Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Amy Shuey | Artist & Audiologist

I actually didn’t set out to start my own business in the beginning but rather it came about sort of organically after I picked up digital art as a stress reliever. I was drawing more and more and experimented with doing some portrait commissions though I felt like my art style lent itself more readily to things like stickers and art prints. Even so, I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge. I finally reached the point where people started inquiring about whether I would offer any of the artwork I posted on Instagram for sale, so I started looking at other artists I admired to see how they were turning their art into a business and made the choice to go for it. I wanted to keep my business fairly simple and manageable since I also work a full-time and have a small child so I decided to just offer some stickers, sticker sheets, and art prints – all things I could produce at home and ship fairly easily. Read more>>

Pam W. Skersick | Polymer Clay Surface Designer

One Christmas my sister Carol and I decided it was time to pursue a new creative endeavor. At the time she was a CPA in her family accounting firm, and I was an educator with 34 years’ experience. Time to do something different? You bet! We both love beautiful things and even in our career years had always done something artful on the side. We decided to create a clothing line. Never slackers, we created the designs, found a pattern maker, found the fabric, and found the sewers. We hand-painted the silk linings and made the buttons for each design using polymer clay. Wow! What a lot of work! We began doing local shows and trade shows. It didn’t take too very long for us to learn that we had had a good idea but not a great idea. We scaled down our vision and began to make polymer clay buttons and embellishments. That was a successful business for several years. Over time, we’ve evolved into making jewelry and other wearable art. We also design and make wall art, doodads and whatnots. Polymer clay has been the one constant material in the evolution of our business plan. Read more>>

TeAndra Taylor | Travel Blogger

I have always had a deep passion for traveling. When I had my son, I knew that I wanted to introduce him to it at an early age. After people seen that we were traveling so much, they began to ask questions, want tips and advice, so I wanted to create a space for them to be able to go to and get all of their questions answered. That’s when Traveling with the Taylors was born. Read more>>

Delmetria Millener | Edupreneur + Writer

As an English teacher, I make space for my students to write at least three or four times a class period. Sometimes more. But I noticed that my students, my black and brown students especially, seem to brag about how much they hate reading and writing and how neither would “secure that bag” or make them any money. That stung. So I had to do something about it. First, I made writing personally and culturally relevant in the classroom. Then, outside of class, I gave all kind of incentives like ice cream socials, skating parties, “eat write” lunch and learns, jump rope challenges—anything—to get them to join my afterschool writing club. Once I got them there, I gave them creative freedom to express themselves with words on any topic they chose. They wrote together, discussed their stories, cried, laughed, generated ideas, they supported each other. Then, I collaborated with our graphic design teacher to show them how profitable writing could be. Read more>>

Anosh Vaswani | Lead Generation Expert For Small Businesses

I started my company in 2018 after being laid off as a Marketing Director. In all my previous corporate job roles, I managed multiple outside marketing agencies that promised results but failed to tie it to a particular business goal. While each one delivered results in some fashion very few were able to show the entire customer lifecycle. The idea was to create an agency that not only delivers results but also understands the business is what drove me to start my business. We started off by focusing on small businesses that needed customers to come through the door and make a purchase. Our value proposition is simple: We will generate leads through paid ads, nurture the lead through automation, and show you a Return on Investment (ROI) on a monthly basis. Each month you will know how much we spent, how much revenue was generated, and what we will do next month. Our goal is not to sell you services you don’t need. We want to be a partner, your outsourced marketing department which delivers revenue growth. Read more>>