We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Sidney Allen | Artist and Designer

As a Capricorn, I am fulfilled and made happy through the work I do towards my passions, art, teaching, healthy movement, friends and family, and my Fiance. Read more>>

Darrellene Lindsey | Business Owner, Artist, Entrepreneur & REFINE Chapter Leader Plano

At Darrellene Designs, our tag line is “We create art to encourage you and make you smile”. If I can encourage a friend or a stranger with a fun whimsical lazy susan, coaster, pillow, mug, or fun piece of wall art that makes me happy. Those emails or notes from happy customers encourage me and make me smile. Read more>>

Chris Roth | Landscape and Wildlife Photographer

Photographing far away places! The wilderness, the mountains, our amazing national parks and the open road that gets me there have literally changed my life. There is nothing bad in my day that can’t be cured by a little solitude in the presence of nature. My travels are quite often to very remote places. Sometimes the destinations are small villages in foreign lands where few people speak English. Being immersed in a culture is the best way to learn about a community. These experiences can opened my mind to a new (and hopefully better) way of thinking and change my perspective of the world. Read more>>

Diondra Shanai | Black Content Creator

Using each day provided by our Creator to leave a lasting impact on this world makes me happy. I tend to focus on how i feel in order to be able to achieve greatness. If I am not genuinely happy with SELF, I will not be able to be happy for others. With peace comes happiness, my healing will shine a light that others can see and hopefully want to obtain for themselves. I mean, it is free! It starts with you Mind, Thoughts become things. Always choose Happiness! Read more>>