We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Dustin Mitchell | Serial Entrepreneur & Business Development Coach

The funny thing is that everyone single person makes mistakes in their lives and they do things they are not proud of. One can do hundreds of great things but be remembered for one mistake or error of judgment. I have often thought about how I want to be remembered after I leave this world. When we pass away, there will be four definite things on our headstone. They will certainly inscribe our name, date of birth, and the day we died in the stone, and between those two dates, there is a dash. The “dash” is my legacy. That is how I will be remembered. What did I do to help others? How did my business contribute to society? Was I loving, caring, and sharing? Read more>>

Cassandra Naylor | Designer, Cosmetologist & Nurse

I want my legacy to be that the possibilities are truly endless. I want to be remembered for never accepting the box and its limits and coloring outside the lines. Not for the sake of being a rebel but for the sake of not doing anything because it is status quo or what is expected of me but always according to purpose. Read more>>

Suncera “Sunnie” | Beauty service provider

I want my legacy to be all about care. I want people to remember that they invited me into their lives and I was able to provide a helping hand of any sort. If I styled your hair and you felt extra beautiful then I am thankful and fulfilled. If you walked away more educated about your child’s hair I want you to remember that Sunnie cared and took the time to pass you some of my knowledge. Read more>>

Tyler Wooten | Leadership Coach & CEO Of Valor Coaching Agency

That I gave my life away to others because they were worth it. That I always made sure that people knew how incredible they truly were. That I was always driven by kindness, integrity, empathy, zeal, vision, faith, and contribution. That I was a leader of valor that led others closer to their individual purposes. I want to live in such a way that my life consistently inspires others to go after what’s in their hearts. That what they see within might just be possible. More than anything, I want my wife and son to know me as a man who always did the right thing no matter how hard it might have been. That they knew they were loved by my words and actions. All in all, I just want to do my part for a brighter future. Read more>>