We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey.  We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Elizabeth Frazier | Photographer, Model, Yoga Instructor and Sound Therapy Facilitator

I believe the most important factor behind my personal success is definitely genuine authenticity. Authenticity is invaluable, it sets you apart from the crowd and is necessary for long-term success. If you began your career trying to be like someone else you will always have to wear that mask which will be hard to keep up. Plus when you have the confidence to live in your most authentic real and honest form you create a boundless space for yourself as a creator, which is truly such a freeing place to be in. Read more>>

Amanda Visconte | Luxury Hairstylist & Salon Suite Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my brand I would say is, honesty. Being upfront about what it is going to take to achieve the goal my guest has in mind and also about pricing or what their financial investment will look like. As a hairstylist, we want the best for our clients so we tend to shy away from being upfront about anything that might be uncomfortable. some of that being what we charge or what we can achieve for them in a single session. Read more>>

David Bentinck | Realtor & Real Estate Entrepreneur

I credit the success of my Real Estate career to several factors. Granted, it took several years to find my stride which I hit about 3 years into the business. I like to tell people that those first few years I had a full ride tuition to the “School of Hard Knocks”. Truth be told I almost added to the statistic that unfortunately 80% of realtors usually fail in the first year. The proper mindset was definitely vital through all the hills and valleys this journey can bring. Read more>>

Alysha Boles | Mortgage Guide and Debt Strategist

The most important factor behind my success and the focus of my team is ensuring that our clients receive advice and guidance that ensure the smartest use of their money along with an empowered understanding of loan options and costs. Whether a client wants to explore options for buying immediately, or long term I am happy to partner with them and strategize the best plan. Taking the time to ensure that a client is fully qualified, and no short cuts are taken up front can significantly reduce the risk and stress of the mortgage experience. There are many options available and ensuring that clients are not treated like a cookie cutter transaction or unnecessary money spent just to obtain a flashy rate. Read more>>

Lady Redneck | Country and Christian Music Singer/Songwriter

I love this question! I think the most important factor behind my success is that I didn’t do it alone. I collaborated with my fans. My fans became my label. I write all of my own music, but they vote on which songs I record. I’ve had fans set up shows, fans design my merch and once a month I crowdfund and my fans pay for me to record. It’s a group effort and they’re very much involved and vested in my music. When I win, they win! I think two minds are better than one and collaborations always bring better results! Read more>>

Jennifer Alvarado | Multi-Award Winning Recording Artist

I believe my faith is the most important. I think my faith helps me to keep things in a proper prospective and maintain a healthy balance. I also think my faith has fueled my value on integrity and a strong work ethic. I want my word to mean something and so I believe you are supposed to stand for something bigger than yourself. I want my music to be an encouragement, but also help others feel like they have a friend in this world. Read more>>

LAUREN SONZA | Mom, Police wife, & Charcutier

Making charcuterie boards is a way for me to relax and to get creative. The most important factor behind the success of my business is making sure my customers are more than satisfied with the product and that creating a board is a labor of love and passion, and not creating stress. For me it was never about the financial gain, it is about the happiness my boards bring to my customer. I aim to make sure my customers are getting exactly what they envisioned, and I always welcome any feedback. The memories built around enjoying a delicious charcuterie board is what is most important to me. Read more>>

John & Michelle Turk | Co-Owners of Turk Farm

Both individually and together, my husband John and I have always believed in leaving something better than we found it. Creating something more than meets the eye. This is how we approach most everything, even something as simple as a seed. With care, thought, and dedication grows new life. John is the logical thinker behind the operation, and I am passionately curious. I’ve often said I’ve never said no to a good experiment (meanwhile, John keeps a spreadsheet recording the results of those experiments). Read more>>

D’Authentic Purpose | Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

The most important factor behind my success is to not be afraid and go for it. I realized that if I don’t start I can never fully reach my full potential. Fear has stopped me a lot in my life because I always worried about people not supporting me, like family and friends. I always thought to myself, what if I’m not good enough or what if it doesn’t work out. As soon as I stopped worrying about all those things and just started doing, that fear went away. At that moment I realized that you have to face your fears and rise instead of running from them. Once I did that I had the support from people from all over. Read more>>