We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business.  Check out their responses below.

Ife Oyedokun | Owner of The Okedoke Kamp and Okedoke Studios & Mental Health Specialist

I really just wanted to do something that was enjoyable, but i also wanted to be able to make money in the process. I’ve always had a passion for dogs. They were therapeutic for me, so being involved with them was very natural for me Read more>>

Worth Anne & Jordan Herrell & Morrow | Co-Founders

As moms, we were searching for alternatives to the harsh chemicals that only offer mildly-effective treatments for children who are not feeling well. We were excited to discover Essential Oils, but quickly became overwhelmed trying to determine how to blend or dilute them properly. We realized that if it was confusing to us, with our backgrounds in Product Development and Marketing, then it must be even more confusing for most moms out there. We wanted to make Mom’s life a little easier with natural Essential Oil products for her little ones that are ready to use so Mom can feel good while helping her little one feel better. Read more>>

Lexi Amorray | Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Initially, I wanted to impact lives through fitness. I didn’t really intend on making a business out of it. It really just happened. I worked a 9-5 managing a private practice, and although I had such passion for protecting patients in healthcare, my true niche was in the gym, creating a blueprint and sharing knowledge to women who did not know where to begin their fitness journey. I eventually realized that I could spend my days doing this for hours and not feel like I was working at all. Becoming a staple in a woman’s journey to find herself physically and mentally is such an honor in itself that earning money doing what I love has actually always been a second-hand priority. Read more>>

Vickie Mireles | Owner

After I lost my brother in 2013, I learned that life is short and I wanted to make mine matter. Immediately after, I started soul searching and digging into a life driven in purpose. A year later, I watched a video on screen printing and decided to start screen printing t-shirts. I wanted to spread hope into the world and I thought, what better way than a graphic tee. It’s like a walking billboard. I wanted people to find hope when they wore the shirt and simultaneously spread hope to others who they came into contact with. I never thought I would be a business owner. It wasn’t a dream of mine as a little girl or even a young woman. The dream started chasing me the more I looked into pursuing a life filled with purpose. Read more>>

Robert Ostrander | Weightloss Coaching

I was tired of relying on a job that could lay-off whenever they wanted to. Read more>>

Amy Berthelet | Handmade Jewelry & Gifts Maker, Designer & Small Business Owner

I had worked ‘outside’ for many years, and just was sick of the office politics, nepotism, and unfairness……I wanted the freedom of being my own boss, being responsible for my own decisions. Read more>>

Dava Rabb | Boutique Owner

I was an avid online shopper and one night I told my husband as much as I love to shop, I ought to be selling the clothes myself! That’s when it all began! Read more>>

Jasmine Payne | License Esthetician

When starting my business the number one thing that I felt that could hold be behind is not being a Texan. Relocating is a challenge within it self. My mind at the time was how can I get clients and overthinking that cause me to delay in pursuing my dream, I was thinking that I would fail epically. However, not realizing or seeing the bigger picture. You have to start somewhere and starting in DFW is where I would need to start. Read more>>

Dr. Feyi Obamehinti | Speaker & Life Educator

My thought process was one of service and quality. Serving people through our business and doing it in an excellent way. The combination is expressed in our slogan, “Delivering Quality Service.” Read more>>