We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Abu Sadeq | Startup Founder | Forbes Next 1000 Honoree | Author

Cost of cybercrime to global businesses in 2020 was over $1 Trillion and it’s getting worse overtime. Having worked in the information security space for over a decade, I launched our startup, Zartech to help small to mid-sized organizations improve their cyber security defenses, reduce business risk, and meet regulatory compliance needs. Read more>>

Alli Caudle | Global Real Estate Advisor: Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

My mother / partner, Cindi, has been in Real Estate for 15 years, so I’ve had the honor of watching her build her business. She loves what she does, works very hard, and I would say she’s a master of her craft. I’ve had a very diverse work experience, having been in PR for Dior in NYC to running events at Sunset Tower Hotel in LA. When the pandemic hit in 2020, and I was no longer able to continue event production, she offered me a partner position and I was HONORED. I got my license and moved to Dallas and started to work alongside each other, as well as living in the same city for the first time in over a decade. It’s been the greatest blessing. I’m thankful for her wisdom, patience and guidance every single day. I love this career, and my mother. Read more>>

Ada Crenshaw | Mobile & Remote Notary

I started my business because I was laid off. I worked in the Aerospace & Defense for 21 years and never did I think I would be laid off. In the past, I dragged my feet when it came to starting a business because I was working a full-time job. But I feel that God gave me the push I needed. It was my time. With an extensive background in the Aerospace and Defense industries, I started Nfinite Legacy Mobile Notary with the determination to offer premiere, convenient notary, and loan signing services that prioritize customer satisfaction and security. Read more>>

Chef-Lo(Angelo) Foster | Chef/Baker, Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Honestly I was finally fed up with jobs rejecting me and telling me that I am under or over qualified, and the thought of having to ask someone for a day off or if I can use the restroom never sat well with me. I finally accepted the fact that I was born, created, to do my own thing and introduce the world to the gifts that GOD has blessed me with through imagination. Read more>>

Tamara Mosley, LPC | Success Champion & Healing Therapist

I have always wanted to help make the world a better place to live. I had a plan for years of my business being a hub for healing, a place for all people to come and find rest. I soft launched my business in 2017, but after having my first child I slowed down to focus on being a new mommy. In 2020, I relaunched and have found great success, I was so scared initially- I was very anxious. I would think… can I do this, is this really possible for me, how do I do this? But I will say, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Read more>>

Christie Halverson | CEO and Creator of The Cookie Rack

I had been a stay-at-home mom for 18 years, and my oldest son was getting ready to launch and leave the nest. I started to panic, and knew that I needed something to focus on for the next stage of my life. I spent a lot of time talking to friends, my husband, and others, trying to figure out what I would want to do. I had always been a baker and loved experimenting in the kitchen. Secretly, I had a dream of one day starting a bakery, and my husband was incredibly supportive and encouraged me to do it. We put together a business plan, I started creating recipes, and The Cookie Rack was born. We had no idea if it would work or be well received, and were so thrilled to find that we had sold out completely on day one by 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Read more>>

Tony Ferraro | Artist

I wanted the title Artist. I never really thought about starting a business. My friends and I had bands since fourth grade. We’d have shows. The shows needed posters. I did the posters and I played the shows. Then I kept doing that for a few decades. I get to read, write and draw every day. Read more>>


I always knew I wanted to own my own business but what can I do that is outside of the box? I searched Pinterest, googled ideas and bam!! Bounce Houses!! Read more>>

Lauren Hayes | Floral Design & Teacher

I was inspired to start my own business after doing a couple of weddings for close friends and family. Everyone loved the outcome and I loved the process. You know something is what you are suppose to be doing when you are making money and genuinely enjoying the every step. Having those two things combined is what sparked the idea of starting my own business. This business is not my full time job, but by being my own boss I am able to control my schedule, and really just be able to go at my own pace. I have loved every minute of this process and will continue to work to grow this business into what I want it to be. Read more>>

