Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Andrew Turner | Podcast Host and Producer

I place all of the attention on the guest’s that we have on our show. By highlighting the accomplishments of the people around me I have started to build a community around Fort Worth Roots. Read more>>

Courtney Reed | Sex Positivity Advocate & Independent Sex Shop Owner

As cliche as it may sound, having my spouse support me has been the largest factor behind the success of the brand. Anything he is able to do to lighten my load, he does no questions asked. Mail runs? Check. Inventory spot checks? Check. Reminding me to file quarterly sales tax returns with the state? Check. Fulfilling orders? Check. Read more>>

Nate Thomas | Chef and CEO

We are successful because we are different. People are tired of the same old thing and they want something new. Every single one of our blends contains one or more unique ingredients only made by us. We use fermentation, smoking, extractions, and infusions to create custom flavors you can’t get anywhere else. We believe that the main reason people don’t like to cook at home is because it’s too much work, especially if the meal they make seems bland or boring. Read more>>

Raquel Miller | ICU RN & Founder/CEO of Rocket Med Staffing

Making more room for desire and determination and less room for doubt and discouragement. Once I allowed my desire for success to take up more space than my fear of failure, I was able to fuel my vision vehicle with hard work, systems, team building and all the things necessary to drive full speed ahead towards my goals! Read more>>

Sean McClasky | Lapidary/Jewelry Artist & Mineral Dealer

Brand Awareness is number one. If my clients don’t know I exist, how can we do business? In the landscape of the Mineral Dealer, Lapidary, and Jewelry Artists, there is a lot of competition. Getting your name out to potential customers is difficult. Social media is widely used in the industry to let customers know you are in business and have quality items. The normal consumer may not see all the videos and pictures I post on social media. They may not subscribe to the hobby magazines in which I can advertise or go to the trade shows. I can make a custom piece for a client, and they show their friends and family. but that is still a small portion of potential customers. Read more>>

Hussain Ajani | Producer – Ajani Records

My mantra for success is an unbeatable combination of patience, persistence and perspiration, which I unfailing pursue. Road to success is not easy but at the same time not unachievable. Ajani Records which is my music record label is a result of 3 years of hard work and perseverance. Read more>>

Jen Coker | Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

The most important factor in the success of my brand is creating relationships & trust with my clients. I want their time with me to be one of the best hours of their day. They need to feel empowered, supported, encouraged, and cared for. They may not necessarily love the actual workout, but I hope they enjoy spending time with me and most importantly how accomplished they feel when they are finished! Read more>>

Kathy Bull | Owner & Lead Planner of Plan It With Me

The most important factor behind our brand is communication. Brides, couples, moms…are easily stressed out when they aren’t properly communicated to and when they feel like someone isn’t listening or telling them the truth. We are extremely clear with communication, timeliness of responses, our intent, our capabilities and our level of professional execution. If we aren’t the right fit for a particular client, we will help them find someone who is. But if we take you on as a client, you’ll never feel like you are left alone to navigate the wedding process. We guide our clients 100% of the way, so they can truly relax on their big day. Read more>>

Sheveal Baker | My name is Sheveal Baker, Licensed Nail Instructor in Dallas Texas with Nailologist 101 Academy LLC. ➖I Teach Beginners & Self Taught Nail Techs How To Master Nails Like A Pro & Build A Steady Clientele…

GOD is the most important factor behind my success & brand because without him, I wouldn’t have make it this far. He laid this gift on me and taught me how to use it to change people lives for His good Read more>>

Teaira Laniece | Content Creator & Fitness Enthusiast

Consistency and discipline are the leading factors in my weight loss success. For years, I would start a weight loss journey just to get discouraged and quit when the weight was not coming off fast enough. It was only when I realized that if I stopped quitting, I won’t have to keep starting over. I started to see real results when I created and stuck to my workout/clean eating regimen. Read more>>