Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making.  And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck.  We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Miranda Longoria | Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Co-Founder of Boss Babes Denton DFW TX

After many years working for corporations on their branding and marketing – when it was time to create my own brand for my business, I knew to start with a value statement. I realized quickly that I didn’t want to be valued as the most affordable (aka cheap), and probably wouldn’t be considered the most premium quality (I am still improving my craft ever year, so maybe someday) – immediately I knew my brand would revolve around my client’s experience. I wanted it to be real and authentic. I could take pictures of people all day, but if they are not happy or having a good time or feeling the meaningfulness of the moment, the pictures I took would not convey the story that we wanted to tell. Read more>>

Niccolas Jones | Creator of #DLROWEHT Brand

I believe the most important behind the success of my brand is that it’s understood. I don’t base the success of my brand on the support, but on the understanding, because you can’t support what you don’t understand. My brand “#DLROWEHT” stands for “The World is Backwards “ , people often ask what made me come up with the name or why do I think the world is backwards? I myself believe it’s self explanatory. My brand Is called #Dlroweht stands for the world is backwards, based on the world we live in today ,the name started off as an alias I made for myself it was originally just “Dlroweht” and what I would do is when I post something on Facebook or Twitter such as a quote or something inspirational I would end it with “-Dlroweht” basically being my trademark. Read more>>

Inayet Sahin | Executive Director and Islamic Art Agent

At Deen Arts Foundation, we create authentic learning experiences by replicating traditional pedagogy of the Islamic arts, in an online setting. This allows for the transmission of a “way of being” from teacher to student, along with the technical aspects of the art. This epistemological understanding of education as an experiential and existential process is foundational to the preservation of the Islamic fine arts. For 1000 years Islamic calligraphy has been preserved by the transmission of knowledge from teacher to student through the Ijaza system. Ijaza is a license authorizing its holder to transmit a certain text or subject, which is issued by someone already possessing such authority. Read more>>

Jacob Vu | Film Director, Cinematographer & Visual Effects Artist

Without a doubt, it’s passion. My crew and I have always shared a passion for pushing the limits of our creative skills, our equipment, and our imagination. There was a time where I had lost my drive to continue the business, and I had announced my intention to shut down the company within the following month. My crew, who had worked with me for over 2 years at that point, stepped up and advised against the shutdown. For me, this was when I knew the passion of the company was undying, and that passion is the sole reason we continue to push our photo and video production capabilities beyond the best. Read more>>

Kristi McDonald | Owner, Sip & Shop Texas and Co-Director of DFW Boss Talks

The most important factor behind my success has been the outstanding support of the communities and businesses involved with Sip & Shop Texas. I have so much gratitude for the places that gave us a chance when we started. When we were first beginning, it seemed like a crazy idea – but it was a crazy idea that turned into more than we could have ever imagined. There is no way we would have gotten to where we are today without the love and support of the small businesses and people involved on the Sip & Shop Trail. It started as a weekend where a group of women went shopping and drank wine! – Now, we have our own “Sippin’ Scene – and many versions of the tour. Read more>>

Charles Walliis | Master Painter Artist

When I was twelve someone from my church saw one of my drawings and was kind enough to buy me a collection of art supplies. It was a moment of great joy and recognition. I have been an artist ever since. I am an artist with classic training. Constantly learning with thousands hours of work effort. People often say God has blessed you with so much talent. They seem to just think that you wake up with all the skill needed. It is the hours of work and learning that comes after the interest. Read more>>