We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business.  Check out their responses below.

Luke Lorick | President Tailgating Challenge

Tailgating Challenge was born from a dream one night in which I had to jump out of bed and get the vision started. I started a Facebook page that night that now has over 190,000 fans and this rolled into Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and our website. Tailgating Challenge was born out of my passion for tailgating and doing something FUN as a ‘side hustle’. Getting to test out hundreds of fun products, meeting awesome people and bringing something fun to all of fans is what keeps me going. Read more>>

Lorne Thomas | Web Designer and Video Producer

I think I’m probably like a lot of people who slowly got tired of pouring precious time, energy and resources into making others successful in their businesses. Now please don’t misunderstand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard in supporting a business to lend your skills and talents as long as you believe in the product or service you are supporting. But for me there definitely came a time when I was finished with punching a time clock for someone else. Read more>>

Robin Fahmi | The Untitled Inspirational Speaker

Well, I have known for a really long time that it was important for me to allow my gifts to make a living for me. I’m an inspirational speaker, a natural counselor with an affinity to correct things that have gone wrong. It could be something as simple as speaking up because I received bad service and being sure that right always wins. Today, my approach is to own my power. Although, I have launched my business in a variety of packages I have struggled to make it to the top. Read more>>

Phuong Tran | Hair transplant technician & owner

I am usually a risk taker and therefore, I aimed for what I enjoyed doing most and just jump right into opening my own business without a 2nd guess. The thought process behind starting my business was pretty well planned and established with back up idea and resources. Read more>>

Amanda Mueller | Financial Consultant

I was surrounded by entrepreneurs in the blooming Dallas start up eco-system in desperate need of Controller and CFO services but couldn’t afford a full time employee. I wanted to focus on small businesses, entrepreneurs, mom and pop shops, all needing accounting, bookkeeping and financial consulting, but at the fraction of the cost. I was able to offer my expertise in an outsourced way that was a win-win for both my clients and for me. Read more>>

Cheri Root | Family, Newborn & Senior Photographer

I started my Cheri Root Photography business over ten years ago in my early 40’s but honestly it was a long time coming. It took some life circumstances to change and a lot of encouragement from my husband to realize it was a possibility. My thought process actually began in high school where the dream of becoming a photographer started and grew. Throughout the years I thought about it and what it would look like to have my own business but I never took the leap. Read more>>

Moriah Durrett | Respite Care Provider

Early on, I always knew I wanted to serve people. I wasn’t sure exactly how but I knew that sitting behind a computer screen daily in a cubicle would never work for me. My undergraduate degree is in speech language pathology and I loved being an essential part of a child’s growth. Communication is key and it is a life skill that some people are not born with. Read more>>