We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Dalida | Bellydance Artist

Since I remember myself I have always been dancing and it is very important part of my life. I have been learning various styles throughout years and always tried to pick up the most important and beautiful from the best masters in the industry. As I opened my school my main goal always was to give community the best knowledge and skills of this dance form I possess. My impact is to give people broader worldview, know different music and to know the culture of different countries. Art unites people and erases borders. Read more>>

Wes Linsley | Boxing & Strength Coach

Alpha Family Fitness is a place that makes fitness fun and challenging, something that you can share with friends and family! That is what we are known for, it’s a community designed for everybody. We know if fitness and health isn’t something that is fun and an experience you can’t share with your loved ones, it’s likely not going to last. So we do our best to make this place a second home for others! We have two different programs, our Alpha Strength and Conditioning class and our Boxing class, which is the home of the original Wylie Boxing Club, established in 2007. Both programs have adult and kid’s classes available and are often times occupied with families working out together. That is my favorite thing to see. Our boxing program is the top boxing gym in the area and is known as Wylie Boxing Club. Read more>>

Melissa Spencer | Owner & Founder

We use our valuable platform of being dressed as beloved characters to teach kids that being a beautiful princess or a handsome prince is more than the fancy clothes, fine jewelry, and perfect hair; being truly beautiful is about the way we treat others. Kindness, goodness, patience, joy, peace and other qualities are the examples we use when giving our unique “Inner Beauty Lesson” at every party or event. We hope these truths are helping the next generation to get past the shallow messages the media surrounds us with today, and are shaping these young hearts to truly love people and see past the exterior. Read more>>

Lynly Stephen | CEO & Speech-Language Pathologist

When I made the decision to become a speech-language pathologist, my goal was to make a positive educational and emotional impact on children who learn in non-traditional ways. This meant thinking “outside of the box” to create natural and meaningful opportunities for learning. For many years, I traveled the country providing training to other speech-language pathologists and teachers on how to creatively reach students who were struggling and needed unique approaches to be able to successfully tackle the challenges of education. Little did I know that this would open up an opportunity to start my own business that would touch the lives of thousands of children nationwide! Fifteen years ago, a non-profit organization in the DFW area approached me about helping them to acquire academically aligned curriculum for the students in their afterschool programs. Read more>>

Hillary Gribble & Taylor Pennartz | The Arrangement Projects Founders & Flower Enthusiasts

Our vision for The Arrangement project is to help as many people as possible in our community through our love and passion for flowers. We have been blessed to attend floral design workshops across the city and have developed a skill where we can share with others in the community who may not have the opportunity to attend such workshops. We have found that working with flowers and creating beautiful and unique floral arrangements can uplift, restore, and build relationships within a community and it’s been such a blessing to be a part of! Thanks to our paid workshops, we are able to go into local non-profits in the DFW area and do similar workshops for little to no cost to the non-profit participants. It’s the best example of paying it forward! Read more>>

Steph Grant

As a human, I am doing my best to constantly evolve. I mess up on a regular basis and that’s part of the process. I hope to stay opening minded, while continuing to learn and be real about the process to encourage others to do the same. I am vocal about human rights and equality for all. I feel that what I do is important because it helps others feel a little less alone in their world. Read more>>

April Joy Martinez | Personal Assistant, Planner, Lifestyle Coach & Partner

During these difficult and busy times many of us can become overwhelmed with the day to day chaos. With virtual learning, working from home and additional financial stressors as a result of life and the pandemic the need for additional resources has greatly increased. There are many people dealing with anxiety and depression that leads to the inability or lack of desire to take care of the tedious things such as cleaning, shopping, completing tasks for work or running errands. Joyous Gems would like to partner with these individuals or families and add a support to move them through these times but also has a therapeutic component to encourage and uplift them for years to come. We all need support with various tasks and I am able to help provide those while also understanding how things may have gotten to the point where you may need the help. I would like to create lifetime partners on this journey called life. Read more>>

Holly Bellomy | Owner & Principal Designer

I like to say that I am changing lives one room at a time. We are wired to appreciate beauty and a beautiful home makes a huge impact on our outlook. When the rooms are balanced, comfortable, well lit, and filled with only the things we love, we can relax and feel at peace. Read more>>

Melissa Espey-Mueller | Certified Doula, Gynecologic Teaching Associate & Director of Prenatal Education

As the owner of North Dallas Doula Associates & the Director of Prenatal Education at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas; I have the opportunity, or should I say, I have the honor and the privilege of witnessing women discover their power during pregnancy and childbirth. Evidence based prenatal education leads to informed choices during pregnancy and birth and can lead to less intervention and healthier outcomes for both mother and baby. When women know better they will expect better. When her knowledge is not fear based and she feels supported by her care team, hires a doula, and feels prepared to own her birth story, the trajectory will change for generations to come. Read more>>

Kathleen Ellerie | Licensed Acupuncturist

Beachside Community Acupuncture PLLC was created to make the world a better place. On a smaller scale, we keep our treatments affordable so that every person can have access to quality holistic healthcare, no matter what his or her circumstances. All of our patients receive the same level of attentiveness and compassion with no regard to their income level, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, or age, and having such a diverse mix of people healing together in our community treatment room is a beautiful thing. We help our patients overcome health obstacles so that they feel motivated to impact the world with their unique gifts. On a larger scale, we aim to benefit the world at large by inspiring the public to believe in the innate healing power of their bodies through our newsletters, blogs, and online courses and Kathleen’s book Healing Beachside: Making Natural Health as Easy as a Beach Vacation. Read more>>