Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Jerome Anthony | Artist: Musician/Designer/Producer/Writer

My thought process was, how do I get off of the hamster wheel and create financial freedom. I’ve always been a creative as far as art is concerned. Music, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Writing and the list goes on. I thought to myself, I should take all of my talents and create a business/platform for them to flourish. Then my next thought was how can I keep this rolling and turn it into something I could leave for my children. Once I got the ball rolling there was no turning back. Of course there’s hard days and sleepless nights but in the end it’s all worth it. Read more>>

Dominique Williams | Maternity Gown Rental

My husband and I have been blessed to experience the joys of pregnancy twice in 2016 and 2019. During both pregnancies I struggled with finding formal wear that was comfortable and reasonably priced. During my first pregnancy I settled for a non-maternity gown and during the second pregnancy I purchased an expensive maternity gown that I only wore once. It was my personal experiences with being an expecting mother that helped me begin laying the foundation for ShopMom2B. I had a vision of creating a service that was would be beneficial to other expecting mothers searching for gowns. Read more>>

Drew Morgan, MA, CMPC | Mental Performance Coach

When I was in grad school it was not even a question as to if I would start my own consulting business or not, I simply knew that was something I was going to do. In my field of sport psychology, there are not a ton of jobs available to apply to, so I think I knew early on that I would have to pave my own way. Read more>>

Celeste Chumlea | Owner, Wesley and Rose Curiosity Shop

From a very early age, I caught the treasure hunting bug. And by early, I mean being pushed in a stroller at Round Top antique market by my mom and grandmother. As a child, I collected sterling silver jewelry, little animal figurines, and unique boxes. My mom taught me to examine each piece I was interested in carefully for any flaws, maker’s marks, dates, etc. to help determine value. She also taught me the art of flea market negotiating to ensure I was getting the best deal possible. Sifting through the junk to unearth a special item was like discovering buried treasure – I was soon addicted to the thrill of the hunt. Read more>>

Dymon Alfred | Engineer & Business Owner

As I started working out and going on my own personal health journey. I learned that I enjoyed helping others maintain the pressure of living a healthy lifestyle, and I knew I wanted to create my own brand which is Pressure Nutrition. From that thought, Pressure Nutrition came to life and the store front was opened December 2020 in the mist of the global pandemic. Throughout the build out I was finishing my undergrad degree at the University of North Texas, and working at Apple. This was challenging to say the least because it really taught me time management, entrepreneurship 101, and just all the beginning necessities of running an entire company. Read more>>

Anamaria | Full-time BFA Photo Student at UTA & Small Business Owner

To be perfectly honest, there was not really a concrete thought process when I started my own business. I had always wanted to sell and share artwork with other people. I’m much of an introvert so actually going out there and physically selling and sharing my work was always a challenge. One day I was curious to see how Etsy worked and in the process, I ended up making a shop. Read more>>

Alaina Ronquillo | Wedding Photographer

Honestly, my thought process was that I wasn’t satisfied with a service I received. And I knew that I can set up a better business model and service. My wedding photography business was started from my own wedding experience! And from there, all of my dreams and ideas started pouring in! I was so passionate about offering clients a better experience than I had. And I never wanted a bride to be disappointed by the wedding photos they would receive back. My business is all about creating timeless images that would last for generations to come! Read more>>

Daisy Van der Veen | Co owner

Reflecting back to the current shows we decided that something very important was missing. The shows are amazing however the representation during those shows are most likely Caucasian, tall and slim. Our world knows so many different cultures and people and this does not reflect back during these big events. A change is much needed and therefore we started our foundation to provide a platform for all kinds of beauty and for people with a disability. Read more>>

Brenda Dillon | The Runway Nurse

After working in healthcare as a nurse for over two decades in traditional scrubs that were not flattering, not suited in style, and lacked function and comfort, I knew that I had to make a change. I love fashion, and I am pretty sure that I’m not the only one. I believe that scrubs are fashionable and wanted to dress the fashionistas across healthcare and beyond in stylish and sophisticated scrub apparel that made a fashion statement. Therefore, the entrepreneurial journey began to design a more comfortable, chic, and sophisticated healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand was born. Scrubsordinaire, The Scrubs Fashion House, was created to bridge the gap between scrubs and fashion in healthcare, designed to provide transitional scrubs apparel for the healthcare professional that is trendy for work yet fashionable for an athleisure lifestyle. Read more>>

