We asked entrepreneurs and creatives from the community how they think about the tradeoff between long term and short term goals. Check out some of those conversations below.

Kent Julius | Veterinarian and Venture Capitalist

I personally focus almost exclusively on long term goals for my time, money, and health. Staying focused on keeping these three areas in the long term will create true freedom. This focus also improves the short term. Focusing on long term health makes me feel better in the short term also. Reaching fitness goals, getting proper sleep, and eating healthy feels good in the short term which makes it easier to continue. Focusing on long term money goals is motivating because it helps me make better decisions today in my career. It gives me peace of mind knowing what the end result and what timeframe I am looking to achieve it. Read more>>

Chalda Maloff | Digital Artist

I am a digital artist, and my work involves several distinct stages. I need a more complicated planning horizon than I did when working with oil paints or acrylics. I create my image files on my computer in my home office, using an electronic tablet and stylus. I usually work on several images at a time, and in a good month I complete one or two. After a first draft computer file is finalized, the next step is to print it, a process in itself. I have a home studio with a large format art printer, which is about the size of a refrigerator. Often, I need a number of test prints, with subsequent adjustments to the file. When I have a perfect print, I outsource the final mounting, where the print is adhered to an acrylic sheet using a large press, and the hanging mechanism is applied to the back. Read more>>

Darrell Collins | Music Producer (Who Is DC)

I think of long term vs short term goals very critical because one mistake can alter everything you do. Long term would be my time, you can’t get time back and it important that spend every second not taking it for granted. I like to plan accordingly for anything I do for example, if its with my kids I make sure my time goes into spending it with them and never taking that or them for granted. Planning is most important in long-term as well. There are so many questions that come into play like what do you plan on doing in the next 5 years, do you have a business plan set up for when you’re prepared to take off etc. I have a dry erase board for short term and long term goals to make sure I plan set the long term and short term I usually go back to them to compare them to see if its something that can be moved over to the other column. Read more>>