We have the honor and good fortune of speaking with hundreds of brilliant leaders and creators every week and we are consistently amazed by how so many of them have overcome what most would consider insurmountable odds. We asked some of them for advice and have highlighted some of those gems of wisdom below.

Jennifer McAlister | Author, Speaker, Designer

Years ago, I set a personal goal to run the Boston Marathon. But not just anyone can register for the race—I needed to finish a marathon in under three hours and 45 minutes. On my quest to qualify, I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up! I ran five marathons in 2011 trying to increase my pace, but was dismayed to find that it was only getting slower. Quitting seemed like the logical thing to do—that is, until I read a cardboard sign that changed my perspective. I was at mile 23 of the Fort Worth Marathon and I felt horrible. Read more>>

Rathna Nuti | Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

The best thing to do when facing insurmountable odds is to never give up. Reflect on the reason why you started this journey and stay focused on the end goal. The option of quitting is always easy, but taking some time away from the project is advisable. In this way, you can come back refreshed with a different perspective and tackle the problem from an innovative angle. Read more>>

Emily and Larry Parker | Suburban Gardeners

Don’t give up before you even attempt something, If you do, you will never know if you would have been successful. Not knowing and regret is much worse than failure. Read more>>

Kathleen Erickson | Visionary & Integrator, Entrepreneur

When facing challenges that seem insurmountable, focus on a step-by-step plan. A mountain cannot be leapt over, you have to take it one step at a time. Sometimes, you need ropes, chains, or other tools to assist your ascension. You may even need help from people. To take on a challenge that causes you to pause to see it is too great for you to take on, think about it in terms of the mountain. First, write out the reason to climb over the mountain. Read more>>