We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Danny Ramirez | Owner of Muy Cute & Graphic Designer

The queer community is one of my main pillars of inspiration. The creativity that stems from people within this community allows me to get inspired when imagining and creating. from pop culture to fashion references, to representing for social activism. The spectrum of inspiration comes in a array of forms that always keeps me motivated to create. Read more>>

Coulter Lee Brown | Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist

Inspiration is an unquantifiable bleed out of all the inner-workings of who we are. It sits dormant within all of us, waiting to carry us away. But it isn’t as mythical as people wish it was. If it were some rare, holy grail esq. intuition then we wouldn’t see so much of it. That’s why inspiration can be found in everything, and why I, in turn, am constantly inspired. It’s in one line in some song that I’ve never heard before, hidden in my “Discover Weekly” playlist. It’s in the way the rain outside my window right now is falling so light, that if I couldn’t see the ripples in the wet asphalt I’d assume that it wasn’t falling at all. It’s in my wife’s hand finding mine in her sleep. The art I love, the family that supports me, the world that I live in. All these things feed that fire that we have burning, and the light that it makes is too bright not to share. So when you ask what I’m inspired by it’s hard for me to answer without waxing poetic. Read more>>

Darcel White-Moreno | Actress, Interior Designer, & Owner of Altar and Ashes

Growing up in the great city of Plain Dealing, I was taught early on to respect life, people, nature and cultures. Individual creativity in its natural state of being inspires me. African Art, particularly the Nkisi Nkondi from the Benin Kingdom circa 1440 to 1897, is one of my favorites. Mostly because of the cultural significance, spirituality and artistic expression that defines the people who hail from this prestigious region. I find the integral balance of all things natural inspiring. The inspiration that drives my creativity is all around me which allows me to be wild, free…….just be. I am truly a reflection of my environment. Read more>>