Khadijah Evans | Founder & CEO

Initially, the thought process behind my business was promoting God and it still is. Many people hear about God, but they don’t truly know who he is. For years I wanted to reach people in a different way other than just them feeling they were being judged by “christians” or believers for their behaviors, etc. So, I decided to combine the two things that I love: God & Beauty. It is my goal to just keep God at the forefront of our minds. On each of my products there is a bible verse to keep my customers mind on God. I even name my products after different church sayings and mantras, such as: Praise Brulee, Grace, Chosen, Righteous, Church, Creed, Serve, and more. Read more>>

Jazmine Jarvis and Meagan Kimberly Smith | Co-Founders of Mixed in America

Initially there wasn’t a ton of thought. Rather an enormous amount of feeling. We were separately going through an identity crisis of sorts looking for an authentic way to express our mixedness. We are both biracial black women who had a very white washed experience and longed for a mixed community. We realized that there was no place for mixed race / multiracial people to bond, connect or gather. We both felt so isolated in our experience and so we created the community that we ourselves desperately needed. And here we are 3 years later the Co-founders of Mixed in America. Read more>>

Nayan Vaishali | Paper Artist

Our main aim is to spread awareness through our art and that was the main motive behind starting our own venture. Here we have freedom to express ourselves and create the kind of content we want to share with the world. Read more>>

Capri Gaston | Lifestyle Photographer

I have always been intrigued by photography with a desire for quality photos taken of my family. Living on a budget, I knew I could never afford getting professional photos taken as frequently as I wanted. This sparked the idea that I wanted to provide affordable and quality photos to as many families as possible. I desire to deliver photos that spark feelings and joy within the viewer and do so without the use of body altering programs. I started learning and growing my photography skills by taking classes in person and online as well as doing photo shoots alongside a friend to strengthen our skills together. After 2 years of working as a partnership, I gained the confidence to start Capri Gaston Photography on my own. Read more>>

Jewel Georges | Licensed Esthetician

The thought process behind starting Natural Jewels, was to create a body, skincare and home product line that offers clean, natural sustainable products and services with a specific focus to people of color. Read more>>

Crystal Barnett | Owner and Founder

I wanted a business that specifically catered to brow enthusiasts. There is nothing like a fierce brow that accents a ladies face. I wanted a business that would give options with convenience and with a ease of doing business. I loved a great brow and love seeing clients fall in love with their brow salon. Read more>>

Chris Reinecke | Brand Designer

I started Reinecke Design because I love what I do. As a graphic designer, I am in the business of literally helping others visualize their success. It started mostly as an opportunity to gain more comprehensive experience and face new challenges that were not available in the standard 9-5. But, passion is contagious, and it wasn’t long before it took on a life of its own. Read more>>

Janet Roberts-Lyons | Miss J your Favorite Baker in the Hot Pink Fedora

I’ve always had the Passion to Bake ever since my Grandmother taught me her Secret Pound Cake Recipe at the age of 8 years old. I will say that the thought process behind starting my Baking business came when the demand grew so high. I went from baking for family, friends, and coworker to making the decision to go into business for myself! It all began with word of mouth. It grew from there and I created social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and now a website as well! It gives me Great JOY to see the faces and Happiness in my customers when they Taste the goodness in something I created! Read more>>

Trish Jeffries | REALTOR®

I knew I always wanted to have my own business and be a great impact on the community as well. But at the same time it had to be something I loved. Read more>>

Antone Uzzle | National DJ, Podcaster, Entertainment & Production Company Owner

It was make or break time. I knew I wasn’t going to continue the career I started truck driving. I had the know how, and the skills to pursue my goal as a national dj! Read more>>

Aanchal Gupta | PankyDoodle OWNER/ PANCAKE ARTIST

As a mother, its a proud moment when I see my kids get excited about fFOOD. I had been making some or the other fancy shaped pancakes for my kids for the last 6 years, During the pandemic, I realized that it was a great way to make other kids feel special and bring a bright moment to their day. When everything else was locked down and there was no way to celebrate. Being able to see a happy face and smile, through food was my greatest calling. When I started receiving pictures and reviews of kids smiling ear to ear- seeing their latest character crush come to life- that gave me and my business a PURPOSE. Read more>>