There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Miranda Deakins | Content Creator

The way that I look at risks is that they are just a way to get you out of your comfort zone. You can never find the path to success if you stay in your own way. Risks provide a door to leave your comfort zone to find something new and exciting. We all only have one life to live, why live a boring or unfulfilled life? You can never win if you never play the game. Read more>>

Aaron Carolina | Actor & Artist

I think that risk is definitely always something you have to weigh in. I mean like the saying goes “ no reward without risk.” Everything isn’t meant for everyone and I think me taking the risk to pursue my career is the very thing that helped prepared me to handle the highs and lows of this industry. Vulnerability is essentially what acting is all about. Giving your all and putting yourself out there to be judged by others. Read more>>

Kristen Contreras | Realtor

I think about risk as being a great opportunity for one to learn and grow. You will never know what you are capable of if you do not take risks in life. You never lose, you can only win or learn. Risk has done me very well. I love to learn new things and I always tell myself, “You never know until you try” and I can learn from this and if I fail, I will fail forward. Risk has led me to better opportunities with my life and career, has allowed me to make great connections with amazing people. Read more>>

Polina Tsukerman | Astrologer & Entrepreneur

I believe that with no risk comes no reward. I’ve watched a lot of people in my family play it safe, and not take certain opportunities because they had to provide for their spouses and children, and at a certain point, I realized I had to break that cycle. Taking risks changed my life – I really started embracing risk around 2018, which is when I paid $5000 to break a lease so I could get out of a toxic relationship, which followed with me putting in a 4 week notice to my successful career Dec. 2019 to focus on entrepreneurship, and then deciding to drive to and move to Dallas by myself in Feb 2021. Read more>>

Lubna Ahmed | Online Business Coach & Strategist

In reality, risk is an innate part of life, embedded in each and every moment of every day. Each of us must contend with this fact, For me & like most people, I’ve taken risks that have paid off and others that haven’t. This has given me a framework to view risk with some structure before jumping in head first. Managing risk, making risk work for you, is how you get ahead in life. I’ve always been a risk-taker. While I moved from “Customer service , Digital Marketing & then switched to coaching. Read more>>

Savannah Jones | Owner/Designer

I started WTHI in 2018. I was a new mom, newly unemployed and determined to follow my passions. It started small, working for friends, family and often for free just to be able to obtain the experience. I look back now at those early “designs” and just laugh! My skill has definitely advanced to say the least, Design has always been my hobby, my passion and desire, but I often felt discouraged and disheartened by those who would say “Never make your hobby, your career” or “you can’t make a living decorating houses”. Once I stopped listening to the nay-sayers, and started focusing on what i wanted, the growth was astounding. Read more>>

Maree ThaDancer | Hip hop dancer

Risk taking has played a big role in my career because if i hadn’t took the chances i did my process would be alot slower but i took risk even if it didn’t work i still to those chances until i got a chance i put my out there i took risk dancing at concerts when i wasn’t scheduled to perform or some i was but whenever i was invited to any function i took advantage of the opportunities that were in from of me because i knew it probably wouldn’t never come again and wanted people to know who MAREETHADANCER WAS ! so i took risk by just facing fears , not being scared to take risk and it helped my career so me taking big risk lead me to being a star i am today Read more>>

Joel Peterson | Licensed Professional Counselor

I started Cowtown Christian Counseling in April of 2021. I remember having two and half months of money left in my bank account to live on. Just two months before, in February, I interviewed for a counseling position at another firm in Fort Worth. One week later I heard back that I did not get the job. One day after not getting the job I decided to start cowtown. I didn’t know a thing about LLC’s, websites, taxes, etc; Read more>>

Michelle Payne | Interior Design/Realtor

Honestly, I think taking risk is the only way to go! When I think about the things in my life so far that I would have missed out on without taking risk, I would have definitely missed out! My entire career came about from taking a risk, taking a chance on me and my ability to become a designer. Interior Design is a second career for me, I spent 15 years as a Probation Officer after being in this field for about ten years I knew that it was not really where I wanted to be. Read more>>

Erika Gale Page | Owner & Acupuncturist at Mama’s Acupuncture Uptown

In my life and career taking risks reflects what I believe about myself and the world around me. Is the Universe good? Is there enough to go around? Can I do this? Risk reflects all of these questions. I would not take the risk if I did not trust the direction of my desires and intuition, nor if I thought the world was a place of lack. Risk to me is a choice. It is a choice to move forward, a choice to believe in what you love and your community, a choice to know sometimes risk means failure or changing direction entirely. Read more>>

Ifakorede Imoba | Herbalist & Holistic Practitioner

“I’m in love with love, so I’m always taking risks! I think it’s a part of love, taking risks.” I believe we are all taking risks daily whether we are aware of it or not. When you meet a new love interest or even start a new job there’s always risk involved, but most people allow fear to overtake them. So, it’s stops them from accomplishing or doing a lot of things that they’ve never done before. Read more>>

Keanna (Kekee) Coleman | Esthetician/Entrepreneur- All Naturale Beauty & Esthetics

My whole life & career is based on risk taking! To me, its about taking that chance on yourself! Even when the odds are against you. Even when the naysayers say you can’t. I come from nothing! So in reality I had nothing to lose, but more time. After my mother tragically passed when I was 17, leaving me to raise my little brother & sister. I realized at an early age I am all I got and all they got! I took my lemons and made some spiked lemonade. Read more>>

Gabrielle Dunn | Creative & Owner of Saint Akir Jewelry

Without taking risks, there will never be a reward. Most things that we really want out of life are things that do not come easy. Launching a brand was and is still one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Everyone on the outside only sees the final product, not the late nights, stressful deadlines and the dedication that it took to make my dreams a reality. I simply wouldn’t have done it any other way though, taking this risk has taught me how to handle rejection, pick myself back up and continue to work hard even when the easier option would be to quit. Read more>>