Our mission is to help shift the balance of power between big business and small business in favor of small business, so we’re often trying to get conversations going around topics that affect small business. One area where small businesses are potentially at a disadvantage is technology because so many tech companies are focused on “enterprise” level tech solutions that are out of reach for many small business owners. Our hope with this piece is to get a conversation stated around tech and small business, so we asked local entrepreneurs about the role tech plays in their business.

María José Padgett | Founder and Creative Director | ZINDAGI

Technology is a huge part of my business, especially since our store is online. This year, I upgraded my office and got most of the tech I needed. I realized a large iMac fits my needs for photo editing and website design – the screen size is such a treat! My iPad + Apple Pencil are amazing tools for design, especially when I am in India moving from factories to markets. They make it so easy to organize my sketches and inspiration. Read more>>

Sheryle Gillihan | Web Strategist Growing Positive Impact

Technology is at the core of our business both in how we operate and in what we provide to our clients. In the past two months, technology has been critical to functioning virtually while we as a nation shelter in place and do our best to work remotely where possible. It’s been rewarding to see that many of CauseLabs’ clients continue their nonprofit programs because they’ve worked with us to transform from analog to digital, in-person high touch to remote high-tech approaches. Read more>>

Brigitte Mena Trevor Wilson | Owners of “TBA Music” & Musicians

Technology has been super important during this Covid-19 pandemic. Since we are not able to perform in-person concerts right now, we have switched our focus to online concerts, which are donation based. These online concerts serve as our platform for performing and give us the opportunity to share music with others from the safety of viewers’ homes. There are of course drawbacks with these concerts though as there are with any online media. We are definitely limited with the amount of interaction we are able to have with the audience and vice versa. Read more>>

Abigail Cole Hardin | Co-Founder & CEO

Imagine trying to communicate with a tailor over FaceTime to get custom alterations. You would have to take your own measurements and guess where to pin your blazer, as your tailor tries to guide you. This would be cumbersome, confusing, inefficient, and probably wouldn’t get you the result you desire. That’s why we conduct business face-to-face, and we do not depend on technology or virtual consultations. Inside Out Image Consulting is primarily in-person because it not only allows us to be more thorough in our services, but also helps us build quality relationships with our clients through face-to-face connection. Read more>>

Candance Fitch | Co Owner

The Social Media has been a HUGE factor in Animals Anonymous. This is where we can connect and share ideas on a daily basis with our audience. I have multiple groups for different venues that deal with us. For example: we have a closed group for our fans to feel like they are in a special part of a club. We have a BUY- SELL -TRADE page exclusive to our brand. This way if someone gets something that may not be to their liking, size or just wants something different, they have the opportunity to trade,sell or grab a unique design that they are looking for. Read more>>

Sarah Estes | Fort Worth Business Owner

Preuve, a boutique digital creative agency, is centered around technology. From the apps/tools used to manage files, financials, project communications to the ever-evolving digital advertising world, technology is what powers my business. I do feel that there is a lack of technology developed for small business owners who are trying to understand their “digital grade” on the web, manage social media, etc. Read more>>