Are you thinking about starting a business?  If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Tamra Michelle | Created, District Climb

The first thing I did was figure out my WHY. May 2017 I created a note on my phone which detailed out 4 WHYs as to WHY I wanted to create District Climb. The 4 reasons I came up with are actually very personal to my past and how I wanted to create my future. WHYs don’t necessarily need to be personal, they can be business driven as well. Having a clear vision to solve something for your customers is a great place to start. Once I had the motivation from my WHYs, I knew I could not fail. Read more>>

Leigha Lugo | Creator and Marketing Manager

Light Era Studios originally began as a website design to house my paintings and prints in 2012. In the beginning I didn’t imagine it would become a business until I began applying to group shows, holding a solo show, and being accepted into an artist association. The thought of your creativity also being your business can be difficult to grasp until you find balance in knowing not all that you create must sell. Once my art took off Light Era Studios developed into a full-branded identity that represents myself as an artist. Read more>>

Mike Acquisto | Broker and Co-Owner of Acquisto Real Estate

Our kids were young, and we wanted to have a flexible schedule that allowed the ability to spend time with them. We have always had the belief that it is better to work on your business, not in your business—building versus surviving. We went through the recession in 2008. We always try to push to become better, even when it’s uncomfortable. We are proud of the business that we built and excited to be named as the 2020 Boutique Brokerage of the Year by North DFW Real Producers. Read more>>

Loretta Callens | Songtress and Melodist

My love of singing, songwriting, playing my instruments, and performing Is what made me decide to go into the business of music. If I was going to make music I might as well make money to help pay for the cost of creating it. Read more>>

Baily Roberts | Editor-in-Chief of Vision Magazine

I wanted to make something more of myself. I knew I had a strong voice and point of view, and thought “why not?” Creating my own magazine and business has allowed me to see what I’m capable of, and nothing can hold back my drive. Read more>>

Rebecca Hoot | Artist

Inspired by the quote, “When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life” My love has always been creativity. I love drawing, painting and making with my hands. I love inspiring others and encouraging them to create as well. This is what brings me happiness. So I began reading, learning and planning a way to create a business to do what I love. I have researched and experimented on what works and what doesn’t work as a creative entrepreneur. Read more>>

Tisha Holman | Digital Marketing Strategist, Author

The thought process behind starting my business is two-fold. The first being, after working in corporate America, I had the epiphany one day that I was not created with the God-given gifts and talents I have to support someone else’s dream. I felt unfulfilled working long hours in an environment that wasn’t truly ever going to reward what I was putting in to the organization – something had to change. The second being, it is very important to me to build legacy and generational wealth for my family. Read more>>