We had the good fortune of connecting with Marisol Beltran and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Marisol, we’d love to hear more about your end-goal, professionally.
My end goal is to have Asta La Luna be a global brand, I want to use my platform to highlight other artisans and curated beautiful luxurious gifts for people. I have always been a thoughtful gift giver and I want to share that with the world and be able to also showcase other artisans instead of buying from a manufacture. There is something special when everything is truly one of a kind. I have been doing it on a smaller scale up until now and my clients love giving me a budget and telling me the story of the gift recipient, and some details to be able to curate something special just for them. So I want to be able to do that on a larger scale. In the end, this is one of the things that brings me joy along with connecting with other amazing creatives so this would be the best mesh of all.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
Asta La Luna was birthed from me stopping long enough to hear my own heartbeat and in this almost last two years, my company has allowed me to really hear my heart sing a beautiful song. I most proud of the community that I have built in the last two years that I have been creating, to be surrounded by other amazing business owners and creatives has been really inspiring more than anything. I have always thrived in collaborating with amazing minds, but truly the elevation that has happened personally and professionally as well as helped to grow my brand as well. The biggest lesson I have learned thru continuing to grow is that your tribe really is important when you are building a brand. There are going to be times that are tough, people that will discourage you and as long as you’ve got a tribe around you it is so much easier to dust yourself off and keep going and they also can serve as accountability on the growth of your brand as well. I think the biggest thing I want others to know is that I suffered from impostor syndrome for years and I would downplay my talent for a long time, we all have dreams and gifts inside of us and it is our job to bring them to life. There are going to be people in your life who are going to downplay what you are doing, make sure the ratio of those who are cheering you on outweighs the number of naysayers in your life.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
That is a great question, I am a Dallas native and actually love to get out and about and enjoy all things life and culture. If I had a friend come in for a week, I would def say we would do a tour of some of my most favorite coffee spots daily, since I am an Oak Cliff native and still live here my favorite places for my morning start would be Hola or Brewed just really depending on what I am wanting that morning, but supporting the local businesses is really important to me. I also love art so I am a big fan of the DMA and the Nashar Sculpture Center I grew up in the DMA and always love experiencing it with my children now. If I wanted to really experience creating art and a fun experience I would definitely check out a paint and sip, I love Candelaria Art Studio and her fun Mexican art inspired paint nights they are always fun and full of life. If I was feeling that same vibe and tapping into my culture, dinner plans one day would be El Ranchito to experience the liveliness of the mariachis in the evening, it is such fun and the handmade tortillas are amazing. Dallas also has some great nature paths, if I am able to get to Cedar Hill Reserve that is a great place to unwind and connect with nature or if I am feeling a more urban vibe I definitely love Klyde Warren Park. Live music would be the last thing on the list not to be forgotten, and if it is near the house The Kessler or Revler Hall is a great place for live music or brunch at Nova usually has a great band on Sunday for brunch. Last but not least my favorite Taco and wine spot is Taco Y Vino, the patio and ambiance is everything, the food is great and the people are friendly and for me there this is actually my go to always, it can be for lunch or for dinner their avocado tacos always hit the spot.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
They say that it takes a tribe, and I have been so fortunate to have an amazing tribe. My family first and foremost have been amazing as I continue to grow my brand, they are the ones that see and hear my ideas before anyone else does and give me honest feedback. My tribe has played a big part in my growth. I remember clearly when orders started picking up that my friend Jasmin Brand told me that I needed to take things to the next level and create a business that I had a great idea and product that I should take from being a hobby to creating a business. She helped me design my logo and has been a huge part of me really thinking bigger than I what I initially was thinking. Jasmin also is the founder of a group called HER Texas that hosts monthly networking events that the room is filled with amazing women who are all for the most part entrepreneurs who all have the same goal of growing but more than anything the vibe in the room is so different, in that all the women truly want to see others win. It is one of the most special groups that I have ever been a part of and many women that I have connected with thru these events have become a part of my tribe. So to my amazing tribe Jacqueline Twillie, Cheramie Law, Beranda Fermin, Munielle De Vie, Stone Hubbard, Jenny Anchondo, Tneecia Applewhite, Kiyundra Jones, Erin McKinenary ,Lauren Addy and Jasmin Brand I am so thankful for your words of inspiration and holding the space to expand to dreams beyond the moon.

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