The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance.  What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Niesha Johnson | Author, Business and Mindset Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

As a business & mindset coach, author, mentor and entrepreneur, I was the one who would go, go, go. Not really allocating time to the importance of self and mental care. In the days where I neglected my healthy eating routines or was sleep malnourished, I noticed my demeanor was a bit more hostile than the days where I was well rested, had eaten a balanced meal or started my morning with my spiritual devotional. As I’ve grown, I realize the importance of allocating time to the things that feed my mind, body & soul. Read more>>

Lori Hankins | Texas Realtor, ABR, ACP, MRP

It’s funny that you asked this question. When I made my vision board for 2020, my main focus was on developing a work/ life balance. I tend to focus on something, like my career with laser focus and can forget that I should also have a personal life. Now that my kids are grown and out of the house, it’s easy for me to focus entirely on work and neglect other things that need my attention such as, projects at home, friendships, social life and rest. Read more>>

Isaiah Rojas | i9 Sports Business Owner

Over the last 5 years, a work-life balance has been extremely important to me and in my career. The reason for that is 5 years ago I had my first son and I needed to make sure that I was present as much as possible for him. Now 5 years later I have my second son and work-life balance is part of every day for me. Before my kids, I worked as much as I could and as long as I could to put myself in a better position to provide for myself and my wife. Read more>>

Hannah Hix | Wedding & Studio Photographer

Just like most small business start-ups, you work a lot in your first years. I would watch other photographer friends burn out from it and even completely pull back on their business to rethink their goals for lack of personal/professional balance. I was lucky to have those friends- I learned from watching others on how to manage that tension in my business before it ever became an issue. Certainly, I still worked my tail off the first couple of years, giving up a personal time where I needed to move forward. Read more>>

LaMia Wilson | Boy Mom & Accountant

Work life balance for me was finding the middle ground between my professional life, family life, and personal life. Over time I had to learn how to include personal life to the mix. For many years, I balanced professional life and family life. Then it dawned on me that I needed time to be Mia as well, not someone’s wife and not someone’s mother. While I enjoyed those roles as well. It became refreshing to just be self. Which then allowed me to come back a better wife and mom – rejuvenated. I think the balance is essential for my sanity. Read more>>

John & Rachel Cavanaugh | Owners

Unlike your typical 9-5 job, being small business owners means wearing all kinds of hats and switching them out all day every day. When we first started out, due to limited resources and product demand, we were the CEOs, the accountants, the project managers, and the builders. All on top of being married, having our own children, and fostering precious kiddos. It was pretty wild at times. Being the creator of your company, “baby”, you’ll always have a specific vision/idealistic idea of how company should run. For us this can be difficult process because we want to protect the brand and make sure it maintains the highest level of quality for our clients, but we also know the only way for growth is to add people to help. Read more>>