We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Ashley Weller | Southern Lifestyle Social Media Influencer & Teacher

What Makes me happy…this answer has changed so much over my lifetime. I used to measure my happiness by the amount of friends I had, the number of parties and events I was invited to, and if everyone in my life was “happy” with me. Now that I am a mom and my children are graduating high school and college, happiness to me, is nothing tangible. Happiness to me now is something that only I can control. Read more>>

Rendee Bullard Hahnfeld | Lifestyle Concierge Business Owner & Private Service Professional

I get my happiness from giving. It gets said a lot, but it’s true…giving your time, money, or both, is its own reward. I volunteer in Fort Worth whenever I can. My livelihood sits with the people of this community and I’m going to give back wherever I can, as a matter of responsibility. But it’s deeper than that, it brings me immense happiness. I also have to credit my mom/co-founder for the ‘giving gene’. Read more>>

Josh Youngblood | Problem Solver

What makes me happy is solving problems – the more complex the better. When someone comes to me with a problem, I like to examine at all aspects of the situation and explore the different ways we can resolve it. A problem often has multiple solutions, and each has its drawbacks and benefits. Because of that, I like the challenge of problem-solving and finding the right solution. For more than 20 years, I have been fortunate to work with a variety of people where I’ve had the opportunity to solve a wide array of problems. Read more>>

Tani Lamb | YouTube Travel Vlogger & Children’s Book Author

One thing that makes me happy is encouraging others to reach outside of their boxes in order to expand a little outside of their comfort zones. Why? I enjoy nudging individuals to reach outside of their comfort zones because the result is rewarding even when the outcome is not as expected or desired. People are often hindered because they are fearful of the opinions of others instead of striving for their own happiness. I do believe that this fear of trying is the root of some of the online bullying and the in-person left-handed compliments. Read more>>

Daisy Trevizo | Hair Stylist

My faith in God makes me happy. If you allow God to be first in your life he will do the rest for you. As humans we tend to forget that without God we would be nothing, our health and successes are thanks to him! Read more>>

Jeff Hensley | Family man | Lover of animals & nature | Airline pilot

I want the same things that most of us want: to love and be loved; to have meaningful connections with others, and to live a life of purpose. I try to prioritize my relationships with family and friends and include spending time in nature and with animals under the “meaningful connections” category. I have pursued purpose in my life by trying to focus on service to others, both professionally and through my volunteer work. Read more>>

Missy Lawrence-Johnston | TransformMaven – founder of the P.O.P. Change Method

What makes me happy? Being in alignment personally, organizationally, physically! And guiding others to find their alignment. There’s no such thing as “work-life” balance, but I’ve learned a proven 3-pronged approach to defining, designing, and deploying unique happiness: the P. O. P. Change Method. Read more>>

Joe Garcia | Photographer & Grocery Store Manager

There’s common things that make everybody happy, but its only a temporary happiness, such as money or a new car. When I look at life as a whole there’s a few consistent things that make me personally happy. This is a very deep and personal subject to me. For about 6 months I was battling a very bad depression. It was definitely one the hardest times of my life. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone. At times I felt as if my life had no value and it would be better off without me. Read more>>

Robert Tinajero | Professor and Writer

As I write this, I am abiding by the shelter-at-home regulation, as are millions of people worldwide. It is a perfect time to reflect on many things including the question “what makes you happy?” There are a number of things that make me happy. The first is family. I have been blessed with a great immediate and extended family. My wife is a wonderful person who brings love, great cooking, and art into the home. My son has an amazing personality and he is the love of my life. Read more>>

Adean Kingston, MD | Dermatologist

I find that the older I get, the easier it is to find happiness in the everyday simple pleasures of life. I love mornings when you can sleep in, a really good cup of coffee or glass of wine, cuddling with my two persian cats, a great pilates work out, cooking a delicious meal or binge watching netflix (like everyone)! Aside from the daily simple pleasures, I derive a lot of happiness from my career as a Dermatologist and business owner. Read more>>

Barbara Haviland | Artist and Teacher

When I am teaching students how to paint is so much fun and frustrating at the same time. You can see how happy it makes them when they look at their painting. You can tell if they love or hate what they are doing. It is gratifying to see this. It makes me proud. Read more>>

Ashlee Bell-Williams | Baker and Event Coordinator

I would have to say that seeing my children happy makes me the happiest person alive. Being a mom and entrepreneur is hard work and some days I feel that I have not given my children enough hugs or spent enough time with them. But those days when my 5 year old comes to me, wants to climb in my lap and says “Mommy, I love you and you are the bestest mommy.” That’s what makes me happy. Read more>>

K.C. Fox | V & Film Executive, High-Profile Crisis Manager, Author, Entrepreneur

The single thing that lights my fire, is the innate ability to influence another human being to excel. I don’t completely understand my fascination with it, but when I see the fruits of my labor in that way, my entire existence is on a vibration that is unimaginable. I believe it is the no-nonsense proof that I have power, influence and that “thing” that can impact the world. Read more>>