Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Sanika Datar | Youth Activist & Changemaker

We live in a fast-paced world where the rate of industrial evolution appears to have taken over rate of personal growth as humans. There are problems that we have created for current and future generations that need to be addressed at their roots. Building awareness and literacy are fundamental to solving the problems that are plaguing our world today like environmental/water crisis, intercultural hate, and apathy. Read more>>

Luisa Potenza | Breeder & Pet Store Owner

I’ve always loved animals, knew I eventually wanted to run my own business, and thought it made the most sense to combine the two. But I will say, when we first began it wasn’t with the intention of creating a real business. Breeding animals and finding them good homes was just a fun hobby, which eventually became an actual business. Read more>>

Caron Dessoye | Owner, Workbench LLC & Metalsmith

I graduated from UNT with my MFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. Many of my friends also graduated from UNT in both Metalsmithing and Ceramics. One of the most painful parts of graduating is realizing that you will no longer be able to access the tools and equipment that the school provides. Read more>>

Roshawn Cason | Licensed esthetician

My thought process was really everywhere. I have never had a business, I always thought about it. I really did not know the first thing to do. So I really just winged it. I don’t suggest that to anyone. I think at least take a couple of classes and talk to and ask QUESTIONS to business owner that are thriving. Read more>>

Janita Gilliam | Speech-Language Pathologist & Child Advocate

Initially when the thought came to mind to start my own business, it came out of me needing to leave a toxic work environment. At the time, I didn’t have a well thought out plan, but I knew my worth. I understood that everything I desired in my own business, were things that I were giving to other companies who didn’t value me. Read more>>

Tempest Brooks | Baker & Forensic Scientist

It was kind of a natural progression. It started with me convincing my dad to buy me a stand mixer. Eventually I felt led to start selling desserts and it has grown since then. Read more>>

Chris Sanders | Faith based Painter

For years after business school I struggled to think of a business to start. However, once I saw the need for reliable and trust worthy contractors in my area I knew this was the right choice! Read more>>

Dionne McKnight | Certified Interior Decorator

I have a strong passion for interior decor with intention. I knew that I was not the only person whose space effects them in various ways (i.e. emotional & mental). Instead of seeking solutions in other places, I thought “why not me?”. I moved past my fears and decided to create the solution that I was passionate about. That is how I came to create small business, 4 The Love of Decor. Read more>>

Samuel Garcia | Scalp Micro Pigmentation Artist/Instructor

So when I started my own business it was first to create a legacy for myself and being able to help others. I am passionate about hair and serving others. Opening a business has helped me create finical freedom for myself and help others do the same. God has blessed me tremendously at only 29 years old. Read more>>

Chris Robey | CEO

Our non-profit was founded because there was a significant gap in services for a kid from a hard place. Traditionally in schools when a kid gets in trouble or sometimes even shows signs of trouble, they are removed from their classrooms, shipped out to a “third party” or even expelled. In short, instead of helping kids deal with their problems in real time, they are sent to places where there are very few resources to help. Read more>>

Amber Blackston | Founder of A2B Simple Solutions, LLC

I originally started A2B in 2017 as A2B Administrative Support Services, and would conduct business after my full-time job each day. At the time, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for a local non-profit and I had the best boss. He would always tell me “You’re a champion! You can do anything! Read more>>

Katherine Holloway | Mom & Mix it Up Dough Co-Owner

The process behind starting Mix it Up Dough stemmed from being a mom of three boys under five years old. My days are loud, wild, and fun – but some days are also filled with struggles to meet everyone’s needs for mommy play time & get household tasks done. Read more>>

Shireen Aburahma | Small Business Owner & Digital Artist

I’ve always wanted to start my own business. That has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid. I’ve also had a huge love for art. However, I never considered putting these things together until the covid lockdown, when I thought, “why not run a business where I can draw designs and create handmade things to sell?” But at the same time, I wanted to do something unique and spread a message. Read more>>

Kyle Raemisch | Jiu Jitsu Professor & School Owner

Years ago I was doing all the things you’re “supposed to do”. I was going to college to work towards some type of normal, steady job like a school teacher or something in the medical field. After getting a bachelor’s and master’s degree I spent a year as a high school math teacher. Read more>>

Upskalez Fashion | Clothing Boutique

We wanted to inspire women of all sizes and shapes to look the way they feel, without breaking the bank. If you look good, you feel good! It is important to us to provide a quality product that is affordable to the working class. Read more>>

Jennifer Burggraf | Owner & Operator @Triple H Retreat on Cedar Creek Lake

It actually began quite selfishly with the idea that owning a vacation home could be possible for our family and be funded by others. Our theory was that we could own the property without having to pay a mortgage. Read more>>

Tara Williamson | Founder & Internationally Reocognized 3D Areola & Scar Camouflage Tattoo Artist, 10-Year Breast Cancer Survivor & Nurse

I founded Pink Ink Tattoo in 2014 after my own areola tattoo experience following Breast cancer and reconstruction. I knew survivors deserved the best, so I was on a mission to provide the best. I left my nursing career and founded my company so that I can be able to help my fellow survivors with realistic, natural appearing areola, 3D nipple tattoos. Helping to restore their confidence and feel whole again. Read more>>

Princess-Najuma Dawkins | Freelance Photographer

I started out taking pictures for my friends using my cell phone. I enjoy doing it in fact and one day a good friend of mine was like ‘Why don’t you start taking pictures as a business?” And that kept festering in my mind and I made that leap during Covid like everyone else. I always wanted to be a photographer, since I was in my early 20’s in Jamaica. Read more>>

Leticia Cole | BWISE President

Black Women Instilling Scholarly Excellence (BWISE) was founded by scholars in 2018, BWISE aims to embolden the academic and professional potential of young women of color across the country through mentorship. Read more>>

Keyona Sneed | Content Creator and Bespoke Sock Owner

My thought process was wanting to share something with others that I loved. Fashion has always been a form of expression for me so I knew that was the type of business I wanted to share. I thought about what aspect of it I loved the most, and it was socks. Socks have always been a statement piece that can take a simple look to the next level and share a splice of your personality with being a simple accent. Read more>>

Holly Woodlee | Independent Travel Agent with The Enchanted Traveler

Honestly, I never really thought about starting my own business. I am actually a nurse by trade and was looking for a way to make some additional income while not spending so many of my hours away from home. You see, as a healthcare provider we sometimes need to have breaks from reality. Read more>>

Dorsharica Jefferson | Owner & Style Consultant

My thought process begins starting D’Exquisite Styles was to be an exceptional service to woman with distinct boutique pieces.. I wanted to offer traditional boutique experience but with a curated approach. My boutique had to had offerings of style assistance in varied options. Read more>>

Lauren Lewchuk | Scenic artist and Graphic designer

I definitely always wanted to be an artist and thought about it for so many years all while being afraid and oftentimes discouraged from even trying. As far as actually getting started there wasn’t much thought process involved aside from making the decision to actually just do something, and also not be super worried about being “ready”. Read more>>

Munisa Khuramova | Fashion Designer and Founder of Munelle De Vie

It all started when I was a little kid, and I always loved the fashion industry. I read fashion magazines that portrayed a confident, graceful woman with a powerful walk in beautiful garments. In the beginning, it was a hobby that brought me joy and inspired me to become myself. Read more>>