Starting a business can be terrifying. Weighing the pros and cons, the risks, and other considerations can be so overwhelming that often promising entrepreneurs stop before they even start. We asked some phenomenal entrepreneurs about their thought process behind starting their own businesses. Our hope is that by making the thought-process less intimidating we can help more folks think through whether they should take an entrepreneurial leap.

GoLucky2.0 | GoLuckyProductionsLLC/ Celebrity Media

It was to Challenge myself by making a living off my lifestyle from being a positive influence and being creative to join those together in a form of media because I’m a people person that can conduct and negotiate business which turns into revenue because I am the Face and Voice behind and infront of my brand which allows other like minded individuals to see and communicate with someone with a one of one blueprint that they can draw inspiration from. Read more>>

Andrea Gomez | Dessert Maker

Wasn’t so much of a thought process. I just knew I was a single mom and had to do what I had to do for them and my treats being an advantage I decided to give it my all. Read more>>

Kelley Lewis | Owner, CEO, Kelley Koated Solutions, LLC

Well, I had been doing it already really, helping friends keep up with dates, helping with booking for some of the groups I had sang with, writing recommendation letters, building and updating resumes, making flyers, and creating websites…..and it was spread really by word of mouth, “oh ask Kelley, she can do it, she can do just about anything.” Read more>>

Abby Cameron | Gratitude Warrior & Intuitive Field Guide for Life

When I graduated college with a degree in psychology, the plan was to get my license in therapy. I wanted to help kids, but what I didn’t know at the time was I am highly empathic. I worked with children and heard about their experiences and then I carried that heaviness with me. The emotional toll was too much. Read more>>

Andrew Kelly | Food Truck Owner/Operator

We initially started right in the middle of Covid, and we figured once things settled down we would have more control over when and where we worked. That, combined with our love of the onion burgers growing up, was the perfect combination. Read more>>

Pierre Hamilton | CEO of Up IN Smoke

What legacy am I leaving for my kids? I don’t want them to ever go thru the struggles I did. Now me, I give them struggles respect because they made me the man I am today, but the times & generation is different. Why am I not using my talents and mindset to increase my income. After listening to different motivational speakers like E.T ( Eric Thomas), listening to businessman like Rick Ross, various podcasts I had to sit down and find my passion, something that I enjoy. Read more>>

Chinyere Kalu | Skin Therapist/ Esthetician

Well, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I can recount times as a pre-teen Googling ways to get a job at 12 I sold hand-sewn pillows and candy at school. I even did people’s homework ( I just retired from this side hustle this year). Essentially, I am always about getting to the money. While getting my BS in Human Development, I was in the works of going to beauty school. Read more>>

 J Nimo | Boxing coach

Well I started working under multiple people before I decided to go out on my own with owning my own business. I started a few businesses as a partnership with others ideas. That wasn’t as successful as something that you’re genuinely passionate about. That doesn’t feel like a job but it’s on your mind 24/7 from sun up to sun down that you enjoy putting in endless hours doing it. Read more>>

Raynie Castaneda | Entrepreneur & Activist

I am nuero-divergent and am on the Autism Spectrum. I’m also ADHD. I’ve never worked well in a traditional work environment, or in school for that matter. It ate me up that I spent most of my life working for someone else, doing something I wasn’t passionate about or cared about, making money that wasn’t near enough to actually support myself. Read more>>

Selena Moreno Ferrer | Esthetician

I wanted freedom to do what I love, which is to make women feel beautiful. Read more>>

Vera Ukpabi | Certified Christian Life & Mental Health Coach

I started my Christian life coaching business because I wanted to help other believers and disciples reach their highest potential (mentally, socially and economically) Read more>>

Ayisha Collins | Photographer & Videographer

I started taking random landscape photos and pictures of my friends. I then taught myself the basics of editing and the different styles of taking photos, After I got the basics down, I started going to concerts or other special events and networking with more photographers. After dedicating countless hours on traveling and on my portfolio that is when I decided I was going to invest everything in my photography and videography business. Read more>>

Sergio Peña | Psychic Medium & Esoteric Shop Owner

I remember being very scared to start a business in the metaphysical and spiritual field. Nervous thoughts about what my friends or family might think really blinded my judgment and will to move forward. Read more>>

