How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Raphael | Artist

I love taking risk, without risk I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now, I took a risk to start making music and believing in myself and now I’m finally happily chasing my dreams. Read more>>

Koula Budler | Home Baker. Former TV & Radio Host, Voice Over Artist.

I guess you could say I’m a calculated risk-taker! From an early age, I knew I wanted to work in broadcasting. I loved music and radio with a passion, and knew there was only one radio station I wanted to work for (I’m 40, and radio was a big deal in South Africa during my youth.) During my final year of studies, I sent my radio demo off to the top national pop music station, 5FM. There was no plan B. I landed the job. A week after graduating, I launched my national broadcasting career at the age of 21. My career expanded into hosting television as well. Between radio and TV, I traveled the world, covering music festivals and red carpet events, and interviewing celebrities. Some of the trips were with a crew, other times I traveled on my own to different countries. I was quite comfortable with this. Some might think a woman in her 20s traveling alone internationally might be unsafe, but I was having the time of my life! Read more>>

Stephanie Marroquin | Owner & Founder

Risk has played a huge role in the formation of the The Dreamhouse. I always envisioned starting a business but I kept letting “real life” get in the way. I was someone who worked full time while in college. After college, the “adult responsibilities” of life kept pushing my dream to the back burner. A few years ago, I decided I would no longer allow life to keep me from fulfilling a dream of mine. I borrowed some money from my 401k plan and purchased a limited amount of inventory. Read more>>

Vempre Terrell, Jr. | Author, Motivational Speaker, Actor & Entrepreneur

Risk-taking is one of the most important things we can do in life, and it has played an important role in my life. I can’t say enough how much of an integral aspect that risk-taking happens to be in life when we want to reach greater heights. It is so easy to compromise and settle for something that is far less than what we can do, as opposed to taking a risk to reach out of our comfort zones. Nevertheless, we must always remember that God did not place desires within us to do something in order for us to simply turn away from it or settle for the status quo. I’m the type of person who would much rather shrug my shoulders and say “Oh well” after taking a risk to reach a goal as opposed to wondering “What if?” for the rest of my life. Taking risks in my own life has certainly expanded who I am and widened my horizons. Opening myself up to risk-taking has made sure that I am not a person who is content with settling in life. Read more>>

Jay “Fuego” Pittman II | Private Chef & Artist

I think risk is all about chances! The great Hall of Fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky once quoted “You Miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Sometimes playing it safe is not where God wants us to be! Taking risks in my life has been the best lessons in my life, because I have to trust God and myself! You’ll never know what you’re really made of until you’re in a position that makes you uncomfortable and you have to figure it out! I believe that’s what life is all about, trusting and believing in yourself even when times get rough! Taking risk will allow you to gain knowledge of who you are! Taking risk allows you to walk by your faith and not by your sight. Read more>>

Alex Tyler | Realtor

I conceptualize taking risks similarly to springboard diving or another scored sport. The higher the difficulty the greater the possible awarded score. The execution quality of the risk ultimately equates to the total positioning gain or loss. Perhaps comically cliché, I’m a gay realtor who perceives business risk as a springboard diving competition. Heightening my perspective, I’m a space command veteran who perceives war as weaponized real estate negotiation, ultimately sorted out with the pen rather than the sword. Enlightened by the fact I’m a child refugee from a divided and war-torn Europe. I’ve moved over thirty times across three continents/countries, eight states, and thirteen metropolitan areas. Read more>>

Adan Aleman | Tattoo Artist / Artist

Taking risks is part of learning, but I wouldn’t take a risk that outweighs the desired outcome. However, without risks, there’s no failure. Continuous failure through out my career and life have taught me lessons that are vital to grow, not only in my career, but as a human being in general. Read more>>

Brya Simms | Model, Educator, & Advocate

I’ve always been a person who feared the action behind risks, I believe anyone who has taken a risk will agree that it can is be one of the most uncomfortable experiences you put yourself in. However I’ve come to learn that a risk is like anything and anyone in your life … building the right relationship , and nurturing the parts of it that are deemed “difficult” comes a plethora of opportunities. Read more>>

Chris Faison | Real Estate Investor/ Serial Entrepreneur

Having an appetite for high level risk taking is the single most contributing factor towards my success. I was 24 years old when I decided to take the risk of leaving the comfort of my promising corporate banking career and dive deep into the uncertain abyss of entrepreneurship. Not only did I not have a formal background in real estate, but I was working to convince real estate experts (who were twice my age) to believe in my groundbreaking business strategy that was unheard of in the industry. Read more>>

Kristen Banner | Realtor®

If you were to ask me 5 years ago where I would be today.. I would have told you a complete different story. My story is even better than I could have imagined, because of the risks I have taken, continue to take & my attitude about it. Real Estate is a brutal dog-eat-dog lifestyle & it is not for the faint of heart. It’s not just a career. You have to be on call everyday, passionate, quick thinking, solve problems at lightening speed, understand the process, know when to communicate and when you keep quiet. The best thing about this life — is there is no cap. You can work as hard or as little as you want, & you will reap those rewards and the freedom, depending on how driven you are and the risks you take, Read more>>

Naina Ingleshwar | Cake Designer & Artist

Risk for me, means doing something that’s out of the box in life. It means being unconventional and different. Though there is comfort in being safe, it’s always great to keep stirring up change. It helps you grow mentally and also changes the way you think, in turn you learn new stuff. For me, learning is always fun. Read more>>

Nicole Keeling | Co-owner & Social Media Director

When faced with a business decision that requires taking a leap of faith, we typically spend a decent amount of time and energy weighing the risk v.s reward amongst each other. Although, there are times we have to make executive decisions to meet a deadline or due to time constraints, or encounter the occasional “now-or-never” scenario. That’s what makes this job equally exciting and terrifying. We are learning to shift our mindset from viewing these decisions as risks, and more as new opportunities, without which we would not be able to scale our company to the level of success we want to achieve. Read more>>