Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Dr. Hector Reyes | Entrepreneur & Chiropractor

I would describe success this way- Success is when someone is living life to their full ability and maxing out their full potential on the things they were designed to do. For me, that is living a God-centered life, taking good care of my wife and kids, and thriving as a professional/entrepreneur, and leaving a legacy that long outlives me. That does not always equate to fame and fortune as most would describe success. But if that is what I am called to have, then I will use those successes as a way to build a legacy that will be a blessing even to my children’s children. But if my capacity was called to be a dishwasher, then you better believe those dishes would be polished and spotless as I live in my success. 🙂 Either way, the fundamentals are the same, but I believe everyone has their own job to do on this earth, and as long as you are doing that, I would call that a success. Read more>>

Helisa Warren | Prophetic Worship Leader, Songwriter, Worship Coach/Mentor

My definition of success is walking in obedience to God. That was not always how I had defined “success” in years past. I’d look at it that I had to have the “right” job with the “right” money living in the “right” house. I quickly found out that does NOT define success. God chose us for greatness! It happens through walking out the process obediently. God spoke over us about ourselves before He assigned you and me to a body. We were elected before He released us to come to earth, picked out for greatness as a word out of the Word. We are a gift from Heaven. Success happens when we walk out our purpose. It is intermingled with the good, bad and ugly in life. But God works it out for our good. Read more>>

Bridgette Horak | Licensed Massage Therapist

Success is always an evolving thing for me, but ultimately, it’s making sure that I’m happy and that I’m making a difference in the lives of my clients. Success also means freedom in my schedule and financial freedom. For me, it means being able to set an example to my clients of taking time off for self-care, leisure time, and vacations in non-stop world. I have found success to be doing the work that I love to do, helping others with my work, having fun, and living authentically. Read more>>