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Hi Lyndsey, how do you think about risk?
I view risk as an inevitable factor of life. Whether that is taking a risk in my career or taking a risk in trusting others in personal (or even professional) relationships, risk is a part of moving forward and growing in life. It’s also important to keep in mind that at the core of any risk is trust, and what comes with trust is not having all of the answers. Think about it: when you really trust a person or a process, you will never be able to predict the outcome of what you are entering into. I take it upon myself to lean into the unknown and embrace whatever is on the other side, whether that means absolute success or complete discouragement and heartbreak. Trust is based on connection and vulnerability and when my gut tells me “I believe what I am hearing,” even when I can’t realistically prove it, I make a conscious decision to trust what I’m entering into and move forward. Remembering that I will always have control over how hard I work and keeping my voice heard in the kinds of relationships I have is a constant reminder that I play a factor in my own success or failures, and I get to define what success and failure is to me. If there’s even a small part of me that doubts what I am considering, I do a lot of self-exploration to see where that doubt is coming from before deciding if the risk is worth it or not. Overall, risk is a personal decision with multiple variables and no one can ever tell you which risks will pay off; only you can decide that.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I provide online psychotherapy and Telehealth in the state of Texas, specifically Sex Therapy & Relationship Counseling. I also work with couples where one or both partners are Neurodivergent. What sets me apart from other businesses and therapy practices is that I a have a strong background, knowledge, and expertise around issues regarding sexuality. Sex still remains an overall taboo in our society but when clients come to see me, we talk about it ALL; whether it’s issue of libido, enjoying kinky sex, being in open or polyamorous relationships, exploring what kinds of sex you like or who you like to have sex with, issues of consent, identifying as transgender or non-binary, or feel any level of sexual shame, guilt, or anxiety, I am here to to help! Being true to who we are, sexually, has such a large impact in our relationships and our self-esteem that many of my clients see this as an area they want to talk about and understand more. I come from a place of non-judgment and provide a safe space to talk about what is on my clients mind and help them explore who they are at their core. What I am most proud of is when a potential client tells me “Your profile is exactly what I’m looking for – I have a lot of questions about sex!;” this tell me that my marketing and overall message is one that people can resonate with and that’s been my goal this entire time. I got to where I am today, by collaborating with a team of experts to help me define my ideal clientele, to create my website content to be honest and relatable, and a lot of hard work with organic marketing. I connected with other clinicians and businesses in the area to explain the work I do and create referral sources so clients know where and how to find me. It was not easy and a lot of this I did while still working another job prior to taking the leap to full-time self employment. It look a lot of my time and I had days where I questioned if any of my work would pay off and even had the thought of “why would people pay ME to help them?” I overcame these challenges by being honest with myself and staying connected to loved ones. I explored my doubt and realized it was mostly rooted in insecurity and had plenty of talks with my own therapist to find my inner-confidence again, and I let it be okay for my friends and family to validate me and show me love to encourage me to press forward. The biggest lesson I learned is that when something seems really scary and nerve-wracking, that’s usually the # 1 sign that you should go for it and would do a great job, because it shows you care! What I want people to know about my brand my story is that I truly care about my clients wellbeing and I recognize their vulnerability every time I meet with them. I do not take that lightly; I am asking people to share with me the good, the bad, and everything in between, and I’m asking them to trust me when they really don’t know that much about me. That takes so much strength and in return, I will always be honest with clients (and even vulnerable, too, when appropriate.). I am a huge proponent of being a real, raw, vulnerable person who shares my truth and I always want that come across with my brand and business practices.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
My favorite spot in Dallas is at NYLO hotel in South Dallas – I know it’s called CANVAS now but to me, it will always be NYLO. It has a rooftop bar and an infinity pool and is the best view of the Dallas Skyline and is always a place I take my friends who are ever in Dallas to visit. There’s so many things I love to do in DFW so I will try to narrow it down the best I can but I love bar trivia, going to sporting or concert events, eating food and having a beer, and skydiving whenever I get the chance. For bar trivia, my preference is any trivia that is put on my Challenge Entertainment or Geeks Who Drink, and there are various bars around Dallas that hold trivia every night of the week. Any time there is a Rangers, Stars, or Mavericks game, I am always down to go and have a good time watching Dallas sports. For places where I love to play games, I always recommend Cidercadia, Barcadia, Round One, and any place that has an escape room is always a lot of fun, too! For some unique spots to have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere, I recommend Paschall Bar (a speakeasy in Denton), any winery in Grapevine, and either Double Wide Bar or Wits End in Deep Ellum. I am a huge foodie and am always up to grab a bite to eat, so I’m excited to say that some of my favorite spots are Zoli’s Pizza in Addison or Wise Guys in Grapevine, Cris and John (Vietnamese Street Food) in Dallas, Frankie’s Mexican Cuisine in Richardson, Cafe Italia, Piof, and Mi Dia from Scratch (all in Grapevine), Los Jimadores in Bedford, and David’s BBQ in Pantego. I also can’t forget to mention Waffle House – it may not be unique to Dallas, but I will never pass up a late night meal at Waffle House! For some fun places to visit I would recommend the Perot Museum, the Dallas Arboretum, the Giant Eyeball on Main Street in Dallas, and renting a boat on Grapevine Lake for some outdoors and time on the water. There is also an event called Truth in Comedy (TiC) hosted by a good friend of mine, Byron Stamps. It’s a show where people tell real stories, followed by comedians and artists based on the stories that were told. I have been in the show before as a story-teller, but have also been a member of the audience as well and it’s always an amazing experience, one you definitely don’t want to miss out on when a show happens in Dallas. Lastly, I do like to mention Skydive Spaceland Dallas as a place to skydive – I have my license and this is primarily where I go to jump out of planes, so any time someone wants to take their first dive, this is the place I recommend!

