Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Margaret Bryant | Creator & Pet Photographer

People outside have no idea how much education we need to be good pet photographers. They take snapshots of their pets with their phones and think that’s all we need to do. To do it right, pet photographers need to know about behavior and handling of dogs, cats, horses and other animals they photograph. They also need to know lighting, camera settings, composition, color harmony, and more to get the desired images. Read more>>

Kimberly Marcaccini | Coffee Roaster

One thing that is sometimes overlooked in coffee, is the humanity involved from bean to cup. What do I mean by that? In the process that results in that delicious black liquid gold that we drink every morning, there are caring hands that are involved in every step. Particularly regarding specialty grade coffee, which is what I will focus on. Let us start at the first stage. Farmers propagate from a coffee seed in order to grow a new coffee plant. Farmers are very attentive to the picking of coffee berries because it is imperative that only the ripest are picked from healthy Arabica coffee trees, referred to as “mother trees.” The chosen berries are carefully pressed using the fingers to squeeze out the two seeds in their parchment covering without damaging them. The second stage following soon after is when the seeds are planted in a nursery. Farmers give expert daily inspections for approximately nine months. Read more>>

Amna Hasnain | Leadership Coach

People outside the coaching industry are often unaware of what a coach does and specifically how coaches differ from therapists and consultants. Leadership or executive coaching is a relatively new industry – less than 50 years – so it is understandable that people are unsure and perhaps even a bit skeptical of the value proposition. A therapist helps heal emotional wounds from trauma and/or cope with mental illness. A consultant is an expert in a specific area; they provide advice to solve specific problems. A leadership coach collaborates with his/her clients to help them maximize their potential. Companies often send managers to leadership trainings and while the content delivered in those workshops is usually good – most people are not able to retain, practice, and perfect those learnings. Furthermore, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. Read more>>

Tina Loyd | Chief Executive Officer & Owner

I think people are always surprised to find out how limited and exclusive our styles are. There is so much time, energy, effort and even love that go into making each gown we offer our guests. These pieces are designed, created and stitched by hand and that kind of process takes time and an enormous amount of skill. So I think people are always surprised to hear that there aren’t 100 pieces made by a machine sitting in a warehouse somewhere. I also know our guests may not realize how close we are personally to the design process for so many of the fabulous lines we carry. We are proud to say we take part in several design meetings a year and we help to create and inspire so many of the looks you see here at Terry Costa. An added bonus of that hands-on experience is the opportunity to carry one-of-a-kind styles that our guests won’t find anywhere else–ensuring an overall look as unique as each of our guests. Read more>>

Wendy Williamson | President & Owner

By definition, a custom picture frame is a one-of-a-kind item, made to order for each customer. Our services include personalized design consultations. This means not only matching the color and style of what is being framed but also coordinating with the current art, furniture, and décor of the room it will be hanging in, while also taking into consideration the taste and needs of the customer. This can sometimes be daunting for first-time customers because of the volume of options available. We have literally thousands of moulding options, hundreds of matboard options, and dozens of glazing (glass) options available, which can be combined with near endless variety. When most people hear the term custom framing, they envision family photographs and traditional pieces of artwork. While these standard pieces are a significant portion of our business, there are a variety of specialty items which are truly one-of-a-kind, custom pieces. Read more>>

Lucinda Belden | Custom Cruise Creator

In the cruise industry, most future clients do not know how much they can save using a cruise agent. Before I started in the travel industry over 10 years ago, I thought it would cost extra to use an agent and be better to cut out the middleman. But in the travel industry, it pays the client to use an agent 100% of the time. They will either save you time or money or both. There are so many ways that would be critical for you, here are just a few: 1. We have direct connection with local cruise line business development managers who work with us to help provide incentives and amenities for clients to book with their cruise line. 2. We have certifications and training to show our experience and knowledge in the industry to help recommend the best cruise line for your travels without bias because we represent all the lines. Read more>>

Cathy and Josh Zuniga | Event Planner & Dance Instructor

Because our business overlaps two industries, event planning and dance instruction I think it is important to understand that both face very similar issues and ones that I don’t think outsiders are aware of. People in the event industry, as well as the dance instruction side are for the most part self employed, meaning they have to provide their own insurance, as well as they are dependent on their clients for all of their income. This year with the COVID pandemic, it has totally crushed the event industry as well as dance. Events have been almost completely shut down around the country, and dance classes also cancelled. While there has been some limited one on one dance instruction, with masks and gloves, it is not like a normal week of instruction would be. In addition to dance classes being cancelled, as professionals who also compete and have students who compete, all dance events have been cancelled. Read more>>