We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until you’re clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Tobenna Attah | Professor

A value I am passionate about is education. The vocation of teaching stands as a noble and influential profession, wielding a profound impact on individuals and the global community. Virtually every person acquiring literacy or problem-solving skills owes their knowledge to an educator, highlighting the pivotal role professors play in shaping both individuals and societies. Throughout my experiences, I’ve worked to find ways to advance education while also maintaining a leadership role in the construction management industry. This passion for finding synergies within my professional career has helped lead to opportunities for me to share my passion for education with college students in the DFW area. Read more>>

Denise Holguin | 1st VP and Social Media Chair for the Visual Art League of Lewisville

Whether in business or personal life, there are qualities that distinguish people and make you want to work (or play) with them and vice versa. Among them, it’s integrity. It means you can count on a person to follow-through. There’s an inherent trust factor that their word means something. Read more>>

John Chavers | Electronic Musician (Stage Name: J.N3ON)

The Golden Rule is a very important principle that I try to live by: “To treat others as one would like to be treated”. I, myself like to be treated kindly, and, thus, I believe that all people should be treated likewise. Besides, there is already too much difficulty in the world without adding social stress to that equation. Why can’t we all just get along, right? John Lennon penned the phrase, “All we need is love”. Maybe he was on to something? Read more>>

Alfonso Evans | Celebrity Jeweler & Navy Veteran

My journey in founding The Real Jewelry Company was fueled by a blend of personal passion and a deep sense of purpose. At the core, my vision was to establish a legacy for my children, something enduring and significant that would not only secure their future but also serve as a testament to the power of perseverance and innovation. Moreover, as an African-American entrepreneur, it was paramount for me to stand as a beacon of inspiration for young boys who see themselves in me. I wanted to demonstrate that with dedication and strategic thinking, one can ascend the heights of the business world, irrespective of their background. Read more>>

Kimberly Codr | RN, BSN

After working as an RN in various hospital settings, I became disheartened by witnessing patients slipping through the gaps in healthcare. This inspired me to establish my own business to integrate natural healthcare practices with traditional medicine, ultimately aiming to provide a more comprehensive approach to patient care. Read more>>

Arelene Bembry | Candle Maker

I originally genuinely enjoyed making things. I was always crafty and anything that piqued my interest, I was willing to try it. After sometime people started to love the different things I was creating, rather showcasing it at markets or pop up events. I had began getting request from those who loved my craft and how they could purchase it, & It was only then in 2018 I decided to turn my craft into a business. It was something I was willing to take a risk on and took the leap of faith on myself. I was opening myself up to learning about ‘owning a business’ along the way as I didn’t have mentors or at that time, didn’t even know anyone in business. But this journey has taught me so much and it was the best decision I’ve made. Read more>>

Reon Eaton | Mobile Bartending Services Owner

I have been in the restaurant industry since I was in high school (since around 2012). I was accepted in the culinary magnet at Richardson High School, in North Dallas. I worked in every part of a restaurant from hosting to bartending. In 2020, I had just graduated college and came back to Dallas. The pandemic really changed a lot in the restaurant industry. A lot of restaurants had closed their doors, but that’s all I knew. A friend from college had told me about a restaurant/bar opening, in Deep Ellum. I jumped on the chance to do what I knew and also work in one of the most popular spots in Dallas. I was hired as a server, but I really wanted to try being behind the bar for the first time. Bartenders have always been interesting to me. Bartending seemed fun, fast-paced and overall exciting. I would always ask my manager to give me a chance behind the bar, to no avail. Read more>>

Kavon Frazier | CEO and Founder of Built 4 It

Starting Built 4 It was a natural progression for me given my long-standing passion for football. Having been a part of this sport for over 20+ years, I have seen and experienced the challenges that come with training for the NFL Draft and the obstacles that aspiring athletes face. These challenges and obstacles were not limited to those aspiring for the NFL teams, but also to those who were faced with a less glamorous path to get there. Read more>>

Briana Bonney and Chelsea Moorman | RDHs & Owners of The Lazy Hygienist, LLC

We started The Lazy Hygienist (TLH) to empower dental hygienists to work smarter and not harder. There are so many requirements to keep our licenses current and it is often difficult to keep track of – or even to figure out where to look to find the answers. We both have been on the board of directors for the Dallas Dental Hygienist’s Association since we graduated and have not only been mentored on how to host continuing education events, but have become accustomed to answering questions hygienists in our area have about dental practice laws and license renewal requirements. Hearing the same questions over and over again, we kept telling ourselves – THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY TO DO THIS. The goal of TLH is to provide a centralized location to find the answers to these questions, resources on completing requirements, and information on office compliance all while promoting the importance of being a member of our professional organization. We offer services, such as CPR renewals and self-study courses, that our professional organization is unable to provide at this time. We are passionate about providing resources to hygienists who are perhaps new graduates and unsure of how to navigate working in a dental office for the first time, seasoned hygienists who are looking for something to inspire them and re-new their love of dental hygiene, busy hygienists who just need an easy way to keep track of everything, and everyone in between! To us, laziness isn’t about what we aren’t doing; Laziness is the choices we make to simplify the things we can in order to focus more on the aspects of our lives and careers that are the most important to us. Read more>>

