Are you thinking about starting a business?  If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Natetisha McIntosh | Founder & CEO

Hello I’m Natetisha, the Founder and CEO of LashUp BrowDown. LashUp BrowDown originated in Anchorage, Alaska 11 years ago, where we only specialized in lashes at the time. LUBD begin as a thought of how to make extra income. I had a decent full time job, but extra income is always nice right? As a consumer of receiving lash services I told myself, I could do that. So I taught myself how to do eyelash extensions. I’ve always been a visual, and hands on person so I just knew I could do it. Practicing on friends and family. I mastered my craft and built a full part time career. Read more>>

Dana Lewis | Travel Designer

Honestly, I never imagined of starting a travel business, but it came completely natural. After getting on a plane for the first time in 2013, I was hooked on exploring the world. We went on several trips over the next couple of years, and so many people told me I should become a travel agent or asked me to make their own trip itineraries. One night, I guess I’d had enough of working for someone else, so I Googled becoming a travel agent, and just did it! I definitely wouldn’t recommend my methodology, but, lucky for me, it worked out! Over the years, my business has evolved, my mindset on business has matured, and Discovereighng with Dana has flourished. It has no doubt been a huge blessing in my life. Read more>>

Sévon | Owner

I think the most important thought was “you cannot work a job.” I have had that in my mind since I was a child. It truly manifested itself in my adulthood. From there, I began to try things to understand my true interests. Then It went from “I like this” to “I like this, how can we get this to make me money?” Then that went to “how do we create a system for this to always make me money?” The thought process is the same for each of my business ventures. The most important part of business is making sure you’re always in business which is consistency. Just keep going and keep reinventing yourself. Read more>>

EZ Heath | Photographer & Videographer Web Designer

My father always instilled in me that I should work for myself & not to work for no one else. He worked 2 jobs at a time my whole life while he volunteered as a basketball coach and helped other people start their own companies often for little to no reward. It’s always stuck with me and really built my mentality towards business. Our time is our most valuable asset and we can’t get that back. We spend most of our lives leasing our time to someone else. Read more>>

Joshua Blocker | Actor, Author, Performance Coach, Director & Entertainer

I just wanted to know how I could really change the world and make people feel better or just feel in general. As an actor, I never dreamed of owning my own business because I never seen it done. But I realized my life, my ability to make people laugh, evoke emotions, tell story, and impact lives was larger than myself. Entertainment was that for me…. IS THAT FOR ME. Storytelling has the power to change LIVES. Read more>>

Eric McGehearty | CEO

I love building; the process of creating something that never existed before. I’m a sculptor as well as a business owner, and both roles allow me to have an idea, set things in motion, and see that idea become a reality. I was a practicing artist and college professor before I started my first business, but there came a point where I wanted to accomplish more, to build something truly bigger than myself. Since that day, over a decade ago, I’ve been passionately striving to build something sustainable that goes well beyond the product of my own labor. With that said, to truly understand my story, it’s important to know that I’m dyslexic. Before I became an entrepreneur, I thought that business required a great deal of reading, and to be honest, that intimidated me. I overcame that hurdle with the support of my wife and family, and even discovered that assistive technology gave me a distinct productivity advantage. Read more>>

Allison Mathers | Owner & Caretaker

We moved to the city of Farmersville, Tx knowing the potential that this “diamond in the rough” had to be quite the destination and it was something we wanted to be a part of. When we first saw the historic downtown and Main Street, and the original buildings from the late 1800’s, we saw past some of the dilapidated facades and vacant shops and knew this was a special place. The Victorian home we purchased was just steps a way from the square and just screamed to be a Bed and Breakfast. To be honest, we never sought out to open or own a Bed and Breakfast, we think it sought us out!! It was just one of those investment decisions that made too much sense to NOT dive into and make successful and the history and location of Farmersville made it a perfect match. Read more>>

Amy Bowers | Health Coach

I have always been passionate about health and wellness! I love to cook and eat healthy and I am an avid exerciser. Once all of our 4 kids were in school, I decided to pursue my passion and went back to school for nutrition, After completing a year long program and becoming a certified health coach, I decided to start my own business. I knew I could help people look and feel better, and teach my clients that food can be your medicine and help heal you from the inside out. My business has ebbed and flowed and has definitely transformed over the past 7 years, I am proud of my brand, and what I have created! Read more>>

Jacklynn Lomeli | Professional Photographer

Starting your own business can always be nerve-racking, but its a risk you have to take. I kept thinking how worth it it all was in the end if it went well or didn’t for me; and the only way to know was to take the leap. I’m glad that I did. Read more>>

Hernan Cruz | Interior Plant Specialist

As many people know starting your own business does take a lot of work, so initially it took me a few years to convince myself if this was something I wanted to invest in. I had worked for companies that provided similar services , and one thing I noticed was that most of the employees Including management had very little knowledge/experience in the plant industry. As my career ended with the last company I worked for , I decided that this would be the perfect time to go off on my own. With the knowledge, experience and the small clientele base I had built up, I knew starting my own business would be my next life adventure. Read more>>

