We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Destiny Jernigan | Founder & President of Destiny’s Giving Hand Incorporated

For years, I placed so much emphasis on my career accomplishments, thinking it was an influential way of impacting the community. After five years in business and continuous dead-ends, I prayed and reflected on my ordained purpose. My career was foster-care focused, so I centralized my mission to support foster children and foster families in need. A few months ago, I re-branded Destiny’s Giving Hand Inc. (DGHI) with a new mission and purpose. Read more>>

Jay and Jen Mercado | Owner of JNJ’S VINTAGE 80’s and 90’s

The way our business helps the community is by giving kids from elementary from pre-k to college a free pair of sneakers. The way we do it is by accepting donations at our brick and mortar. Read more>>

Cody Merrill | CEO & Founder

At Socialwyze, we connect people experiencing homelessness, transition, and/or recovery, to immediate income opportunities to work alongside environmental nonprofits to perform public benefit work including tree plantings, park and beach cleanups, community gardening, and food distributions. We believe that by providing barrier free, immediate income opportunities to those most in need to perform the work that most needs to be completed in our neighborhoods that we are helping people on their path to recovery while improving the health of our communities. Read more>>

Cicely Carr | Founder and Executive Director

At Kindred Creatives Art and Literary Press, our mission is to promote the love of literacy, creativity, and entrepreneurship for all and we do that with many community events. We began this organization with a fundraiser called, “The LIT Christmas” where we accepted donations of books and school supplies and had a “shopping” day for the youth. As the founder of Kindred Creatives ALP, I knew the challenges in education with literacy rates being very low where students are 3-7 years behind in their reading level, first hand. As a certified English, SpEd, and ESL teacher, I wanted to transfer my love of literacy to my students who struggled to pass the STAAR, scored low in English, Reading and Writing on the ACT and SAT, and in everyday practice had a hard time reading and writing. I felt that I needed to do more. Read more>>

Rosa Diana | Content Creator & Social Media Consultant

I have a local social group that connects women new to Dallas to other women looking for friendships in the community. The group allows women to have a place to obtain resources such as OBGYN recommendations to the newest restaurant opening. My platforms provide recommendations for local businesses if ever they are in need. Read more>>