Starting a business can be terrifying. Weighing the pros and cons, the risks, and other considerations can be so overwhelming that often promising entrepreneurs stop before they even start. We asked some phenomenal entrepreneurs about their thought process behind starting their own businesses. Our hope is that by making the thought-process less intimidating we can help more folks think through whether they should take an entrepreneurial leap.

Elizabeth Almaraz | Eyelash Extension Specialist

I loved the confidence and how beautiful eyelash extensions made me feel. I knew this was a feeling I wanted other women to experience. While scrolling through social media, I came across a new enrollment session at Glance Lash Academy in Fort Worth. I contacted the school, did some research, created a plan, and then enrolled at GLA. After graduating GLA and passing the state exam, I became a licensed Eyelash Extension Specialist. I applied for a LLC and now I am the proud owner of Bella Lashes By Liz, LLC. I am passionate about what I do and want all of my clients to feel beautiful, confident, and to love their custom eyelash extensions that I am able to create for them. Read more>>

Donna Coontz | Handmade Jewelry Designer

I’ve always loved jewelry, especially pieces that you could wear every day. That’s how I came up with the name “Gems For Everyday .” I started making pieces that would go with outfits that I had and would get lots of complements from strangers who said I should sell my jewelry. So I thought I would give it a shot. Read more>>

Caleb Bogenschutz | Custom Furniture Builder

I’ve always had interest in starting my own business. Prior to my custom furniture business, I attempted to start two different businesses with some friends of mine. Those pursuits taught me many lessons about perseverance and dealing with failure. Something about starting a business from nothing was always very intriguing to me. As for my current business, I had always enjoyed wood shop classes in junior high and high school. After purchasing my first home, I had a random thought to turn my garage into a small wood shop. I began building small items like home decor signs, lazy susans, and stove top covers. Read more>>

Veronica Sanders | CEO + Principal Interior Designer

The thought process behind starting my own business came from two places, the adage of “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and the African proverb “Each one teach one”. I was on a journey to discover my passion as I didn’t ever want to be someone working at a job for years, simply for the paycheck. I wanted to be fulfilled in my work and have a career I’m proud of. When I discovered the interior design profession, I was hooked! I think I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and have been in leadership positions as far back as I can remember (ie. lead in a stage play in 6th grade, front and center at the step show in junior high and high school, and president of student chapters and educational ambassador in college). Read more>>

Melyssa Herrera | Lucky Birds Boutique Owner

The birth of my daughter and my return to work threw me into a jolting roller coaster ride of emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I love roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas; Not with my emotions. It’s exhausting! I knew that I had to figure out some way to spend more time with my growing family while also supporting the household. After discussing a long list of options, the obvious solution was to stoke the coals of my in-law’s pop-up jewelry business: Lucky Birds. Read more>>

Hope Gray | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

When I was in high school I was already enjoying using photography to capture special moments between friends, family, and at my local church. Senior year I knew I wanted to pursue photography as my career. There are a few reasons behind starting a career in photography. Firstly, the adventure that comes with being a photographer, I am always meeting new people and traveling to many different places. Secondly, I am able to see all of my hard work come to fruition and it is great to see the fruits of my labor. Thirdly, the flexibility that comes with being a photographer. This is a career that can grow with me through every season of life. It means always having a work-life balance as times change in my life. Read more>>

tamara anaya | Fiber artist & online business

That i wanted freedom and independence and been able to be creative, i used to work up to 16 hours per day on a big company on a computer and i also never liked receiving orders or being controlled by anyone, i wasnt scared of taking the control of my life, i just didnt really know how i was going to do it so i was also impulsive tho but still the best thing ive done Read more>>

Maria Screeton | Real Estate Broker & Entrepreneur

Growing up in Dallas, I would drive the beautiful streets of Oak Cliff. There were good and bad parts like most cities. Our home was in West Dallas with a view of beautiful Downtown Dallas. I remember seeing buildings being built and go up in downtown, that would fascinate me! Back then in the 80s and 90s, it was not what it is now, but there were these BIG houses that caught my attention. One day I turned to my mother and said “Ama, I’m going to buy you a house just like that when I grow up!”. My mother’s smile grew so big, and that is the main reason I chose to go into Real Estate. I’m following a childhood dream. This dream is still in process by the way. As a child, I didn’t know it would be such a passion of mine. Now the relationships I’ve built with my now friends who started as clients, is priceless! Read more>>

Revisha Threats | Lash Technician/ Make up Artist & Residential/Commercial Turn Key Spealist

Leading with god first an foremost in anything an everything I do. Providing for my family, creating a legacy, and having a stable income. Building a solid foundation for my children. I don’t ever want anything handed to me in this life. I work hard for everything. I want to set the right example for my children an anyone that’s striving to be the best like me.Especially those who might feel discouraged or feel like they want to give up at chasing there dream. I literally put blood, sweat & tears into my businesses. For example: I know that I could not afford my lash, make up equipment , and schooling , when I started my business, so I took another route. I started my cleaning business to pay for my 1st business. Quitting was never a option, when life gives you a road block, you take a detour. I have 4 blessing that depend on me an only me, the goal is to never let them down. Read more>>

