Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Randall Garrett | Plush Gallery Owner / Director

Plush Gallery opened twenty years ago as an underground art gallery. It was designed to be an experimental space for artists and creatives to show work, to perform, and to exchange ideas. A commercially viable space, yes, but also one which did not follow the established rules for what an art gallery could be or do. From our very first group show, “New Pollution,” to the present day, we have fostered an environment in which artists have more freedom in what they bring to the experience. Yes, Plush is a commercial art gallery, and yes, our shows are curated to be the very best they can be. Read more>>

Spencer Wharton | Musician

The willingness to jump in and out of business mode and the drop of a hat. Consistently working even when it’s not beneficial to me or I don’t really have time to be working. Carefully curating the entire image, sonic experience, and of course finding the best players and friends to share the ride of being a musician with. Ultimately when it comes down to it, having fun despite any hardships that may arise. Read more>>

MetroWest Media | Content Creators

Building relationships and Consistency is the most important factor behind our brand success. There’s a lot of things you can learn along the way as an entrepreneur or venturing into your first business, but building a successful brand takes consistency. Clients as well as patrons to our social media know what do you expect every time. As a brand, having that rock of consistency translates to stability and eventually trust with clients. Once the foundation of trust is laid the relationship grows and flourishes. The relationship is success to us. Read more>>

Jordan Sells | Makeup Artist & Esthetician

The most important factor behind my success would be remaining true to my authentic self. When I trust my gut and skillset, I am able to transform my client into a canvas. I truly believe that everyone is beautiful. With each opportunity I have to play “Fairy Glam Mother”, I’m able to share my interpretation of that person’s beauty. I base my applications around the best ways to highlight my client’s features, opposed to following trends and fads. I also never do the same look twice. My consistent transformations have given my clients a genuine reason to trust me. And I’m proud to say I never disappoint. Read more>>

Justin & Allison Inesta | Business Owners and Operators

Support, Community and Giving Back. Those are loaded words and they mean everything to us. We pride ourselves on connecting with people and building relationships; not only does it give us that warm fuzzy feeling when we know we’re helping others, but we’ve realized it has opened up so many doors for us not only professionally, but personally as well. Read more>>

Ammar Multani | Photographer & UX Designer

The most important factor would have to establish an open mind because, for any creative mind, you need to be accessible to a variety of thoughts. I would say that there is no me without my creative sense and vision. It is something that has helped me through thick and thin. Another piece would be my confidence. I’ve always gone through life wanting more for myself and knowing that at the end of the day hard work and being a good person is what fuels my success. But, above all, if I didn’t have confidence in my work then I wouldn’t ever actually feel successful. Read more>>

Latasha Autrey | Your Realtor

I believe the most important factor behind the success of my business has been my ability to connect with people on a personal level. This ability to relate and build rapport is so important to me, so that when I express my knowledge of the real estate industry and the current market conditions to help guide my clients in a certain direction, they know I have their best interests in mind. It is important to me to be authentic, empathetic, and compassionate throughout the transaction. I recognize this process is emotional and often times overwhelming, so being able to identify my clients’ needs, concerns, and desires allows me to take control of the situation to avoid further unnecessary stressors. Read more>>

Astro James | Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist / Band Leader

To have any success as a musician, the first thing you have to do is write good music. I’ve always felt as if the music I create is an extension of myself, I always want to be creating music that I actually want to listen to. A lot of that is combining different elements you love about music. The goal for my sound is to combine the looseness of jazz, vibey grooves from neo soul and hip hop, gritty blues-esque vocals and improvisational and psychedelic guitar approach. Read more>>

Don “Tortellini” Thomas II | Photographer, Documentarian, Visionary & Dreamer

God. God has moved mountains and opened doors for me in my life in such a short time I couldn’t credit it just off of hard work. It’s been times in these last few months where i had to stop and just take it all in, because the things that were happening for me were unfathomable. God gave me the discernment and vision to be able to tell stories through my photography. Creating something bigger than just myself. For the first time in my life, i feel like I’m doing fulfilling work, ever since i graduated college i was doing what was expected , afraid to take a risk and gamble on myself and my creativity. COVID caused me to lose my job and i was put in a unfortunate situation and ended it up being the greatest thing that could’ve happened for me. Read more>>

Ezel Moon | Interviewer & Entrepreneur

I believe strongly in the power of perseverance. That is my driving factor continuing to power through the trials that life decides to present me with. Not only that but utilizing the lessons that I learn from preserving. That is the success factor. Read more>>

Kenny Davis | The Renaissance Man: Graphic Design, Music Production & Technology

Standards, standards, standards! I have such a respect for my craft and business owners like myself that respect what they do and how they conduct their business. Standards have set the tone behind my success it’s driving force behind the quality of my products to the personalize customer service I provide my clients. I have such an appreciation for service providers who will tell me, “Hey that’s something I don’t do but let me connect you with someone who can delivery on what you are looking for”. Read more>>