Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Bailey Baker | Social Media Manager

I came up with the Media Medic when I was 21 years old and nearing graduation. I applied for hundreds of jobs with no luck in sight. The more positions I applied for, the more my hope began to fade. I didn’t want to continue bartending so I came up with different options for me to kickstart my passion as a social media manager. The best idea I could think of was to start a freelance business with a focus on smaller companies that need help gaining and keeping traction on social networks. After this idea, I immediately pulled out my phone and created an Instagram and Facebook account. Read more>>

Dr. Sharla Horton-Williams | Web designer and equity consultant

Depends on which business! Lol. I have lots of interests and have figured out how to turn many of them into businesses. Currently, I’m primarily focused on two things: web design and equity, inclusion, and diversity coaching and strategy development. For my design business, I found that people have great ideas and really great businesses out there, but sometimes their online presence and how they were presenting their business to the world didn’t actually match their potential. Read more>>

Alexis Soriano | Criminologist, Educator, & Photographer

The idea for creating my business began with my passion for photography. Since I was younger, I was the only one who knew how to take pictures which somehow led to me becoming the family photographer! I have always loved seeing the emotions that develop in people when taking their pictures, therefore, I knew that I had to spread my passion by “capturing memories ” in every picture for individuals to share with their loved ones. Read more>>

Sarah Leana | Motherhood and Family Photographer

I started my photography business right after high school, and at first, I did everything! I really couldn’t decide what it was I like shooting the most. From families, to weddings, to seniors – I really tried it all! It wasn’t until I gave birth to my first baby that I realized my true calling was capturing the beautiful stages of motherhood. I worked really hard to breastfeed my son, and when he was about a year old, I knew we were getting to the end of our nursing relationship because I was expecting our second, and I really wanted a photoshoot to celebrate! Read more>>

Aadit ‘AJ’ Jha | Entrepreneur, Sports data enthusiast, Business and growth mindset, Human centered thinking

There are two business i am currently running: 1. Ball Parkk 2. Sports Marvel LLC Both are related to my passion for sports analytics and the entrepreneurial mindset. I truly believe sports has the power to unite people in a way that nothing else does. This is what Nelson Mandela said and is depicted quite well in the movie ‘Invictus’. Sports is a trillion-dollar industry but most innovations are towards players. It seems this industry has largely ignored the experience of the fans. Read more>>

Brooke Kimrey | DFW Photographer

I have been taking photos since I was old enough to use a disposable camera. I remember always asking my parents for a new one each time we walked past them at the store. I loved the feeling of seeing the moments I captured for my family, and the times we would spend looking over them. Not long after that I received my first digital camera (definitely showing my age here). Needless to say, taking photos has always been a passion for me. Read more>>

Michael Weinstein | Hemp Manufacturer

My business idea came from hearing about some of the healing properties of hemp and cannabis, whether CBD or THC. I previously attended several Cannabis Cup Conventions (in legal states) with my dessert chips and salsa that I used to make. Originally I wanted to find a way to get those infused. The issue is that I live in Texas, and could not do that legally here. So I put the idea of adding cannabis to the dessert salsa on the back burner. Read more>>

Courtney + Raymond Watson | Owners/Photographer + Filmmaker of Ten Eleven film+photography

Courtney: I actually started my own photography business 8 years ago. Prior to that, I was always taking photos on my phone, disposable cameras, polaroids, etc and have always just loved photos and looking back on memories. After having children, I was constantly documenting them with each milestone. One day I “borrowed” my dad’s DSLR camera and never gave it back. Shout out to my dad! Ray: I began my career as a filmmaker by making home videos of our children. I then started out filming random projects with my phone that produced 4k video and Courtney’s camera. Read more>>

Tamika Willis | Candles Maker & CEO

In 2001 I was a 26 year old single mother struggling to get by. One Sunday after church I was brainstorming a way to make extra money. That would not take me away from son during the evening. I have always been a candle lover and bought them regularly and decide I would make candles for extra money. So I began to research books on how to make candles at Barnes and Nobles. Once I had an idea on what to do I found a candle supply company and began practicing. Read more>>

Ian Burse | Owner of the clothing brand Terruform

I actually made this brand to promote my video/photography business. I wanted to market a brand and grow it in order to do it for other companies. Of course, i wanted the name to be nice and clean. Even though it was made to progress my first business, I still wanted it to be a great business. Terra means Earth and Form means to shape. I thought this would be a good name for a brand centered around health and wellness. The brand was going to begin with fitness, but i decided the easiest route would be streetwear first. Read more>>