Preston Freimuth | Content Creator

At the beginning, it seemed like an impossible challenge. As soon as you take the initiative, quit procrastinating, and learn as you go along, that is when you’ll be successful. Read more>>

Alyssa Springfield | Owner of A Night Out

1. I’m passionate about all things Fort Worth; the people, the businesses and restaurants, the city. I’m always on the hunt and eager to check out the newest places in town, but also love enjoying the seasoned establishments as well! 2. I also love hosting. I strive to create intentional experiences around the table as I host friends and family. Friendsgiving is a tradition we look forward to as we reflect on the last year, and share what we are thankful for, plus so much more. We get deep, and it is something more than just another dinner. Read more>>

Valerie Bailey | Owner of Picnik Society

Starting my own business is all about preparing for my second act. As I inch closer to the end of a long successful career in education, I have paused many times to ask myself, “what’s next?” While some see retirement as a finish line, I have always known that it would simply be another milestone I pass on the way to my next big adventure. I’ll admit, until recently, I was never really sure what that next adventure would be. I only hoped it would give me purpose, autonomy, and joy. Read more>>

Herb & Amy Kaplan | Owners of Free Range Pumpkins

The thought process of opening our own business was > Financial Independence (LOL – one of us worked at a “real” job and the other worked 90+ hours a week at the fledgling store) > Reduced workload (LMAO – 90+ hours per week)
> Free time to take time off whenever we wanted (LMAO – 3+ years without a vacation) > Be the boss and make the rules (ROTFL – now we worry about employees and their assorted issues.) Read more>>

Lashunda Coat3s | Juicing/Wellness Advocate

My thought process was to provide a Healthy Juice that anybody could drink, From kids to Adults if a Juice does not taste good people are simply not gonna want it or consume Read more>>

T’Keyah Swilley Burnett | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

I became a new mom. I had my son in July 2019 and after carrying him and giving birth to him; the changes my body had already gone through and was about to go through threw me off completely and I quickly lost myself. I remember having an event to attend to and putting on over $100 worth of make-up ( from other high end brands ) and thinking to myself “I can really own my own cosmetics line.” And that’s where it began. I always knew I wanted to be in business for myself I just never knew what exactly. Looked at my son, and the amount of oppertunities I can create for him, evaluated my life in many ways, and started up JINSI Cosmetics. I wanted to not only create and build a legacy, I wanted to help women, I wanted to empower women, I wanted to touch on things that women have issues discussing today – when most topics are normal and apart of everyday living. Read more>>

Rhonda & Jillian Williams | Vegan Essentials Care Items

We wanted to bring a natural alternative to everyday essentials. A Vegan essential care line that makes you feel good putting on your skin. Made with all natural ingredients to help with issues like sensitivity, dryness, eczema, and psoriasis prodded skin. Read more>>

Serenity “Stephanie” Guerrero | Life Guide & Spiritual Healer

We Spent so much time placing passion & energy into another’s vision. I wanted to bring my own vision to life. I similar to many have suffered much hardship, From a Troubled teen, Teenage Motherhood, to Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual and Financial Abuse. Part of bringing my vision to life was to share everything I have learned about rising from the ashes, With Vision, Purpose & Passion Read more>>

Chelsea Walker | Esthetician & Tax Preparer

Grand rising I am from Fort Worth Tx born and raised I am the child of Vanessa walker and Charles walker I have two siblings , my older sister Tuana and my younger brother Trey. I am a Single mother of two precious little boys named Yuri and Rodrick Jr. The thought process behind my career came from seeing my mom struggle to take care of me and my younger brother but she always and I mean always made a way for us . Also the thought of working for other people not actually getting what I’m worth just started not to sit right with me. I needed to do something different not just for me but for my children . I want to be able to leave a empire for my boys to run and leave them something when I’m gone and that be able to go through generations. Read more>>