We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Sharda Ferrell | Author & Artist

Outsiders may not know that there are many directions an artist or an author can go in the art and book industries. Before becoming an artist, I thought I would be a starving artist. It wasn’t until I learned about art shows and art events where I was able to meet other artists and discover the many facets of being an artist. Before becoming an author, I thought my only option was a big publishing house. After reading an article about self-published authors, I was inspired to take the same route. Why wait? It’s not necessarily easier taking these routes, but it’s guarantees freedom of choice; especially, one that best fits the artist or author. Read more>>

Lauryn Williams | Founder, Worth Winning | CFP Professional

Many people do not realize that there are many types of financial professionals. There are financial coaches, nonprofit organizations that can help you with your finances for free, people who sell investment products and life insurance, certified financial planners, and there are people who will charge an hourly fee to give you access to the advice you need. I think that when people think of financial planning they think, “If I am not ready to invest, then I am not ready for a financial planner”, but financial planning encompasses all aspect of your finances. You do not need to be rich to reach out for financial advice, everyone should have access to a financial planner. Read more>>

Tracy Graham | Lifestyle and Home Decor Blogger

The amount of time that goes into learning so many different facets of social media. As a blogger, our whole business is centered around figuring out how to rank on google and how to reach a wider audience. There is so much strategy involved behind the scenes in blogging. How easy it would be to just post pictures and move on but there is so much more to it in order to bring our readers what the truly want. Read more>>

Clay Dalheim | Partner, Insurance Agency

Traditionally insurance hasn’t been thought of as an appealing career to industry outsiders, but we are trying to change that. We have been able to recruit folks from all industries by showing them that a career in insurance can be rewarding both financially and on a personal level. Every day we get to sit down with business owners and figure out how they carved out their spot in their industry and figure out a plan on how they can protect what they have built. Read more>>