’t the fulfilling career I was looking for and it definitely wasn’t filling my pockets! Honestly, Awe and Order wasn’t even my idea. My sister saw my potential and knew I had a unique skill that could be used to serve others. She suggested that I start my own business and well, the rest is history. Read more>>

Caytie Langford | Founder and Speaker, Bold Women Society

I started Bold Women Society because I saw a huge need when it comes to women having access to top notch personal and professional development. When I was in my first career, I remember sitting in my corner office thinking, “there has to be something else out there”. But saying that aloud felt bizarre. And finding someone to help me was even harder. So I walked away from that in 2105. I started coaching women in 2016, but it was during the pandemic that I realized that playing small wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to impact women on a much greater scale. And I didn’t want to do it alone. Read more>>

Christopher Haydostian | Chef & Restaurant Owner

Starting R19 Taqueria was not an easy decision. Especially since I had just had to come to the realization of needing to close my first restaurant, Reunion 19. The process started with Reunion 19. I had just opened my first full-service restaurant a month before the hit of Covid-19 (Feb 2020) and the pandemic. Although I was able to weather the storm for 18-months, it was clear a new direction needed to be taken and society had adjusted because of the pandemic. That meant I needed to either give up on my dream or find a way to adapt into a new world where covid was just going to be relevant and find a way to survive in it. Read more>>

Macie Torres | DFW Photographer

Starting a business is extremely scary and overwhelming, but it is also super exciting. My thought process behind starting my own business was to simply just, “begin”. A person who wants to start a business or a project can get distracted by planning all the small details. I said, just begin. Start your business. Create what you would like and run with it. The small details will work out along the way. Read more>>

Lindsay Crutcher | Owner of For the Love of Zero

Thank you for asking this question. For the Love of Zero became a dream of mine when I started on my own journey of trying to bring better products into my own home that were both good for me and the environment. I quickly realized that many big cities have awesome refill stores that bring these options to their community, and as amazing as Fort Worth is it didn’t have this option. Read more>>

Brittany Chike | Owner of Brittme Collection

I always desired to want to become an entrepreneur and become my boss. Wanting to have something that I can proudly say is mine and implement my passion for fashion into the business. Wanting to have multiple sources of income to pass on generationally and building a foundation to start from. Becoming the 1st business owner in my family and making my parents proud. Read more>>

JaQuan Richmond | Entrepreneur & Owner of Payola Clothing

The thought process has always been about breaking generational curses and creating generational wealth. I am very big about creating opportunities for my family and others as well as empowering my peers. I’ve also ALWAYS wanted to be my own boss and remain independent as for as not having to work for no one else. Read more>>

Jordan Morris | Dallas Realtor

The thought process behind start my own business really kind of came natural to me. From watching my father always work for hisself growing up it always motivated me that I could do the same. By all means I’m not against working a good 9-5 but I get more push out of feeding into my own business. If you’re serious about having your own business, it is really going to take a lot of hard work and I would rather give my all to my self and my business versus giving my all to benefit someone else’s business. Read more>>

Ray Bray | Founder and Food Stylist

To take it slow. When I started I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. I just wanted to make authentic hummus and share it with everyone so that people didn’t have to settle for Sabra. I didn’t know anything about running a business but the idea was exciting and after a lot of encouragement and support from family and friends I decided to make it official. Read more>>

Eleanor Ward | Grief Management Coach

I wanted people to be able to fully live their lives after loss of a loved one. I lost my husband and oldest son some years ago. I struggled with my grief,in fact my life fell apart. I finally realized that I did not want others to go through what I had went through. I developed a grief management system so that people could take their lives back. Read more>>

Yamisi Fanga-Mbourounda | Wellness Coach, Exercise Physiolgist & Nutritionist, Entprepreneur