Skydive Spaceland Dallas

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
There is both a person and an organization that I would like to give a Shoutout too. I will first start with an organization that is near and dear to my heart, and that is Sexual Health Alliance (SHA). Sexual Health Alliance educated sex therapist, sex educators, and sex counselors with a wide variety of continuing education needed to be certified in the field of sexuality and to be the best educators, clinicians, etc. that we can be for all of our future clients and students. I have wanted to be a sex therapist for as long as I can remember, and when I finally decided to take the leap and start my journey to certification, I did a lot of research on what program I would want to join in order to continue my education. SHA stood out to me because 1) they are based in Texas (I’m also giving a Shoutout to my home state!) but 2) they are extremely accessible and inclusive. The entire organization does an amazing job of meeting all of their students where they are, providing a listening ear and open mind, and giving you the feedback and education this is most helpful in the areas where I feel I needed the most help. They have been an integral part in why I have been successful so far, so THANK YOU SHA!! The person I would like to specifically give a Shoutout to is my friend Kendra Capalbo. I actually have never met Kendra in person (yet!), but I met her online through the SHA program. We connected one night and have talked regularly ever since then. I was working full-time at a college and expressed to her how I’ve wanted to work for myself and have my own clients, but feared I would not be able to make it work. She told me in some fashion “Lyndsey, you CAN make your own practice work. You have the skills, and you have a great personality that clients are looking for. I know you are scared, but I don’t see any reason why you would have an issue launching your own practice.” After that conversation, she got me connected with a team that helped me start my own practice and I’ve been busy ever since. When this conversation happened, I barely knew Kendra and I thought “Wow, what a powerful thing to say” and now here I am several months later successfully working for myself, seeing the clients that I want to see. Kendra, that conversation meant more to me than I think you know, so thank you! As a finally Shoutout, I can’t leave out my partner, Andrew. Through every step of the way of starting my practice and quitting my full-time job, he has had my back and provided me support no matter if my risk-taking would have paid off or not. Andrew, I love you!

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