We had the good fortune of connecting with Sharon Nicholson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sharon, why did you decide to pursue a creative path?
Being creative is in your blood. You either are or are not creative. Our world functions because different people interact providing the various services that we need. I can’t change my tires, nor am I great at filing; but I literally wake up dreaming about what I will be staging the next day. And whether I am simply layering the elements of a bouquet, creating a scene for a wedding backdrop or staging an entire space it’s not about the dollars. Money has nothing to do with it. The best things I create come from inexpensive layering elements that join to form a larger scene. Each little piece is part of a puzzle that creates the bigger picture. The puzzle is not complete without all of the pieces. I dream about the missing pieces. This would be a dull world without dreamers.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I live to create beautiful scenes and often this has been based around need. When you do not have you figure out a way to create the look and feel of what you desire. Tiny budgets do not scare me, they just make me creatively work harder to capture a look. I always work from the center out and stack one thing around the other until all the elements finally connect. And whether you realize it or not, eventually an entire look will be based around one little thing as everything plays off of what is around it. Each little piece works off of the last until you finally achieve the final product. I am very proud of the details as I spend countless hours dreaming about the pieces. I literally do this in my sleep as I probably accomplish more things in life between the hours of 11pm and 5 am than most people will ever dream hence the name. Carefree time still tends to be a challenge for me, but I realize this now and daily strive to prioritize those around me. We are nothing without our dreams.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
My husband and I run two businesses out of our joint office space located in Farmersville, TX. This tiny Texas town will always be our home, but often times we get way too caught up in our days. Work is never ending when you run multiple businesses, and we very much miss our weekend home in Dallas.   Covid has made visiting a bit difficult as of late, but our perfect carefree day always starts @ the Katy Trail in Uptown for an early morning stroll followed by a Mimosa Brunch with brisket tacos at the Katy Ice House on their wonderful dog friendly patio. Tacos, drinks and dogs – how can you go wrong? Just the thought of this has me longing for the city right now as our ideal day always consists of weekend patio lounging in Dallas that we have so dearly missed for months. We also cherish spending lazy downtown afternoons sipping espresso martinis with friends at The Joule Hotel as well as our all time favorite haunt at The Grapevine Bar located in the Oak Lawn District with its wonderful staff and eclectic atmosphere. It’s so hard to believe that it is not even open right now. We are headed there as we speak.  Covid has been rough for all and we can not wait to make our way back to a more carefree life.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I have come to realize that we shine the brightest when those around us do as well. Everything from the floral, photography, bridal gown & hair. ALL of the vendors, their workers and even their families come together to form the pieces of the puzzle. It literally takes a team to create the magic that we create. In addition to my family and my helpers, I would like to thank my team; Lucero form Lucero Cervantes Photography and Janet & Melanie from The Bridal Shoppe of Wylie for ALL of the joint efforts. They are the outer edges, the corners and the center of all of my puzzles. I love you all dearly.  I look forward to the next big scene. 

Website: dreamdesignsdallas.com
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Facebook: @dreamdesignsdallas
Other: info@dreamdesignsdallas.com

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All images attached provided by Lucero Cervantes Photography. Note this document would not let me upload my head shot or two other images for some reason. I am going to email them separately. Thanks so much!