Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business.  So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Amy Osteen | Founder

During the height of the pandemic, a few friends and I had a standing online happy hour. We realized that we’d grown accustomed to the luxury afforded us by health, job security, and a romance with ourselves. We were forced to reconsider who we are and what we value, and, what we could do. The word that resonated on our calls was “useless.” We’re not doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teachers, store clerks, small-business owners. What can we do? But that feeling of “uselessness” was a poison. It gave us an out to that voice in our head that whispers “I don’t know how” and turns into “what does it matter?” After some discussion, we fought that feeling of uselessness by deciding to start a platform that helps customers find great products from historically underserved U.S.-based small businesses – whether that’s women-owned, minority-owned, family-owned, military-owned, disabled-owned, or LGBTQ+-owned. Read more>>

Dakota Striplin | Singer-Songwriter

I have always known that I would want to have a career in music but when I was 18 I decided to make that a reality by booking my own gigs in Australia. I got my own business number and started operating as my own agent. I’ve been gigging professionally for over 6 years. This then progressed to also writing personalised songs for weddings, engagements and gifts for loved ones. Read more>>

Michelle Morrison | Designer

I wanted to be financially free and control my own destiny. Read more>>

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer | Founder & Owner

I love the concept of sowing and reaping. I am a huge believer in pouring into others whether that is through a kind word, written note, acknowledging something they are going through, celebrating with and for them, or whatever the situation may be. When you pour into someone it adds value to them, So I wanted to create a business where it was easy to sow into the lives of those around you. That is why we created Sow.Reap.Harvest. Sow Reap Harvest is a bi-monthly subscription service that believes one “Thank You” goes a long way. Read more>>

Maranatha Lee | Founder & Travel Planner

I have always wanted to start my own business since I was a kid. I used to ask for candle and jewelry making kits for Christmas or my birthday to create products to sell to family and neighbors. Pretty genius, right? Taking 100% of the profits. I would take the money I earned and use it on our annual vacations with our church group to purchase all the souvenirs I wanted. Traveling with our church group every year, sparked my interest in traveling. Because of those annual conferences, I’ve been to almost half of the United States. My traveling adventures have now expanded from domestic trips to Caribbean cruises, European and Asian vacations with 26 countries and counting! My sole purpose for starting Travel Queen, LLC is to share my love for traveling by creating personalized itineraries to make the most out of my clients’ vacations. Read more>>