Success.  It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards.  We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what practices, characteristics or habits lead to success?

Rachel Linger | Artist

Social media has been a huge factor in bringing in clients for me as a hair stylist and also as a decorator. I’ve been able to bring viewers to the tiny house business I decorate for by managing their Instagram and promoting their other social media outlets, especially YouTube. The amount of people from around the world I’ve been able to reach has been tremendous. Facebook, Instagram and twitter have brought in lots of clientele to my hair business as well. Read more>>

Laneshia Fentress | Leadership Specialist

I believe the most important factor behind my success is, being empowered to empower others. In my opinion, you can only have real success if you’re able to look forward and see those you have encountered really step into their purpose. I’m a purpose pusher! Ha! I believe that every person you encounter is an opportunity to pass along a good legacy, and as long as you have breath in your body, you have the potential to be GREAT! Why not help others become better than they were the day before you met them? These are the things I live by… my golden rule. Read more>>

Brittany Smith | Fashion designer

The most important factor behind my brands success is Continuing to keep my brand fresh, keep returning customers and new customers wondering what the brand will do next. Read more>>

Maya Modi | Artist & Creative Entrepreneur

I’ve never been emotionally moved by finished works of art, instead, I care about processes and experiences. Even when I taught high school art, I was more concerned with the intention and work ethic of my students rather than the end result. So when I left teaching to start my business I quickly became dissatisfied selling reproductions of my paintings. I didn’t want to be a “fine artist.” I realized I would much rather involve clients in the creation of the art and my DIY Watercolor Kits allow me to do just that! Read more>>

Chelsea Burnett | Public Speaker & Storm Chaser

For Texas Storm Chasers, I believe having a group of individuals with one main passion but different backgrounds has been hugely instrumental in the growth of our business. David, the owner, has a strong background in technology and knows the ins and outs of running a website, etc. The rest of us however, have other means of contributions such as marketing, content, and other talents that round out our group very nicely. Read more>>

Brittney Williams | Marketing Consultant and Digital Content Creator

The most important factor behind my success/success of my brand is actually a mix of a few key elements including: Always making it a habit to remember my WHY, Being consistent with my brand and it’s messaging, Providing great customer service, Networking, Being transparent about my personal journey and the marketing industry itself for small business owners. Providing encouragement and daily inspiration for other entrepreneurs & small business owners, to ultimately keep going after their dreams/success of their business. Read more>>

Frank Minikon | Chief Operating Officer & Children’s Book Author

I think the most important factor behind our success is the ‘why’. We provide tools that impact children and how they view themselves. Far too long, we have not had the representation of people of color positively in the media (books, magazines, television, movies, etc.) As a company, we are taking on the task of balancing out the images with power and positivity. When children open a book published by Melanin Origins and see themselves, or read a story of a person who looks like them, they personalize it and they’re able to draw inspiration from it. Read more>>

Dr. Lamar Quinn | Pharmacist & Co-founder

God and my inner circle which includes the Toast for Charity board, trusted advisors/mentors, family & friends, and most importantly my wife. Read more>>