Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.


The first wedding I did was my brother’s, without dedicating myself to that. After that wedding I began to consider doing this as a side buisness, but few months later and putting on scale my work that I had at that time with the wedding market, I realized that it could be a successful path and that it also filled me with satisfaction. At that time I decided to associate with a friend, quit our jobs and dedicate ourselves fully to this new business. With a lot of persistence, dedication, responsibility and energy, today, almost 5 years later, Alejandro Limón consolidates itself as an important wedding and events company. Read more>>

Angie Allen | Owner of 421M3dia Digital Marketing

I wanted to provide business owners with options outside of traditional marketing. The knowledge that I obtained while working for agencies, I wanted to put my own creatives around digital marketing. Read more>>

Bruno Barcellos | Psychologist and Psychoanalyst

As a psychologist, my biggest challenge was to find a way to differentiate myself. Thus, I started my work with elderly people: I felt that it was a point in the field that there weren’t many professionals available. I developed a specific project to serve this audience in both the office and institutions. Based on this experience, I was able to dive in this theme and offer lectures, classes and courses to share my experiences and over the course of my career, more than 10 years long, I have expanded my target audience, managing to obtain the respect and recognition from patients and my peers. Taking risks to innovate and sharing my views and experiences were key-factors in my career. I currently provide care for young people, adults, couples and seniors, managing to do a consistent job on improving their mental health. Read more>>

Yesnie Salazar

One day I was up in the clouds and I told myself “Yesnie, your fantasies are your reality-it’s who you are, so show the world girl. Just freaking do it already!!!”. I reflected and made it clear to myself that I absolutely love myself. I want to LIVE and do something super fun with a bunch of color everywhere. This is the beginning, but ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of this. It’s happening now. I am living in the moment and I am enjoying the process. I am grateful for life! I am a sweetheart, so I came up with the name “Azucar Bebe”- Your Sweetest Fantasy! I am a total babe with a big heart. Read more>>

Cynthia Newton | Yoga Therapist

I started thinking about having my own business when I finished my first 200 hour yoga training and I was introduced to yoga therapy. In the past, I had worked for bigger businesses, large school districts, large law firms and large companies doing cancer research. As I loved each and every one of those jobs and felt I helped in some way. I always felt a bit of a disconnect to the final outcome. It has been my passion to help others in a more intimate one -on-one setting, hands on. Which is why I received my yoga therapy certification. Yoga helped me and continues to help on my personal journey of healing and I wanted to give back. Read more>>

DeLorean Allen | Artist/ Film Director

I knew I needed to benefit from my creations, just putting films or music out wasn’t enough satisfaction for me anymore. I started a new job and after my first check I started AbsoluteFlaat, LLC. Read more>>

Kayla Loschky and Jeri Ford | Cofounders of Baby Whisperers

Baby Whisperers was founded by two Pediatric Registered Nurses, Kayla Loschky and Jeri Ford. Kayla ventured into the private baby nursing world and quickly fell in love. Once discussing with Jeri, they realized the process needed much improvement. Typically, baby nurses are hired through word of mouth and there is not a mainstream way for parents to find them. Read more>>

Ashley Bryan | Salon Owner, Educator & Luxury Extension Artist

I went to college and received my BBA in Marketing and Advertising in 2005….worked in corporate American for 10 years and decided that I wanted to change my career after not being able to truly flex my creative muscles while still having flexible hours to accommodate my family. I also knew that I wanted to create a work environment for others that was creative yet professional and encouraged team work daily without restricting professionals to typical work hours or rules. I decided the beauty industry was where I wanted to do this in and started my path through hair school and building my 1st salon from the ground up in 2016. Read more>>

Cashunda Gilbert | CEO and Owner of King Legend Entertainment Group and Yummi Yoni Dallas

I wanted to start my own business to be able to offer services that make an impact in peoples lives. I started King Legend Entertainment Group and Yummi Yoni Dallas because I wanted to create generational wealth for my family and because I love people. I am a problem solver and I encourage people to live life to the fullest. Read more>>

Jillian and Jan Yuhas | International Relationship Coach & Boundary Specialist

Our life passion and mission began to unfold at the fresh age of twenty-one when we volunteered to work with families and children. It inspired us to further expand our endeavors and receive a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. As much as we appreciate all forms of mental health, we felt there was a better methodology that aligned with our inner truth when it came to helping clients achieve their relationship goals. Being growth-minded individuals, coaching seemed to sync on all levels for us due to its solution-focused style and goal-oriented approach. Read more>>

Cara Balderas | Associate Broker & REALTOR®

I started with a local arts & crafts retail company here in DFW when I was in High School and worked my way through that company and its sister brands through college. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go after graduation and my friend had gotten a job at their corporate office, so she called her boss and got me an interview. I was hired on the spot. Overall, I worked for that company from 1994 – 2015 in many different positions. By the end, it was soul crushing. I was working almost 80 hours a week, overnights, weekends, & holidays. I managed a team of 20 people at one point and was the lowest paid manager in the marketing division with the highest number of reporting staff. Read more>>

Nicole Guasto | Licensed & Certified Lash Artist /Entrepreneur

My thought process behind starting this business started with working for myself. I wanted to work for myself so my time is more flexible to spend with my friends and family. Being a lash artist we order alot of different product for our clients. I wanted to brand a product that would be excellent quality but yet affordable prices for others. I was sick and tired of spending hundreds of dollars on products that either were not quality, or meeting you to my expectations. I would spend so much money for product to spoil early and it was just not cost efficient. That’s when i knew it was time to launch a product created for lash artists, by lash artists, Read more>>

Kiara Harris | Hairstylist & Soap Maker

My thought process behind starting my own business, i was looking to create another source of income and be creative. But I went into running my business blindly. I didn’t think i needed a website designer basically all the things you need to successfully run/start a business. I thought i could do it all on my own. Here’s a little back story about me. Half of my life I dedicated my time being a full-time licensed hairstylist. I wanted something different because the truth is I did get burnt out from being behind the chair. Read more>>

Adriana Aranda | owner of Cloud of Gems

I started collecting crystals and rocks when I was 21, but it wasn’t until recently that I started collecting minerals and displaying them for fun. I made a hobby out of my collection and it was scientific at the same time! I’m all for the science behind crystals and minerals. When the pandemic had rolled in, I had already been a stay at home mom of two. Being at home wasn’t all that new for me. I just finished school as well, so my free time was ordering new rocks and wrapping crystals for jewelry. That’s when it hit me, and I thought, hey, I could sell crystal jewelry as a hobby because I enjoy doing it anyway. I started thinking of names and I realized two things I love are clouds and crystals, but to me, they are my gems. Read more>>

Sebastian Cosme | Podcaster and Neighborhood Developer

I never really liked to work for anyone else. I was always the guy breaking the rules or wanting to try something a different way. I like being able to handle things the way I want them handled. Not that I am always right, but I can always learn from my mistakes…and boy have I. Read more>>