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur even as a child, playing store shop owner in my room. It was always the thought of how can I make “it” happen. Figuring out what “it” was then selling “it”. Moreover, as a woman, a black woman, from Harlem with strong roots, it’s always the thought about legacy. What type of legacy and impact do I want to leave. Starting my own business for me was the way to control that narrative to create access and opportunity within my community. Read more>>

Ebony Hunt | Boutique Owner & Marketing Technology Executive

My thought process consisted of two words when starting my businesses: Legacy and Impact. I wanted my businesses to employ those in my family and the community. I wanted to also employ more people of color in technology. My jewelry business, SPATE Boutique is a legacy to honor my mother who passed away from breast cancer in 2018. Read more>>

Jaie Tatum | CEO & Owner

My thought process behind starting my business is a simple answer with plenty meaning behind it. Self-love. My thought process started with a self love and self care journey and will always continue on the same path with the hopes of others starting and continuing their own. I started my business with the concept of “I want to be my authentic self, express my authentic self fully and show others they can do the same.” I’ve been given this name of “Jaieboo da Heartbreaker” by many of my peers many years ago and it basically just stuck. Read more>>

Jasmine Ferrell | Environmental Specialist & Head Baker

How can I recreate traditional cookie flavors in a plant-based form? That is the first question that popped into my head when I thought about starting my business and its purpose. After visiting many restaurants and always having to sort through menus to see what plant-based offerings were available, my friends and I usually found that desserts were often limited or non-existent. I was already doing a lot of cooking weekly, meal prepping for myself and my friends, and decided one day I would expand to adding desserts. From there, I worked on several recipes and flavors, and created a timeline on when I would launch, after several people expressed to me that my desserts were delicious enough to sell. Read more>>

Morgan Flores | Owner and Creator of That Little Logo Lady

My thought process of starting my own business was that I wanted to be able to work but be able to do something from home. I needed and wanted to be able to stay with my kids and raise them, but I knew a little money on the side and a creative outlet would be amazing for me. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do, but I knew that I needed something! I got an Ipad for fun and decided one day to see if I could draw and here we are now with That Little Logo Lady! Read more>>

Jenna | Owner/Decorator/Baker

Honestly it just sort of happened. It has always been a dream to own a bakery, but to own one that would give back and provide for First Responders, Military Personnel and families in need, whether it be with monetary donations or with desserts. Almost all of the profits Southern Gal Creations makes is donated to organizations such as “Dallas 5” or “Operation Santa Swims” both of which are non profits for Fallen Officers and for Navy Personnel who are deployed. Read more>>

Eurolonda Noel | Certified Lymphedema Therapist & OT practitioner

A doctor once told me “ swelling therapists are a rarity “ & that I could make my own hours. Sound advice so I quit my job, cashed in my 4o1k, and the rest is history. Read more>>

Nikki Johnson-Bolden | Music Publicist and Writer

I really started my own business because I love working one on one with musicians. I love to surround myself with creatives, and I try help them get their hard work seen through the skills I’ve honed over the last couple of years. Getting into the music industry on a professional level is difficult, especially when you live in a relatively small town like Denton. Although there are great artists here, there isn’t a big industry machine like there is in major cities like Los Angeles or even Austin. I wanted to be that helping hand that local musicians need. Read more>>

Shymika Stephenson-Davison | Lead Consultant & Owner of PreCollege Solutions

The vision of PreCollege Solutions started while I was on a business trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico in November 2014. While awaiting my shuttle from the airport to the conference hotel, I called my best friend. We discussed the conference, which focused on the lack of college readiness for high school students. I remember going on and on, she abrupted stopped me and said, “If I had a college-bound teen, I would pay for those services.” In that moment of silence, I decided to start PreCollege Solutions. Read more>>

Angela Souder | Owner

Starting my own business was always a dream of mine, it started with a little passion and having goals and identifying a business plan for starting out. Once I started implementing a website, advertising and starting contracting clients with jobs the rest fell into place, we were able to continue our growth. SWA Interiors has had exponential growth year over year and we look forward to what the rest of 2022 has to offer! Read more>>