One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Camilo Villa | Edm Producer & DJ

What inspires me the most is seeing how much passion and energy my favorite musicians put into their work. Martin Garrix and San Holo are great examples of this because you can tell how much they invest in their music every time they release a new song or play a show live, and it always makes me want to go make my own music. Read more>>

Fernanda Garcia | Photographer

I am inspired by the little slips of times we can never get back, by the smiles and the beauty that can be found in every single person. The love that two people can share and the little feet from the bundle of joys. I am inspired by the gold glow from the sun and the hues of nature around me. Inspired by the amazing people around me that work in the same industry. Inspired the talent, the motivation and the hustle by anyone else in the photography world. Read more>>

Sandy Storm | Author, Speaker & Abolitionist

As an abolitionist, I am inspired by the work of those who have gone before me raising the battle cry for justice, and by knowing that every day the work I’m doing is truly making an impact – captives are being set free, lives are being restored, and our children will be safer. I am humbled and honored to follow the well-worn path laid by the men and women who wailed for slaves to be freed in the 1800s, the soldiers who literally fought and died on the battlefield with the goal of making purchasing people a thing of the past, and the righteous warriors who have been crusading for women and children to be viewed as human beings with inherent dignity, destiny, and purpose. Read more>>

Marcella Fruehan | Singer, Songwriter & Producer

I am inspired by everything around me. Really anything that makes me feel. I am a really emotional person and can feel others emotional pain and the world’s. It’s weird to say but I am healer and want everyone to feel like they aren’t alone in a tough situation or even to be there for someone in a positive one. The first song that I ever wrote was an anti-bullying song called Truth Is and the responses were astonishing, especially for only being a 16 years old. I was saving people’s lives and inspiring them to get help. I felt like I had changed the world and from that point on I knew what my purpose was in life. I am also really inspired/drawn to specific sounds. Anything that makes me feel powerful or like I’m on top of the world. Read more>>

Pedro Meneses | Entrepreneur, Marketer & Business Coach

I would say that the 2 two things that inspire me the most are helping people and the idea that I can build something as big and powerful in my life that can have an impact for generations to come. I’m a firm believer that we are on this planet to serve others, not to be served. My work, my business, and everything I do is inspired by the fact that I can impact someone’s life and business through my actions. Read more>>

PEARL Z | Musician

I’ve been really inspired by the stories of several musicians lately. Specifically women who have changed the music industry as we know it. Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Beyonce, Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin, and Madona are just a few of the big name artists I am inspired by. I say this because I want to shine a light on women in the industry in hopes of inspiring other women and young girls to believe in the power within themselves to accomplish whatever it is they desire. Learning about the actual lives of these people (and many more) have inspired me greatly to continue pushing forward with my career goals. Read more>>

Kristen Hawkinson | Online and In-person Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

I am inspired by people that start moving and feel the results. Their health improves causing them to feel accomplished. They feel accomplished so they keep going on their health and fitness journey. They develop sustainable healthy nutritional habits and then make fitness a true lifestyle. Then they truly understand and feel all the positive effects that movement brings! This. This cycle inspires me! Read more>>

Valarie Polk | Film Writer

Life experiences and hardships. Those were the times where I felt more inclined to write because it would take me to a place mentally that would bring me a peace of mind. No matter what I was going through at that moment, being able to create on a piece of paper whomever I wanted in my stories, gave me strength. Read more>>