We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Paola Mora | Permanent Makeup Tattoo Artist

Im a Capricorn and im a woman so I love to give and show out for people to make them happy and please others. Making someone’s day anyway I can or making their life easier is literally my purpose. Read more>>

Jasmine Trejo | CEO-Owner Of Trejoz Customz 817

Why it makes me happy? Honestly, the joy of seeing from babies to adults faces when they get there order weather it’s a shirt, to custom birthday decor. That feeling of being included, and apart of theyre special event is everything. Read more>>

Teri Allen | Baker & Cook

Cooking and baking. When I’m in the kitchen, I get excited to make it and taste it, but I also can’t wait for someone else to try it. The look on their face when I present it, and then the sounds they make if they really enjoy it makes me giddy. Read more>>