Jon Ruhl | Singer/songwriter/deep sea diver

Be your own boss! Set your own hours! Little did I realize it also meant I wasn’t allowed to ever think about anything else. Growing a brand as an artist is a strange thing, because if people catch one whiff of desperation and they check out. But artists are inherently desperate, and need people to care without APPEARING that they care if people care. It’s infuriating and confusing but that’s showbusiness. Read more>>

Shavawn Everitt, RID, ASID, NCIDQ | Construction Designer & RE Investor

Starting a business is not for the faint of hearts! In my opinion, there must be passion behind why you’re starting the business. For me construction was my passion! And I realized that I could help others with my passion – not just the clients, but the entire design team. But it’s not just about helping others. It’s about filling a void that exists within the industry, supporting everyone on the design/construction team and improving the process completely. So, I started my business with these specific goals in mind. Read more>>

Destanie Franco | Photographer

When starting my business, i had alot of insecurties and obsticales to overcome. I knew i had always wanted to be my own boss and have something that was sucessful that i created. I had just gotten married and had my first son and wanted to get back to working, but was so tired of working for other people and having to choose between work or being home with my family, so i chose both! Read more>>

Nyesha Dixon | NV purses&more

As a single mother of two living in today’s society, a second stream of income is a must have. When I decided to start my own busy I knew it have to be something that I was highly passionate about. And that’s what drove me to start NV purses and more. Read more>>

Jenn Sharrer | Mom & Entrepreneur

I have worked in corporate America the last 23 years. Constantly chasing the title in a male dominant industry (wine distribution& wineries) It was 5 years ago to the year that my husband and I both had an aha moment as he was landing and I was taking off to yet another city a part not only from eachother but also our 4 kids that we realized it was time for a change. Read more>>

Jamal Minor | Founder and CEO | Educational Consultant

Being raised in Oak Cliff taught me how to survive, but it also taught me how to exceed expectations and want more for myself. I was the inner-city child who dared to dream the impossible dream of wanting to be famous and well-known for my artistic creativity. I was a part of the step team, TAG (Talented and Gifted), debate team, oratorical contests, choir, and all kind of things. Read more>>

Alexa Lopes | Boudoir & Lifestyle Photographer

I wanted to create a space that I could offer women the experience of luxury while also allowing them to be comfortable enough to capture their inner goddess. Every woman deserves to see themselves in a new light and fall in love with all that they are. Read more>>

Alexandra Vanwinkle | Business Owner

When my boyfriend and I started our business, we were still working our full-time corporate restaurant jobs. We had both been in the service industry for many years working long nights and early mornings. We eventually started thinking to ourselves, we need something new. We needed to find a way to work for ourselves and actually enjoy what we are doing. Read more>>

Drake Clifton | Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur

I lost my job back in 2020 when Covid hit, that was the start. I was feeling depressed and needed money to pay bills. During that time, I ended up building a coop out of free material for a friend so she could keep her own food during the pandemic, she loved it! I also loved to design and build it for her & it helped me feel better about my situation. Read more>>

Asad Asad | Owner/CEO of Ace’s Home Remodeling

n late March 2022, I was with my wife on our first year anniversary trip in Dubai. She is a Moroccan Citizen and we are still waiting on her to arrive to the United States. In the meantime I visit her in Morocco or sometimes take a trip elsewhere. My wife, Salwa asked me what I was going to do, I told her either way my back is the wall I might as well start my own company. Read more>>

Kalisha Harris | Artisan Jewelry Maker

I wanted to make jewelry that was eye catching and stunning. I want my brand to be able to spread through references that value my products and customer service. Read more>>

Kacy Smyers | Event Planner

I grew up with parents who ran their own small businesses so it was just nautral for me. My dad started his own business, Paris Pump Service, in 1969. My mom open our event venue is 2003 which is also how I got involved in the event industry. Read more>>

Swapna Abraham | interior designer, author, actor, and branding consultant

It wasn’t a business. It was a singing-songwriting challenge through 1000 days. I wanted to do something that wasn’t done before. That said, I am also an interior designer, author, actor, and branding consultant. Read more>>

Jean Choyce | Travel Advisor & Concierge

After almost 39 years as a Federal servant, I am planning my retirement in the next few months! With my current career travel was required about 50 % of the time, so with retirement upcoming I prayed for direction in my life. It was not so long after which I was led to becoming a home based Independent travel advisor (ITA)! Read more>>