Swipe left, swipe right.  So easy. So convenient.  And yet we hear from so many about how even though apps have made some parts of the dating experience easier they have also introduced new challenges to the world of dating.  Below you’ll find a few stories and perspectives from the community.

Jessica Deltoro | Wedding Planner

Online dating may have been considered taboo once upon a time, but I don’t feel that this is the case any longer. As a wedding planner, I have the opportunity to hear how so many love stories began. Many of those stories start with a swipe to the right, then an amazing first date followed by lots of laughter and great memories, which ultimately leads these love-smitten couples to me. Online dating may not be for everyone, but if you found your match online, you are in good company because some of the most fun and happiest clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with met each other online. Read more>>

Latrice Pettaway | DippedDFW Owner

Online dating can be very interesting. I must admit, I tried it once (or twice) and have some very interesting stories from those experiences. I’ll start by saying that online dating was never successful for me as far as relationships are concerned but I did meet some quirky characters, had a few good dates and a few that I wish I could forget. Read more>>

LaToya Taylor | Redd Karpet Makeup Owner

My experience was interesting, to say the least. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it since it was my first time trying it. I will say that I did have some interesting/funny experiences though. I had a guy try and talk to me who wanted to fly me out to L.A. to meet and move in with him and this was the first initial conversation. There is so much more that it made me never want to try it again. I do applaud those that can do it though! Read more>>

Claudia Zelazny | Legacy Sport & Wellness Center Co-Owner

I have never signed up for online dating, convinced as I am that I would get the only serial killer who made it through the vetting process! Many happily married couples I’ve met found this happiness through a dating site. There are also a million stories out there that make me cringe. If this is something I wanted to do at this stage in my life, I would have done it by now. Read more>>