Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business.  So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Suzy Moritz | Artist

I retired from the real estate and mortgage business 15 years ago to become a full time professional artist. I did this because it was a dream come true, finally! Read more>>

SAIMA MEHERALI | Designer/Creator

I originally didn’t have the intention to start a business in this field of work. It was more for fun and honestly became a business with encouragement of my friends and family. Today if I am able to have this small business it is thanks to my support system and community. After I started my business, my thought process was to provide new ideas and use new techniques to create new items and I continue to learn more ways to provide fast and unique products. Read more>>

Chanelle Brooks | Healthy Hair Growth Artist

My thought process was to fix a common issue I saw often in my salon. I’m a fixer at heart, personal and business wise. I see a problem I find a solution. Read more>>

Fred Gans | Real Estate Development

I didn’t want someone else determine how much money I could make. I wanted that limitation to depend upon me. Read more>>

Devin Mobley | Filmmaker & Photographer

Everyone wants to have the freedom to do what they love for the rest of their lives without a financial carrot being hung over their head. Starting a business can provide this. The simple answer regarding why I started my own business is to pursue personal goals while having the financial freedom to do so. The complex answer elaborates on what those goals are, and it is a goal of mine to have a community and/or societal impact through storytelling. Read more>>

Brittney Stone | Makeup Artist and Esthetician Student

I live in a relatively small area compared to Dallas, and I noticed there wasn’t a calling for makeup artists who just specialized in makeup and who were willing to travel. A friend of mine hired me for her wedding and that was my first professional job outside of Sephora where I was truly freelancing and it changed my life. I thought, I can do this, I can make a living this way if I work hard enough and put everything into this career and trust me when I say that I have put blood, sweat, and tears into my business. Read more>>

Amy Cortez James | Owner & Card Designer

Before, I started my own business of creating 3 dimensional greeting cards, I was making them on my own just for friends and as I began expanding my creativity my friends started paying me for the cards I created for them and they encouraged me to consider opening my own business. I thought about it and I realized I was going to be able to bring joy to others on a much larger basis. Therefore, Amy’s Social Butterfly was created! Read more>>