Olivia Georgette | MultiDisciplinary Artist

I existed in a world where my skin was too dark, my hair was too “nappy”, my hips were too wide, and my lips were too big. If I wanted to be considered “beautiful” I had to fit into what the media said was beautiful. I had to be a fair-skinned skinny woman with long straight permed hair. Whether I turned on a TV, looked up at a billboard, or walked into a museum, I was constantly reminded of the “beauty” I lacked. Unbeknownst to me, I was being trained to hate my beautiful brown skin, my plus-size body, and my tightly coiled hair. In 2012 after 15 long years, I decided to stop perming my hair and embrace my beauty out loud. When I started making art my muse was myself. I used my paintbrush stroke to heal the little girl inside who hated herself. I painted all my insecurities on a canvas and then put that canvas on display for others to see. My very first art show was when I realized I was needed in this space. I started my business because little black girls like me need to see art that looks like them. Women like me need to see art that shows us how beautiful our stretch marks are. I started this business to take up space and provide the missing pieces I didn’t have as a young woman. Read more>>

Miles Brown | Owner of MB WORLDWIDE LLC

Starting my own business wasn’t an easy choice for me. There were a few things in my way. 1. I had never started my own anything before
2. Doing my business meant I wouldn’t be focused on my dad’s business.
3. I was starting something I felt called to, but I did not know the industry AT ALL.
These things made me not want to do my own business. Made it easy to want to stay in my position. When you start a business everything that does or does not happen, is because of you. And that can be a lot of pressure. But eventually I realized I did have my own goals, I had my own passions, and there was no way for me to reach them without starting my own business. So now that’s what I’m doing and it is a fun ride! Read more>>

Nyquel Phillips | Cosmetic Boutique Proprietor

I initiated Dollminknblinkco during my sophomore year in high school back in 2019, initially as a side hustle. Despite having a version and a plan, securing funding was a challenge. To overcome this hurdle, I convened a family meeting to present my ideas and seek their support. Fortunately, they agreed, enabling me to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. With the support received, I purchased my first batch of inventory, leading to a profit of over $1,000. This success fueled my determination to make a lasting impact in the beauty industry. I started with lashes, recognizing their significance to women, and later expanded into other cosmetics. Over the years, my business has experienced exponential growth, and the thought of giving up, even during challenging school times, has never crossed my mind. Currently, my mission extends beyond business; I am on a journey to inspire mature ladies of all ages, emphasizing the importance of looking elegant and poised while pursuing continuous learning. Read more>>

April Tungate | Maternity, Newborn, & Family Photographer

I started my business after loosing my dad unexpectedly in 2019. I was angry and sad that I didn’t have any good quality photos of him. I needed an outlet and my wife got me a camera so I took that anger and focused on photography!

It started out just taking photos of my nieces and dogs and then grew to more family and friends! That’s when I fell in love. I wanted to give others what I didn’t have. The gift of memories. Read more>>

Julian Hill | Entrepreneur & Innovator

First, I thought— Am I crazy? 🤷🏽‍♂️ But seriously,

w/ NotaryROAD:
… I’ve always been drawn to innovation, having dived into cryptocurrencies like bitcoin early on. My belief in Web3 and decentralization as the future led to the inception of NotaryROAD. The idea emerged from firsthand frustrations with the archaic notarization process, which is falling out of sync with the digital age. The thought of solving this accessibility issue and embracing the potential of Web3/ Decentralization and Blockchain fueled the creation of NotaryROAD. Read more>>

Amanda Young | LCSW-S, EMDR Trained Professional, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Sound Therapist, Registered 200 hr Trauma Conscious Yoga Teacher, Certified Somatic Healing Practicioner and Certified Mindfulness Informed Professional

I wanted to cultivate a business where I could reach individuals who look like me and give them a place of safety to heal. I am big on being mentally fit as well as physically fit. I know from a personal standpoint how movement has a positive impact on your mental and how they directly impact each other. So, before I started my business, I looked for complementary ways to merge the mental health with the physical health for optimal healing. I wanted to be sure to address the “whole” self-using gentle movement, sound, music, mindfulness and most importantly rest to reset the nervous system dealing with trauma. Through this lens, this is where I founded Realign and Unwind Therapy and Wellness PLLC. A place where you can kick off your shoes, relax, recalibrate and increase your vibration. Read more>>

Keyshaun Thomas | Loctician & Content Creator

In embarking on my entrepreneurial journey with my loc business, several key elements have significantly shaped my path. Firstly, a deep passion for promoting natural hair care and celebrating the unique beauty of locs has been a driving force. Additionally, my commitment to providing a personalized and quality experience for clients has guided my business approach. Continuous learning, adaptability, and staying attuned to industry trends have also been integral, ensuring that my services remain innovative and relevant. Building a strong network and fostering community engagement have played vital roles, creating a supportive environment for both clients and fellow entrepreneurs. Overall, it’s the combination of passion, commitment, adaptability, continuous learning, and community-building that has been the cornerstone of my entrepreneurial journey. Read more>>

Rene Cruz | Known as: CruzTheBarber | Founder of Limitless Barber Lounge

Limitless has been designed to be a highly valued experience from the moment any client see’s any online ad and/or walks through the door. That experience comes from the barbers that choose to be on board with the missions at task each and every day. A Limitless barber is someone who wants to thrive from passion to create a foundation, provide high quality services, build relationships, give back to the community, find balance & create an above average life. Limitless has no room for barbers who don’t respect the barber life for its full potential. Being an above average barber comes from within. Respecting not only yourself but your craft and your Read more>>