We asked some folks we admire a simple question: What are you most passionate about and why? Check out their responses below.

Steve Ellinger, CPP | Certified Professional Photographer, specializing in agency testing

I am most passionate about creating great fashionable art and photography and helping others advance their modeling and photography career. Read more>>

Valerie Rocio | CEO Lumos Creative and Lumos Moments, Host of You Glow Girl podcast

I’m most passionate about supporting female entrepeneurs. Women make up majority of degree holders and of the workforce in America. Although numbers are rising, we still don’t make up even 10% of the top CEO’s in the nation. I’m passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs so together we can rise and change these statistics. My company supports women in two ways: We hire female creatives to provide work and give them an opportunity in the digital industry, which is male dominate. Read more>>

Cindy Arthur | Photographer

I would have to say I’m most passionate about creating memories for my family and my clients. Photographs are the window to the past and it’s the one thing that keeps us connected to family and loved ones for generations to come. When I was younger, I loved going through old photographs and learning about relatives from generations ago. It was fascinating to me to see resemblances and to learn their stories. Read more>>

Tara Rasheta | Co-Owner of Model Makers Group

For the past twenty-five years I have been lucky to work in the entertainment industry. While this business can be very exciting and glamorous, it can also be dangerous if you’re uninformed. That’s why I am passionate about helping models learn to protect themselves and have a positive and safe experience as they enter this new trade. Since 2009, my partner Cristina and I have been using our expertise as talent consultants and our personal experiences as models, to help our clients stay safe and avoid scams. Read more>>

Julia San Roman-Naughton | Art Professional

I am a passionate person, so I have many interests, but what I am the most intense about is playing with color and composition to create my paintings. It gives me a sense of joy but most of all of liberation. The road to create a painting is not easy and, at times, it is almost painful but the end result is usually fulfillment. I feel I was born to do it, like a call, which prompts me to deliver a message. That makes it even more compelling, almost like a necessity. Read more>>

Christine Miller | Fiber Artist & Teacher

Creating things out of fiber has been my life long passion. When I was in elementary school I learned how to knit, embroider, needlepoint, and sew. I spent most of my free time creating things for my family and myself. I loved it SO much I would stand up against the school building when I was at recess knitting in! Fast forward many decades later, and my passion for fiber has never waned. I’ve added other techniques and processes to my toolkit like weaving, crochet, basketry, dyeing, and felting. Read more>>

Ele Michele | The World’s Home Girl (Social Media Influencer), Real Estate Agent, & Stylist

I am most passionate about using my gift of gab to inform, influence, and inspire the masses. I feel it is my God-give purpose. Read more>>