We had the good fortune of connecting with Robin Fahmi and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Robin , we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
Well, I have known for a really long time that it was important for me to allow my gifts to make a living for me. I’m an inspirational speaker, a natural counselor with an affinity to correct things that have gone wrong. It could be something as simple as speaking up because I received bad service and being sure that right always wins. Today, my approach is to own my power. Although, I have launched my business in a variety of packages I have struggled to make it to the top. Most recently the goal connected to my process is simply to show up and be seen. So, that people know that I exist and what I have to offer.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
Thank you for inviting me back I really love this platform. Since we last spoke in 2018 I have changed the name of my business. Today, I’m known as Robin Fahmi…The Untitled Speaker. I have learned how to be a speaker without putting myself in a box. I’m finally free to show up center stage and be myself. What sets me apart from other speakers is the format that I use to craft my lectures and workshops. I believe that conversations are always already in motion in our minds and in our hearts. What I do is allow questions from my audience to guide the topics that I speak about. This way participants get what they need rather than a topic that I think will be good for them. And, intuitively I speak about many things with the ability to always refocus the light on my audience. The work that I do with women is transformational. I help women to understand why they don’t heal and how they can. Many of the women that I work with have trouble loving themselves where they are. Usually, they are insecure and afraid. The key is to teach women how to open their hearts, heal unresolved issues, get unstuck and let go of judgment. I am most proud of my recent work with two undocumented young women. They were born by mid-wife in New York. However, their paperwork was never filed. Therefore, they had no birth certificate, no social security number, and no state identification. Consequently, they were unable to continue their education, get a job or vote. Oddly enough, the State of Texas leaves no child behind. They both graduated with dual credits. They received their High School Diplomas and Associate of Arts Degrees from a local two-year college. After graduation, they had no choice except to retreat into their home for five years. When I learned of their dilemma in 2016 I knew that we had to solve this huge problem coupled with the fact that their father had abandoned the family in 2010. As a Coach, I knew that they were primed to live their lives as victims. Something spectacular needed to interrupt what was happening to them. I worked with these young ladies and helped them to restructure their thinking and their belief in themselves. After three long years (2016-2019) of pursuing all of the proper channels they now have all of their documents including passports, voters registration their first jobs and bank accounts. Everything happened just the way that we practiced/manifested it to be. It was an exciting journey for all of us. I have lots of success stories like this with women of all ages. I have learned many lessons along the way. Here are two that really made a true difference for me. 1. I Am Valuable, I Am Lovable, I Am Powerful and I Am Safe. When I embraced these four truths and gave myself permission to be, I was able to own my brilliance without the fear of being judged. 2. Self-Sabotage is a real thing. Intellectually, I could always follow all of the steps leading me in the direction of my dreams. But, I was unable to guard against the invisible blocks that pinned me up against the wall every time I got to a certain point. Instead of blocking my success, I learn how to create new options. What I want the world to know is that I’ m here. I’m happy and grateful to do the work that I do with women. Because I’m a woman, I know what it takes to make life changes that stick. I did my work. Because I’m a woman who knows what it’s like to be afraid. Because I’m a woman who knows what it’s like to want to die simply because you’re tired of living, but you can’t die because your SOUL has too much unfinished business. As the Untitled Speaker, I teach women how to think new thoughts that lead to new behavior, that lead to new experiences that create new emotions that make them feel whole and complete and happy, full of joy and compassion for humanity.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Well, my friends all know that I am a home body. So, I would enjoy making them comfortable in my home with lots of homemade meals and good conversation. I’m all about comfort and taking it easy. I can imagine a few spa days and nice long walks in the parks. A visit to the Arboretum and local museums only if we feel like it. I believe that doing impromptu activities are more fulfilling because we can then allow our Spirits to move us to encounter exciting experiences that will be both meaningful and memorable.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Carolyn Clayton is my accountability partner. Her belief in what I do is so obvious and so unconditional. I love her for the way that she pushes me to stay on track. Nayyirah Fahmi is one of my greatest inspirations. She is dynamic and creative and she believes in my talent.

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