Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Faith Kiger | Owner & DJ of Blonde Beats Entertainment

I believe the most important factor of success in my business is my passion for what I do. I have known I wanted to work in the wedding industry since I was 10 years old. I would buy all the wedding books and magazines to “study up” thinking one day I would become a wedding planner. Being the child of music ministry parents, I grew up attending a LOT of weddings at my church and I loved every minute of it!! Read more>>

Natalie McFarland | Marketing Strategist, Film Director, McFarland Productions Founder & Creator

Be the guy for the thing. Simple, pick something. While we are specific to agriculture when it comes to digital strategy and marketing services, we COULD do what we do for any industry, but why DON’T we? It is a little counter intuitive to most people as they start a business because they are afriad there isnt enough work in a small demographic. The starving artist always goes for whatever falls in their lap as far as the types of work they are willing to do. Read more>>

Tyler Rooney | Head Baker

We started Oak Cliff Bread is the summer of 2020. The dream had been knocking around our heads for years prior, but we stuck it out, working in restaurants up to the point when we didn’t have restaurants to go to anymore, they had shut down. Considering career changes (maybe government jobs, maybe go back to school), we returned to what we had always been passionate about, baking bread. We didn’t have equipment to start a bakery, we didn’t have a team and still don’t, but we were able to work with what we had to produce as much as we possibly could. Read more>>

David Lee | Marketing and PR Content Creator

I think the most important factor behind the success of my business is that I’m always learning. I’m always trying new and different things. Any time I feel like I’m staying in the same place for too long, I know that’s not good. So, I listen to podcasts, watch tutorial videos, take online courses, and pay attention to evolving technology and audience experiences. Surrounding myself with talented people who are better at certain things within my industry is invaluable as well. Read more>>

Equiano Jackson | Photographer and Raconteur

I find success in someone finding meaning in my photography. I use to focus on wanting to create work that a lot of people would like to see. I learned that if I can be happy with what I am producing and love the work that I do, then others will too. Read more>>

Jossa Henson | Owner at First Look Bridal

Above and beyond all, the most important factor behind the success of First Look Bridal is the abundant grace the Lord has brought to the boutique. First Look Bridal is constantly prayed over by amazing friends, families, and even many of my brides! Thinking about this question from a business sense, the most important thing my husband and I did to set up the boutique for success was plan, plan, and then plan again! We started with a business plan -this business plan was edited no less than twenty times until we landed on a business plan we were happy with. Read more>>

Brandon Buccheri | Writer/Director

I always like to say that I’m the furthest thing from a self made man, and my production company Evoko Films is the same way. I’ve been really blessed to have great leadership and great people invest in my life and my success. When I say invest, I don’t mean financially. Evoko doesn’t exist without my best friend and business partner Justin Howe, but frankly I couldn’t be in the position I’m in – to be self employed in a creative field, to be pitching big clients, Read more>>

LaShonda Topps | Health Advisor and Social Worker

Mostly everyone wants to lose weight and look good at the same time, so Dream Tummy main factor is making sure people are healthy without always having to go to the gym or changing too much of their diet, have enough energy to complete a full work day and to have people feel/look confident in/with their body. Read more>>

Victor Franklin | Co, owner Deception LLC

When it comes to having a successful brand you cant just name one key factor. There has to be multiple factors in the true success of a business. We can also get into what you define as successful but that’s another conversation entirely. In my opinion drive, ambition, perseverance and faith in something bigger than yourself; whatever that may be. But if I had to name just one thing, it would be creating a lane where there is no lane “Do that shit”. Read more>>

Adrian Mariset Mills, APRN, CNM | Owner of The Spiritual Midwife LLC

When I entered the field of Midwifery, my inspiration for pursuing the career was for the endless opportunities to connect with women. This connection could come in many forms: spiritually, mentally, psychologically, or physically through medical means. In any form, the connection requires interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. I feel as though I have mastered the ability to empathize and show compassion towards others. This is the most important factor that I believe is behind my success and the success of my brand. When my Midwifery clients come into my care they feel the genuine concern I have for their well being. Read more>>

Tim Cormode | Founder and Change Maker

The most important factor behind our success is living by the value of gratitude. We never put our feet up and take things for granted. We are always thankful for what we have the relationships we have built. Read more>>

Kevin Shelton | Leader of Texas Glory FastPitch

There is no question that the key to our 22+ years of “success” is our people. We have a cadre of like minded folks who believe in some key tenets that permeate our daily approach. 1. A growth mindset is key. Our leaders understand we do not have all the answers and that continued improvement and personal growth are critical. It’s one of the things we ask from our players, we ought to do the same. Read more>>

