Is there a word cringy-er than networking? Does it have to be that way? Building relationships is essential to modern life and business and we believe most people are inherently good so why does networking feel like such a chore? We asked some very bright folks for their thoughts and have shared their perspectives below.

Lyn Stahl | Owner and Artist of Metalhead Minis

For me, usually a common interest or goal helps ‘break the ice’ when it comes to connecting and networking. If I see that someone has a good personality, that makes me want to connect with them also. Things that make me want to avoid them? rudeness, disorganization, and dishonesty. Read more>>

Jaren Collins | Photographer & Videographer,

In my time as a small business owner, I’ve gone to countless networking events and professional referral groups. It’s always the same things – you pass your business card around to as many people as you can, knowing they may never give it a second glance, and you smile and shake hands and give your pitch. Over and over again, you shake hands, smile, repeat. Until, after a while, the faces begin to blur and you leave completely disconnected. After years in networking, I found myself growing restless. Read more>>

J/O/E . | Hip Hop Artist, Influencer, & Craft Beer Enthusiast

I usually start with personality. I definitely want someone I can get along with. What drives this person? Can I help this person as much as they can help me? Can we both grow and expand? These are just a few questions I ask myself upon meeting someone at an event. If those questions cant be answered then I usually avoid that person or group. Read more>>

Monique Williams | Singer & Model

Being able to relate to someone, seeing the passion when they speak about what they are there to network for. When I see a person who carries themselves as “better than” anyone else I avoid them because the energy does not match mines. There is a difference between confident and cocky. Read more>>