Avery Jerina | High Schooler & Freelance Photographer

At this point in time, my photography is still in its beginning stages of transitioning from a hobby to a complete business. Since I only recently turned 18 and am a senior in high school, getting this business running has been a slow but meaningful process. I began practicing this art at the age of 13 after picking up my parent’s camera, which they purchased to capture images of my youth. I recall scavenging through our backyard, desperately looking for any item or scene worth photographing. Presently, my photos are nowhere near what they were on that first day in my backyard, but they all come from that same place of curiosity and passion. So I suppose there was never an extensive thought process that went in to starting my business, I just knew that I had something worth sharing. Read more>>

Ashja Steed | Last Artist

I’ve been working since I was 16, from grocery stores to restaurants. My very last 9 to 5 I was a security officer with very long hours. I had worked there for almost a year when I realized I didn’t want to have to work for anyone other than myself ever again. I always had very long hours with barely anytime to spend with my daughter. It was then that I decided to start my own business where I can make my own hours and not have to answer to anyone. Read more>>

Munira Syeda | PR Consultant & Impact Startup Founder

During the 2020 lockdown, I sought a deeper meaning in my world. I finally decided I wanted to launch a women’s clothing line. Being born in Pakistan and having familiarity with the rich handicrafts of the region, I thought – wouldn’t it be nice to bring these rich handicrafts to north Texas and rest of the U.S., making these ancient techniques relevant for today’s modern women, and expand opportunities for Pakistani women artisans to making a living. Read more>>

Gigliola (Gigi) Zimmermann | Private Dinners/Cooking Classes Chef

Honestly, I believe it was meant to be, because it happened so organically that I didn’t even realized how the puzzle got completed by itself! Things worked where I was able to have quality time with my family, and continue with creating menus/cooking classes and private dinners. Read more>>

Pam Seidman | BYBBA Founder

After working in fashion for 25 years building brands like Valentino, Express and Nine West, I saw an opportunity when NY started making noise about banning single use plastics. I’ve always had a fascination with packaging and shopping bags (even collecting them as a young girl growing up in NYC) but was now faced with the impending idea that single-use bags- plastic and otherwise- were truly wasteful and, more often than not, destructive to our planet. Read more>>

Dorion Gipson | Web Development & Optimization

I was working a IT contract job doing desktop support and was laid off due to Covid and cutbacks. While unemployed I was at my father’s convenience store helping him with his social media and online presence when it came to me that there was a need to help small businesses with marketing online. A need in the black community with assistance with the upkeep of business. I saw the need to help black businesses generate more clientel offline and online. Read more>>

Justin Parker | Networking, Branding & PR Expert

My thought process… This is a great question! I knew I was designed for something great, even as a young boy! I worked four jobs as a young adult just to live “The American Dream,” yet I was working for someone else’s cause and dream. This particular business was inspired by my wife & her desire to help small businesses reach maximum potential. It is my desire to level the playing field while simultaneously alleviating the financial burden it is on small business to receive clear and concise advisement during a critical stage of their journey of social media & branding. So, I did as much research as humanly possible to figure out a way to make my business profitable without needing quantity, but instead Quality. I can proudly say that I definitely provide quality to my clients! I hired a business mentor & got right to work and have served my clients with the very best value and quality since 2019, and am now living life on my own terms and my own American Dream. Read more>>

De Shunn T. Berry | Owner and Founder of Shunn B. Films/Film Director/ Cinematographer

My whole thought process behind me starting my own busses was to make a creative avenue for myself and others. I wanted to be able to express myself through my work in film and photography. Read more>>

Cole Moulton | Owner | Sauce Czar

I’ve always had a passion for cooking and creating my own recipes. And, I’ve also always played around with spicy peppers. Whether that be making batches of salsas for friends and family members, or finding new and unique hot sauces to try. I never really put much thought into making it a full time business although it did cross my mind from time to time as I’d have people tell me they’d “buy it” if I made more. But, I also own a small web design/digital marketing company and was always too busy to take their requests seriously. Read more>>

Miraca Johnson | Writer and Producer

I started Mouthful because I wanted to create a platform where real people could have real conversations about real life. I see so many conversations and posts about relationships, marriage, social/racial issues, new parenting, health, wealth, politics, sports and generational issues on social media and I wanted Mouthful to be a safe place where people can actually sit down at a table and have the those same conversations, but face to face. I think sometimes we get comfortable texting and communicating via phone that we lose that sense of feeling and emotion through verbal conversations. Read more>>

Sharmayne Green | Esthetician

The thought process behind starting my own business was to continue to work for someone else until I can save enough money to leave that company and work for myself . I also knew it would be a huge risk because I didn’t know what was going to happen or if I would be successful at becoming a business owner. I made sure I researched as much as I could before I decided to take the risk . Ultimately I decided to become a esthetician after visiting esthetics schools and learning more about the profession. I had many options to choose from but esthetics stuck out more to me . Read more>>

Alexa Huddleston | Mama & Business Owner

I started my business out of a need to express my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. I was six months into another business endeavor that was always meant to be temporary when I started planning for my current business. I was pregnant with my first baby and in grad school, and I knew I wanted to be able to stay home with him and soak up all the lovely newborn bliss, but I also had responsibilities to school and to working in some aspect. I wanted to be able to support my family, and I wanted to be able to follow my dreams. So many times, when you’re a young mom, you’re told how much you’ll lose out on once you have a baby. To me, that just wasn’t true. I knew that I could have my baby AND follow my dreams. It makes my heart swell with pride that my little boy will grow up knowing that women are strong because he’ll grow up seeing me live that out. Read more>>