Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Chrystal Booty | Founder & Executive Director

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks following my 30th birthday. At the time I was a single mom of 3 boys; 6,8 & 11. It was very difficult maintaining basic home needs let alone not having other individuals in the same boat that I could relate to was very stressful financially and emotionally while having to go through treatment. I founded Pieces of Hope Texas on the basis of helping other cancer warriors with financial assistance, resources and emotional support while going through treatment. Our logo represents different forms of cancer that have affected those close to me and our pieces represent providing “hope in small pieces” In 2021 I celebrated my 10 year cancerversary. Read more>>

MIchele Washington | Floral Designer & Party Stylist

In the midst of the pandemic, my event business suffered tremendously. As a self-taught Florist & Party Stylist, it was really hard for me to do weddings & private events or really anything, due to cancellations beyond anyone’s control. . So this is when I decided to pick my brain and come up with a way that I can use my talents to make money in a safe way but also in a way that I wouldn’t get burnt out on. After praying to God for guidance in a breakthrough I started to study Pinterest and really get ideas for what I can do to be able to bring people together creatively and this is when I started to see boho picnics & backyard parties constantly popping up on my feed. The idea inspired me to be able to create a similar aesthetic which sparked the idea of hosting luxury picnics for clients. Read more>>

Jessica Bakker | Designer & Succulent Collector

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Some made a point to make a career out of it, some did it to bring in extra income or to express themselves creatively. My maternal grandmother was a seamstress and I spent much of my childhood in her sewing room. My paternal grandfather kept bees and I liked to watch him make honey. My mother and aunt started their own bridal shop and successfully ran it for two decades. Read more>>

Dreka Inez | Motivational Speaking Momtrepreneur

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was in an abusive relationship that went astray and my children and I were kicked out of their home. I stayed in a hotel for a week, and then found AirB&B’s to make home until I found a permeant one. At this time my children were virtual learning, I was working full time, all while trying to find a home. I began to record my journey, without saying I was “homeless”, but showing my growth and process of making it through my storm. Everyday I would post a “Message of the day” and from that grew what I have created today. A month after staying in AirB&B’s I found a home. I kept creating, recording, editing at work and posting until I created the platform that I have now. A phone and Wi-Fi is all I had and that is what created the motivational and uplifting platform that I have today. Read more>>

Ariel Ewell, MBA | Founder of You’re In Black Women’s Business & CEO of KAAS Luxury Skincare

You’re In Black Women’s Business came about by enduring our own battles of entrepreneurship and professional career. We wanted to develop a resource for black women, men, and young adults that would like to develop their career and entrepreneurship. We are just starting out and will steadily gather resources that helped us and also provide resources that others inquired about. It is important to have these resources for our community for those that do not know where to begin or how to begin or are struggling in their journey. Read more>>

Cafe con Flores | Dessert shop

We have always loved cooking and baking! It was a family tradition cooking and baking as a family, celebrate each birthday, Christmas, and special events with delicious and homemade cakes and desserts. My mom had started her baking business in our home country, Venezuela. However, after she came to visit me for few months, the Pandemic hit and she couldn’t return home. Read more>>

Diego Taormina | The Asylum Radio Network Owner/DJ

I decided to start the station for the pure love of the music and the radio industry over all. Growing tired of the pay to play era that most music platforms and stations have inherited over time. Just being a radio dj for so long I have seen many great bands that have been discovered but never got any radio play or any attention on social media because either they were not signed or they were signed and their record label would shelf their music as opposed to getting them out there or they just over all were so new to the industry that they didn’t know where to start their selves. Here there is plenty of room on our servers for us to spin the greatest rock monsters of our time and a undiscovered ‘bar band’ from nowhere ville USA and they are all on the same level playing field. Read more>>

Darrin Morrison | Founder & Grill Master

The idea of our signature grilled cheeseburger started when my children were young. Like most kids, they were picky eaters and gave me strange requests, and one day they both wanted cheeseburgers but they refused to eat the buns. So, I improvised: I made them cheeseburgers on grilled cheese bread and it immediately became one of their favorite meals. My nickname has always been Big D, so once my kids were older, it changed from Dad’s Special Cheeseburger to Big D’s Grilled Cheese. Read more>>

Becca Taylor | Event Planner & Designer

The idea of Anthem House was a culmination of my over-a-decade in the wedding planning world. I have always LOVED my relationships with my clients and thrived on creating a beautiful day for them that was logistically smooth, intentionally gorgeous, and artfully memorable. In spending so much time fine-tuning my logistics and design planning, I felt like on wedding weeks and weekends, I needed a fuller team to execute and give full attention to my clients. Behind the scenes, I was loving running ideas and designs by my colleagues and team. Read more>>

Bee Lacole | Personal Stylist & Fashion Connoisseur

I have always been in tuned with fashion and style almost as if its uniquely a part of my DNA. It was lost on me how much some women struggle with fashion and their style. I never knew how much of a stressor it was for women until I was being begged to start styling professionally. So I came up with an idea to begin a STYLE BOUTIQUE where women can either book me for personal styling, view my portfolio or self shop my site and feel confident in the choices they were selecting. Read more>>