Daniel Motta | Commercial Advertising & Portrait Photographer

To be fully honest, I never expected that I would have a career as a working photographer. I’ve always been a creative, and how I became a photographer is a really cool story of how we’re led to our purpose. Originally, from the time I was a young kid I’ve always had a passion for playing music. I wanted to be a musician so bad. Throughout my 20’s I played in many bands while working at a local automotive shop to pay my bills. I’ve always been a hard worker, and for the longest time I’ve wanted to start my own business, but didn’t know how or what I would do. Unfortunately, after 10 years of working as a manager I was let go from my job. I panicked like anyone would, and wanted to find a way to where I could make some quick cash while I was looking for another job. I had a good friend that was a professional wedding photographer by the name of Randall Stewart. Read more>>

Jen Sulak | Photographer & Artist

At the time I began my business, I didn’t even know Photography would have been an option for me. I took a year-long business course that helped me understand the depths of actually HAVING one and then RUNNING one. Come to find out, the making pictures was the easiest part of it all! After being laid off from my job (many jobs) of data entry and hiding behind a desk – i took a leap that felt like it fit where I was able to take & make images with a camera using ANY subject I wanted. It was an awakening to my creative side that I had so very much needed for years. I was also fortunate at the time to have input from other small business owners that helped it all make sense as I navigated my own path through this vast field. So thought? It was really a thought that led to an action of “Why not me?”. Read more>>

The Lovers | Featuring Amanda June & Cole Vosbury

As independent artists we take on many roles in addition to performing. If your sole income is coming from music related sources such as touring and merchandise, the business aspect automatically comes into play. It’s important for us to understand the music business as best we can and how to care for our finances as well. That way we are knowledgeable on how our business is being handled. Once we were touring consistently and music was our full time job we decided to legally become a self-employed business which is mainly for tax purposes and to manage income & report deductions. I believe you will know when it’s time to take the next step and make it official when you’re at a good place financially to find starting up your business. Read more>>

Joe Williams | Horn Arranger & Solo Artist

For as long as i can remember my parents have always told me that my gift would do incredible things for me and to NEVER be one dimensional with my gifts. I’ve always had a CRAZY faith or belief when it comes to my brand and business. How many people can I help obtain their destinies while also reaching mine? How can what I have be effective or also help heal an individual? That sort of thing. Read more>>

Nikki Purcell | CFO & Owner

My husband Brian was a fireman for over 20 years and most firemen have second jobs, so when we started to have kids we decided we did not want them to have to be in daycare. He started with handyman services, but would get calls about moving so if evolved from that. We started Firehouse Movers in 1998 out of our home, I would answer the phones, book the jobs and schedule them and on Brian’s days off from the fire station he would move. We now have a warehouse location and 17 trailers with about 30 employees. We offer full service moving and packing along with warehouse storage and portable storage units. We have also franchised as of February 14, 2020. Read more>>

Tiffaney Carr | Chef & Owner

I started Urban Taste after seeing their was a need for real food to be produced in real kitchens. I wanted to bring back the art of actual cooking from scratch and supporting other purveyors in our industry. I also saw a extreme lack of diversity in kitchens that lacked flavor profiles and community. Read more>>

Tamika & Kimlynn Archie | Owner, Director & Producer

In creating our business we wanted to create movies with real meaning and understanding of everyday life. We wanted to shed light on issues that some choose not to discuss and struggle with facing in their adult life. Read more>>

Chris Magallanes | Co-Owner

Building something that I was passionate about. Building something that I enjoyed doing and something that felt rewarding. Read more>>

April Prohaska | Entrepreneur & Dog Facility Owner

I had worked in the corporate world for 7.5 years and in 1999 was laid off. It was the motivating stepping stone for me to pursue my passion working with animals. In early 2000, I started my own in home pet sitting business called Paws Professional Pet Services offering in-home care and pet taxi services. After successfully growing that business to have over 1600 clients within the first two years and adding five employees, I was driven to pursue a broader spectrum in the pet services industry that had not previously been pursued. I had a vision to collaborate on and create an all-encompassing pet facility offering day care, boarding, retail and grooming and merging it with the social aspect of pet owners having a place to congregate and socialize with their pets. After two years of creating my business plan and marketing outline, In 2005 I opened The Pooch Patio LLC. Read more>>

Staci Ferber | Professional Organizer

After pursuing a career in marketing and traditional advertising sales (print/magazines) for 25+ years, the industry took a deep decline and I recognized that it was time to pivot. While i represented premier brands such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and others, I knew that with this knowledge of how to market specific brands and manage a large territory, I could take this experience and apply it to something that I was passionate about…Organization. Read more>>

Nick Lovin | Ninja Warrior

I wanted to provide women with more creative options when it comes to underwear. I seen many different panties and bras that all looked the exact same and no type of creativity to them. The ones that had the creativity to them I noticed were pretty expensive, for such a small amount of fabric. I decided to create a logo and design that was catered to the modern woman that was busy with life’s duties but still wanted to look and feel like she did when she was free from the realities of day to day requirements, that’s when Intimates By French Kiss was born. Read more>>