Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Daisha Truitt | Licensed Cosmetologist

Risks are usually thought of as a daunting task. There’s stress over the outcome, if it’s the right decision or will it be worth it. I think of risk as a life necessity. It’s what keeps us living and moving forward. Everything in life is a risk. Every time we get behind the wheel is a risk, yet most of us do it everyday. I don’t think risks are the same as impulsiveness, as they should still be evaluated for the pros and cons. So, while they come big and small, the bigger the risk, the higher the reward. For instance, I don’t feel that I would have been satisfied if I hadn’t taken the risk to move to Texas to start my cosmetology career. Having no outside connections and not knowing what was in store for me on this path was the biggest risk I’ve taken in my life. I gave up familiarity and the same routine for a different lifestyle. The biggest role risk taking has made an impact on my life is that it helps broaden my horizon to more possibilities. As scary as it was initially, I knew that if I made a plan, was determined and stuck to it that my goals would be reached. Read more>>

Stephanie Corral | Watercolor Artist & Instructor

Taking risks in life is an important way to learn and grow as an individual. We tend to think of risks as extreme, like sky diving or riding motorcycles. But even trying new food can be just as exciting for some, and it can open your eyes to new possibilities. Once, many years ago, I was laid off. At that time, I was without a college degree, and I felt that my options were limited. I took a big step and started a new career path. Even though I started at the bottom, I quickly excelled and became one of the best. The truth was I didn’t love what I was doing. I returned to school to complete my education, not knowing that upon completion, in December of 2019, the world would be flipped on its head only a few months later. This decision turned out to be what drove me into the art career that I have decided to pursue today. My art is bold, bright, and happy! I love using color and making sure my subjects portray a story. Read more>>

Anthony Gaut | Actor

I tried writing out some big profound answer a few times, as to how I look at risk, overcome it, etc. but….. this may be bad to say but I don’t really think about risk, or at least not often to form an opinion on it. I do, and have done a lot of “risky” things on paper, but for me, It’s more that if I’m called to do something, I just… do it. When I feel that calling, I trust myself to know that this thing that I feel I need to be doing right now, is driving me towards my ultimate purpose, and I’ve found that moving towards my purpose is worth most, if not all risks for me. Until recently, I’ve been bouncing around from my various passions but now I truly feel I’ve found my main outlet in acting. It’s arguably my riskiest decision, but if you saw how much time I’m spending, the improvements I’ve been making, it looks a lot less risky. For me, I think that’s why I don’t get as scared of risk, I trust myself to put in the time and commitment necessary to be successful in that risky endeavor. Read more>>

Paulet Del Castillo | Actress

I think taking risks is necessary in order to become an actor. You have to step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to become a different person and 9/10 times, that requires taking a risk and performing the scene differently than you normally would. Casting might hate it or they might love it, but at least it’s something different. Read more>>

Stephanie Luster | Realtor/Blogger/Influencer

I am definitely all about taking risk. I think the biggest mistake any one could make is not going after something because of fear. Fear will always be there, but you should do it anyways. No one gets to success by taking the safe road and not taking risks! So definitely take the risks and see where the wild ride takes you. Read more>>

Tricia Lauerman | Pole & Aerial Studio Owner

I suppose being a pole and aerial enthusiast as well as owning the studio, you would think that I was very comfortable taking risks. After all, what we do does seem risky. However, I am constantly assessing the risk versus the outcome, determining whether it is worth risking my safety, my money or my reputation. All in an instant. So business decisions seem less risky in comparison. I definitely don’t linger over most decisions as a result. Risky or not, I rely on past experiences to guide me. Read more>>

Carley Marsteller | Balloon Stylist & Attorney

I quit my job as an attorney to pursue Stellar full time, and it was absolutely terrifying! I wasn’t fully fulfilled as an attorney, but at the same time it was the career I had worked my entire life towards, so to give that up to start a balloon business was wild! But at the end of the day I am so much happier and that’s what really matters. Read more>>

Antonip James | Traveling Wedding & Couples Photographer

I’m a Cowboy first. The cowboy way is looking risk dead smack in the eyes and taking em dead on. So when I think about risk, I think that anything worth having is worth riding the bull for. Risk means it’s a reward at the end. What role has taking risks played in your life or career? A big role! I have a degree in the dental field. That’s right, I went to dental school just to work it for 3 months and then take a risk… I quit a good paying career, not job, CAREER! I took the risk and went full on in photography. It’s been one of the best decision of my life. I have gained so much happiness, so many buds worldwide, I get too travel to amazing places with that amazing woman I love. I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking extremely difficult risk. Sometimes the risk didn’t add up for a while but the longer I stood my ground took more risk.. everything always eventually fell in line. So taking risk doesn’t mean the first time you hop on the bull your going to win the PBR but if you keep hoping on even after you fall off bad you’ll get there eventually. Risk is always plural because it takes more than one to hit the end goal. Read more>>

Kenni Sosa | Barber, Music Artist, Actor, & Beard Connoisseur

I wouldn’t call it risk taking I would call it stepping out on faith. I would of never thought in a million years I would be a barber. If I didn’t get out of my own way I wouldn’t have seen what God can do in my life. There a song where the gentleman says “You can’t fly till you jump” shuck to me is the perfect analogy for taking risk. How would you ever know what’s on the other side if you don’t at least try. Read more>>

Summer Butler | Author & Speaker

Having faith in a world driven by popularity and conformation runs the risk of sudden goodbyes. For the sake of one more life, being a Christian often means being misunderstood and that is ok. In this case, the reward outweighs the risk and this drives the force behind our ministry. Read more>>

Jaeson Green | Artist/Songwriter

I believe in risk. To me Risk and Faith are the same thing. You have to believe in yourself or a higher power in order to move forward on a business idea that could go left, that’s a risk. Releasing a song or an album that could or wont get exposure, that’s a risk. Even something like your own personal relationships with people there are risk involved. So for me its apart of my nature to be comfortable taking risk. Read more>>