Trevor Williams | Entrepeneur

The most important factor behind my success and the success of Righteous Relentless. So many vital things that pops out to me, but theirs two that stand out more than the rest. They are consistent and not afraid to start. Consistency is vital because to get your brand to the next level or just life in general; you have to be consistent in the very thing God has given you to take stewardship of. Read more>>

Kirby and Dixie Berger | Innovators in Leather

When people ask where we got the ideas for our interchangeable accessories, we reply, “We can’t take all the credit” followed by “a lot of prayer”. Our most important success factor for our business IS prayer. We are very thankful to have been given the business that we have along with the unique ideas that go along with it. Read more>>

Un! | Artist/Curator/Producer

The most important thing to being successful in anything is believing that you can achieve success as well as being happy about what your doing. If you not happy with your craft it’s prolly not it. Read more>>

Mike Humston | Owner Rite-Way Glass Lexington

I would say it’s our “ why”. WE BELIEVE in providing people with a customer service experience that is highly uncommon in todays society. An experience that will remind them that good old fashioned, relational customer service still exists. WE BELIEVE in providing a workplace that is conducive and centered in the growth of our employees, both personally, and professionally. We live this out on a daily basis from the top down and keep everything we do centered around it Read more>>

Anthony Hust | Self-Published Author

The most important factor for me is just being myself. It’s important that people see that I am the exact same person on and off social media. Nowadays you can really get away with being a totally different person online and the hasn’t really ever sat well with me. So anytime someone sees me in person, I don’t want there to be any question on whether I’m putting a character out into the world or not. Staying true to who I actually am in real life also prevents stress build up from always constantly trying to be someone I’m not. Being confident in that, people can tell. People can spot a fan a mile away, and I know I’ll never have that worry. Read more>>

Anita Florez | Photographer

The most important factor behind my success as being a growing photographer thus far has definitely been my family. They have always supported me and my decisions. They encourage me to always do the best and be the best that I can be, no matter what challenges arise. Not to mention, they all chipped in to buy me my first camera. They are literally what started my small career. I am so thankful for them and all that they have done for me. Read more>>

Christine Unruh | Gallery owner

Makers Connect is successful because of amazing, talented people. Let me break that down to say, “creative people sharing a vision of contemporary handmade objects.’ Trust is also right up there on the list, too. I and my family work to grow, nurture, and maintain the trust of these creatives who allow us to borrow their work for periods of time. It’s trust that allows them to leave their beloved items behind and trust that they will be handled gently, sold eventually… and that they will receive payment for those sales in a timely manner. Read more>>

Theodora Lee | Vintner and Owner, Theopolis Vineyards

Well, success is very subjective, and a relative term. We believe that Theopolis Vineyards has been successful as a brand as we provide quality wine and pleasure in a bottle. Our formula for success is simple; be the best at your chosen craft. As a country girl from Dallas Texas who had no exposure to wine until I moved to California, one of my biggest successes has been the consistent recognition by the wine industry. In 2016, the September Issue of Somm Journal listed the 2013 Theopolis Vineyards Estate Grown Petite Sirah as Best in Class, meaning it is considered the best Petite Sirah in the world. Read more>>

Saralyn Richard | Author, Educator, and People-Person

As a former teacher, administrator, and school improvement consultant, I’ve spent many years working closely with people–students, families, teachers, colleagues, individuals, and groups. I’ve become familiar with the values, challenges, aspirations, and cultures of many diverse people. All of these experiences are a part of who I am and what I bring with me to the author’s journey. People are in my stories, real-live, relatable people, some lovable, and some not. Read more>>

David Ha | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Success can be defined in many different ways. It’s not about reaching a certain status as a brand, or reaching a specific dollar amount as an organization, but it’s consistently answering the call of how we can be responsible with what we’ve been given. And I believe finding out our personal responsibility often begins with a burden that is bigger than ourselves. Read more>>

Dedrich Flint | Chef and Founder/CEO of Project Adullam Ministries Inc.

What is the Most important factor behind my success? I would have to say emphatically that would be my faith in my relationship with my Savior and Lord Jesus. My trust and believe in Him is paramount to me at this point in my life. Without that, I could not accomplish anything worthwhile. My beliefs helped me understanding that true success is not just the accomplishments but also the ability to manage the failures. I do not allow failures to define me! Read more>>

Robin Garrett | Founder/Owner – Oopsy Daisy

I feel the success of my business has stemmed from our relentless commitment to high quality at an affordable price. We have strong relationships with our various nursery growers that have lasted for over a decade now. They grow only the best in terms of beautiful plants and flowers and once in our facility, my staff and I do everything in our power to maintain the same quality that they arrived with so our customer is buying truly healthy and cared for plant products. The same goes for our eclectic home goods and decor. Read more>>