The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Liz Nelson | Fort Worth Fan Girl/PR Event Specialist/Personal Image Consultant

Work life balance seems to adjust as business and technology trends develop. We currently live in a climate of convenience. We want things yesterday. As a small business owner, as well as a small business team member, this fact emphasizes the need to be omnipresent but to also have strict adherence to boundaries. Batch working paired with pre determined end-work times are how I balance my energy, mental focus, and healthy relationships. Read more>>

Taylor Johnson | Pastry Chef

Finding a work life balance has been very instrumental in helping me become a better businesswoman and person over all to be honest. When I first began to bake it was something I did for fun and allowed me to express myself through the art of making desserts. At that time baking was relaxing for me, It was apart of my balance. That balance was thrown off when I began working as a pastry cook full time and running my business part time. At that time I was baking nonstop. Although I loved what I did for a living, I began to feel mentally and physically drained. Read more>>

Huong Vo | Lifestyle & Leadership Digital Content Creator | Sustainable Living Advocate

I used to think that I had to “get it all done” and if I didn’t, I would stress out because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. However, during a professional training I took years ago, I learned from my mentor that to-do lists will never end anyway and to accept that it’s okay to always have a to-do list. Once I accepted that, I also learned that balance doesn’t exist, it’s all about rearranging your priorities. Choose 3-5 most important things (MITs) that need to get done for the day and do those. Read more>>

Lauren Farmer | Spa Owner/ Master Aesthetician

Balance is one of the questions I get asked the most as a business owner / aesthetician. I am constantly being challenged on this subject with being a wife, mom of 2 boys and working full time. It has definitely been somewhat of a challenge but something I knew along time ago I wasn’t scared to face. One of the main reasons I love this industry so much is because of the flexibility we have to be full time working parents and being there for our kids every step of the way! Read more>>

Amber Ybarra | Reinvention Coach

I love this question. It’s one of the most important points I hit in the beginning stages of any session, with a coaching client. Highlighting the expectations we set for ourselves when it comes to Work life balance and what that “balance” could even look like in our lives, is truly the key to managing your lifestyle as a whole. What do your morning routines look like, what structure have you set for yourself in the early parts of your day and is everything on your calendar? These are some of the most important questions to ask when talking about that balance. Read more>>

Kelsey (K. Alyse) Jones | Community Advocate & Spoken Word Poet

It to reach mental and emotional fatigue after pulling ourselves in too many directions. Beginning my career there was opportunity for professional and personal development through getting involved in organizations within the company and through partnerships outside of the company, happy hours, social activities with old friends, family commitments, hobbies, and of course the work I was hired for. Between all of these obligations I quickly realized I was missing out on being present at each of these as I was planning for what was next instead of what was now. Read more>>

Heather Alvarado | Baker

All I can say is you make it happen. When I first started I was all about getting my orders done. I worked and never played, I quickly realized I was missing out on the reason I was doing this, my family. I’ve developed my own routine and it seems to be working. During my previous interview I was doing my cakes and working as a teacher assistant, I am now an office manager so my workload has grown a little but regardless we make it work. Most days while I’m working on my orders my kiddos are sitting across from me working on something as well. Read more>>

Nicole Gilmore | Lash Artist/ Entrepreneur

My life has changed now since I have took a leap of faith, a few years ago to focus on my passion to lash customers full time. I’m barely home when I am I definitely try to enjoy that time with my love ones and also I am very blessed to wake up and do a job that I greatly enjoy. My day at work is a full day seeing my lovely old and new clients each day. Read more>>

Dina Yousef | Therapist

I have done a much better job of maintaining a work life balance now that I am out of school and more settled into my career. Self-care and work life balance were concepts that were drilled into my training as a therapist. However, that became more difficult to manage the further I got into my education. I had many responsibilities as a doctoral student as well as various requirements I had to meet before I could move on to the next phase of my degree. I was in my mid twenties and really took advantage of the energy I had to complete my tasks. Read more>>

Sonya Cameron | Owner of J Cameron House of Linen Rental

I think when you are young, you really don’t give to much thought to a work life balance. You are kind of carefree about the entire concept. When I was younger I don’t think we even used that terminology. You went to work, went out with friends, spent time with family and just made it work. As I have matured, I realized that with work or owning a business (sometimes both at one time) and having a family there has to be a balance. For me the scale tips more on the side of family. After having children, my family became my priority and I am not hesitant or shy about saying career and even owning a business take a backseat to family. Read more>>